Drive Bender v. (Tomcat) for Windows Home Server 2011 available now


There is an update to the beta of Drive Bender for Windows Home Server 2011, taking it to version v1.4.2.0, also known as the Tomcat release.


Release v1.4.2.0 beta

  • Bug fix: During a pool repair and rebuild operation, duplicated files with specific attributes may not be discovered during the rebuild scan, and therefore not restored (note these duplicate files remain untouched).
  • Update: The check disk function has been changed to ensure the balancing / health monitoring tasks are run while the disk is being checked.
  • Update: A number of interface improvements have been made to the duplication feature.
  • Update: Call trace mode is now switchable with out rebooting (although Drive Bender still requires a soft restart).
  • Update: A number of tweaks to Smooth Streaming have been made (mainly around memory usage).
  • Bug fix: Some minor changes and updates to the S.M.A.R.T. capability.
Downoad the beta from here

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