Hands-on and pictures of the new Dell XPS 18 All-In-One PC

Hands-on and pictures of the new Dell XPS 18 All-In-One PC

CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 34

Yesterday Dell announced the XPS 18, the world’s thinnest and lightest All-In-One and we recently got to have a closer look at one.

With the perfect blend of weight, large display size and performance in a thin, elegant and highly-mobile design, the XPS 18 opens up new possibilities in multimedia and gaming for families.

The XPS 18 features:

  • Maximum portability with a starting weight of just 4.85 lbs (2.2kgs)
  • Aluminium back finish with soft grip for traction and comfort
  • Flexible design allowing it to be used in a variety of ways for the most comfortable viewing angle
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 18.4” capacitive touch Full HD (1080p) display, 350 nits, 72% colour gamut, and 16:9 aspect ratio. Panel is 4.3mm thin.
  • Built-in battery with 5 hours of run-time
  • Starting weight is 4.87 lbs (2.2kg) with optional SSD drive
  • Can be used in three ways: docked in an optional powered stand for the traditional AIO desktop experience, on a table with flip out feet to stand upright or in tablet mode
  • The dock provides a different experience. The connector is a magnet that draws the computer in – more durable than regular “smartphone and tablet type connectors”
  • Aluminum backed design, with soft grip for traction
  • Fast boot with optional SSD storage with Intel Rapid Start Technology
  • Intel Core ULT processors

CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 39  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 51

Built with families and active consumers in mind, the XPS 18 is the world’s thinnest, lightest and most portable AIO, and can be easily transported around the house for watching movies in the living room, playing games with the family, viewing recipes in the kitchen or creating professional presentations in the home office. When it’s time to move the XPS 18 into another room to do homework in a quiet environment, its slim and light weight design make it so portable a child can carry it.

There is a dock that comes with the XPS 18 and it is magnetised so that the XPS 18 just clicks into place. There is no power connection to the dock though, only the XPS 18 itself.

CDW - Dell XPS18 - 4  CDW - Dell XPS18 - 6

The XPS 18 comes with a keyboard and mouse in the box:

CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 57  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 72CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 68  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 69

Here is a closer look at the XPS 18:

CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 21  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 24CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 29  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 32CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 35  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 38CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 39  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 40CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 41  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 43CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 47  CDW - Dell XPS 18 - 52CDW - Dell XPS18 - 9  CDW - Dell XPS18 - 10CDW - Dell XPS18 - 11  CDW - Dell XPS18 - 14

I was surprised just how lightweight the XPS 18 actually was. I only had hands-on for a few minutes but it felt comfortable to use on my lap, as well as very easy to use in a variety of different positions.

CDW - Dell XPS18 - 18

The XPS 18 will be available on Dell.com in the United States and in UK, France and Germany on April 16 starting at £849.