Drive Bender v. (Tomcat) for Windows Home Server 2011 available now


Today saw an update to Drive Bender for Windows Home Server 2011 released, taking it to version v1.3.1.0, also known as the Tomcat release.


Release v1.3.1.0 release (2012-05-09)

– Bug fix: When deleting a pool, the dashboard may not refresh correctly.
– Update: When adding a pool, the newly added pool is automatically selected.
– Added: Introduced a start-up specific log file. This captures all start up logging and ensures it does not get deleted during log rotation.
– Update: Improved file balancing algorithm.
– Update: The way duplication is handled when moving a folder within the same folder tree has changed. For details please visit
– Added: Better support for slower connecting drives (i.e. USB drives). Drive Bender will now wait for these drives to connect for a period of 2 minutes.
– Bug fix: If none of the drives within the pool are connected at start up, the loading of the mount point will no longer be aborted.
– Update: Improved mount point conflict resolution.
– Bug fix: You were not able to change some key properties if user security was enabled.
– Bug fix: Remounting of networked mount points.
– Added: Automated release license request option under support.
– Bug fix: Issue with user security and session time out resolved.
– Bug fix: The progress screen in the WHS addin may not close at start-up.

For more information check out the Drive Bender website