Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas : Day 7 Download Problems

Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas : Day 7 Download Problems

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Day 7 – Toy Story Toons

day 7 12 days of christmas

Today is two nice Toy Story Toons  Hawaiian Vacation / Small Fry but unlike the normal download the two episodes today in the UK. People are getting a error when trying to download via the App so you can only get them via iTunes Store for now until Apple Fixes the error.

day 7 12 days of christmas error



  • John Zajdler

    It’s 2013 and a company like Apple still can’t be prepare for calendar date changes, it’s embarrassing. Here in Canada, the free video is “Tom and Jerry, The fast and the furry” but when you click on it, it goes to a paid purchase of $9.99. If you have kids that click next,next,next, because you told tham all these 12 days of Christmas gift will be free, Then you may have just gotten a free $10 gift :-(

    • SirKhalid

      Because it’s free to rent, not to purchase.

  • Smokezz

    I’m in Canada… it shows the Toy Story video. Apple does NOT get stuff right at all. It would be nice if it showed this Tom and Jerry video, would have saved a lot of searching.