QNAP Updates Turbo NAS Firmware

QNAP Updates Turbo NAS Firmware

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QNAP released a maintenance update for Turbo NAS 3.5.  Read on for details of the update.


QNAP NAS units run firmware that they call Turbo NAS.  We’ve told you about that here.  I also did a multiple part review of Turbo NAS; Part One is here.  Tonight, I noticed an update available for Turbo NAS, now updated to version 3.5.2, build 1126.  Here are the release notes:

Release Notes

[What’s New?]

– Symform cloud storage

– Upgraded built-in Townkymedia server from 5.1.6 to 6.0.34

– Upgraded iTunes server to support iTunes 10.5

– Added Hugarian, Romanian, Thai, Portuguese/Brazil, and Greek languages to Web UI


– [Advance ACL] Reduced time on Advanced Folder Permission application

– [AFP] Enhanced AFP and Time Machine compatibility with Mac OS X Lion

– [RTRR] RTRR supports Pure-ftpd server

– [Surveillance Station] Support the following new cameras: AXIS M1054, AXIS M1104, AXIS M1114, AXIS M3204(-V), D-Link 930L, D-Link 932L, Vivotek IP7160, Vivotek SD7151

[Major Bug Fixes]

– [Surveillance Station] Surveillance Station could not record on encrypted disk volume.

– [iSCSI] iSCSI configuration could not be restored by system configuration restore.

– [Printer] When multiple printers of the same model were connected to a NAS, only one of them would be recognized.

– [RTRR] If transfer was interrupted, temporary files would remain on the remote FTP server after file transfer was completed.

– [SNMP] SNMP info could not be received via the snmpwalk command from Mac.

– [Power Management] The actual power on/off schedule was inconsistent with the user settings.

– [NFS] In some case, NFS share could not be mounted through a NAT network (example, from virtual machine)

– [Service Binding] When Service Binding was enabled, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin services could not be enabled.

– [SAMBA & AFP] SAMBA and AFP services could fail when the disk volume is 100% full.

– [Download Station] Rapidshare concurrent download task is limited to one at a time to fix the unexpected failures on all subsequent jobs.

So if you are running Turbo NAS 3.5, go ahead and check for an update.

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