UEFI Installation of Windows 7 – Video Edition


The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is now becoming more important as manufacturers release hard drives over 2.2TB. These new drives require GPT to fully access the drive space but systems running BIOS will not boot with GPT drives. I put up a 10 minute video of the Windows 7 UEFI Installation, so read on to find out a little bit more about UEFI.

UEFI Installation


3TB Western Digital Drive on a UEFI day night

The first UEFI article and screenshots of the installation are at:


UEFI Installation


Does My Motherboard Support UEFI?

UEFI Installation


It might if it is an Intel board. Check the list below or check the BIOS and see if it has a UEFI Boot option.

UEFI Installation


Current List of UEFI Motherboards

The link below is from UEFI.org and has a list of some UEFI compatible motherboards.

Class Two UEFI Platforms currently commercially available

UEFI Installation


Windows 7 and UEFI

Windows 7 supports UEFI and all Windows 7 Installation DVDs support a UEFI boot.

It is important to know that:

If you are installing Windows® to an EFI-based computer, you must enable EFI mode in the computer’s firmware in both attended and unattended installations. You must boot to 64-bit EFI-mode preinstallation media (64-bit Windows PE in EFI mode or 64-bit Windows Setup in EFI mode). You cannot install Windows to UEFI-based computers in BIOS mode.

This means that as long as you have a 64-bit motherboard that supports UEFI then you can install a UEFI version of Windows 7 with any installation DVD!

Once my system installation was complete, I booted to the 3TB GPT hard drive! Sweet.

UEFI Installation


GPT Disks Under 2.2TB

Almost any modern hard drive can be a GPT drive. I installed UEFI Windows 7 on my 10,000 RPM Western Digital VelociRaptor and it works great! You do not need to wait to get a large format drive to perform a UEFI installation.

UEFI Installation


Mental Note: Converting a disk will erase the disk! Do not convert or change disks with data on them unless you have backed up that data!

UEFI Installation


UEFI Installation of Windows 7 Video

Watch the video for the entire UEFI process. It is actually very simple to perform.

UEFI Installation of Windows 7 Video


External DVD Drive Required for UEFI Installation?

I could not get UEFI to load with either an internal SATA DVD, internal IDE DVD or a USB thumb drive. I could only get it to load with a USB DVD drive. If you are having issues getting UEFI Windows 7 to load I would suggest trying an external DVD connected via USB.

My little $40 USB DVD model is:

SAMSUNG USB 2.0 Black Slim External DVD Writer Model SE-S084

Good luck and please COMMENT when you have a successful installation!


UEFI Resources






I hope you get to try out or build a UEFI system.



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  • Daniel Mota [BR]

    Você não precisa estritamente de um DVD Externo, você pode colocar o conteúdo da sua ISO num pendrive e chamar o boot via EFI Shell.

    Eu instalei com sucesso por esse metodo.

    Detalhe, é preciso uma ISO com suporte a boot via EFI.

    You doesn’t need only the USB DVD-ROM, you can use one Pendrive (USB STICK) and put all archives of the ISO on this. Start your device on EFI Shell and run by EFI.

    I have installed from this method.

    Ps: you need one ISo with EFI support.
    Ps2: Sorry my english.

  • theLiterator

    I’m using your advice about external DVD drives to dual-boot windows 7 on a machine that shipped with 8. I have to go out and acquire one first, but I was curious– is there a reason one must use an external DVD drive? it seems like a USB drive would work. (but of course it wont.)

  • Hristo

    Hi.I read and watched video but from what I understand after install on this there will be only one C: GPT disk drive… but I want 100-200GB C: and the rest to bi D: for data. Is it possible and how/when to do it/befor or after install/.


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