Got a Raspberry Pi? Fancy a game of Quake III?

Got a Raspberry Pi? Fancy a game of Quake III?

If you are one of the lucky few who already have their Raspberry Pi, would you like a game of Quake III on it?


This is what was just posted on the Raspberry Pi blog:

We have enormous luck with the people called Liam (three and counting now) who volunteer to do great stuff for Raspberry Pi. Liam McLoughlin (@hexxeh on Twitter) has so far got Chromium OS running on his Raspi, along with the very useful Despotify and a Raspberry Pi firmware updater. All the above are available at his website, and knowing Liam, I’m sure there’s more to come.

Liam put a call out last night for people who are lucky enough to have managed to get their hands on a Raspberry Pi, and who fancy a Quake III Deathmatch. He’s now made the Quake III binaries available (only tested so far on the most recent Debian release) at If you head over to #raspberrypi at Freenode IRC, you’ll find willing victims opponents in the channel.

The zip file compresses to 3.14MB, which we think is kind of serendipitous.

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Have you ordered one? Let us know if you get yours before us, or even after us. I know a lot of people are tweeting their orders should be early May, so well done.

I have downloaded Quake III so that I am ready when mine appears!