Plex Media Center updated and renamed to Plex Home Theater


Plex have updated their Media Center product and while they were at it they have renamed it to Plex Home Theater.


This is what Plex posted:

So what’s new? Well, we’ve re-synced to upstream XBMC code, to their “frodo” pre-release. But more than that, we’ve completely redone our integration so as to make future updates much, much easier. Our internal codename for the project was Fordo (because, let’s face it, a giant mountain with an impenetrable fortress inside sounds slightly more bad-ass than a little guy with hairy feet).

This brings us up to date with all the latest, which should finally resolve a number of long-standing issues, including A/V sync on SD files, high CPU usage when idle, and adds lots of cool stuff including:

  • HD audio support, via the new AudioEngine code, on operating systems which support it.
  • 10bit H.264 video
  • Airplay support
  • Much improved rendering efficiency (“dirty regions”)
  • Many bug fixes to home screen, server detection

In typical Plex fashion, we’ve also disabled/removed a bunch of stuff too, in order to make it as lean and fast as possible. It’s not a toaster, microwave, or PVR. Our only interest is making it work as well as humanly possible with our media server.

Have you tried it yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below.