Ubisoft releases ZombiU app for iPhone and iPad

Ubisoft releases ZombiU app for iPhone and iPad

Ubisoft have released an iOS app that will help you identify the signs of zombie infection and to leave a recorded message for friends and loved ones.


It has been foretold that the world as you know it will end in 2012… London is falling! Are YOU prepared?

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A highly infectious, cannibalistic virus has hit us. Please remain calm. The government is working on a cure and it will be ready in a matter of days. Until then, this app has been designed to help you stay safe.

How long will you survive?


· Learn about the virus, physical symptoms and behaviour patterns

· See what will happen to you if you get bitten by a zombie

· Watch the symptoms escalate as the virus takes hold of you and transforms you into a flesh eating zombie

· Share your photo via Facebook, Twitter and Email


· Leave a message to let people know you are safe while you still can

· Record your own personal video and share via Facebook and YouTube

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[button link=”http://t.co/jrqaf9hx ” style=”download”]Download the ZombiU app from here[/button]

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