Drive Bender v. (Tomcat) for Windows Home Server 2011 available now


There is an update to the beta of Drive Bender for Windows Home Server 2011, taking it to version v1.4.1.2, also known as the Tomcat release.


Release v1.4.1.2 beta (2012-11-15)

– Update: The introduction of our updated driver (VHyperDrive) for improved performance and Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 compatibility.
– Bug fix: Adding and deleting pools is now better handled (for both the client and server).
– Bug fix: An invalid pool / drive configuration can prevent the pool from starting correctly (this issue was introduced in v1.4.0.0)
– Bug fix: A number of minor interface issues.

IMPORTANT – This version uses a new generation of the Drive Bender drivers. When rebooting for the first time after upgrading, the pool mount points may take a few minutes to come up.

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