Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition Detailed

Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition Detailed

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If you into Tom Clancy’s intriguing series, you’re in for a treat. Not only is Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming this year, finally released on the 23rd of August, but as a special treat, a collector’s edition, tentatively named the Paladin Collectors Edition has just been announced. This will come with an impressive array of goodies.


Included in the Paladin Collectors Edition:

  • Limited Edition Splinter Cell Echoes graphic novel, detailing the story before Blacklist
  • Paladin remote-controlled aircraft. (Yes, an actual remote-controlled plane)
  • Exclusive Billionaire’s Yacht co-op map
  • Limited edition poster
  • Bonus Upper Echelon Pack featuring:
  1. Dead Coast Map
  2. A Bonus Suit for Sam
  3. Gold Sonar Goggles

All this collector’s edition goodness should be available from the 20th of August if the video trailers below is to be believed.


  • Nosgoth1979

    If I got that Collector’s Edition I’d never want to risk flying the plane; I’d crash it within an hour. So I doubt I’ll pick up this edition but I’m seriously anticipating Blacklist. Waiting for it has made me want to replay the previous games, so I just put Splinter Cell: Trilogy, Double Agent, and Conviction in my Blockbuster @Home queue. Hopefully they’ll keep me busy until Blacklist comes out. As a DISH employee I do my best to try every service we come out with, and I kept Blockbuster @Home because I love it. Since it’s a flat-rate subscription service, and I go through a lot of games, it’s saved me a ton of money! And with its massive selection of Blu-rays, DVDs, and video games to rent by mail, I’m never without a good game to play now.