Get your paintbrush and meet Mickey Mouse in his Clubhouse


The new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play (£2.99 / $4.99) iPad app allows kids to paint everything they see – even Mickey and Minnie!

Basic RGB

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play is a magical 3D colouring book that inspires creativity and interactive play. The app includes unlimited combinations of tools, colours, patterns, and stickers for kids to create their own stories. With numerous animated 3D scenes and characters, kids will learn about colour mixing, textures, symmetry, and more.

Basic RGB

Additional features include:

  • A magic wand to transform user’s paintings into fully-animated 3D characters
  • Texture creation using the in-app camera
  • Experiment with colour whilst making cupcakes for the bake sale
  • Play and create music with the Mousekemusic Player
  • Learn about colours, 2D, 3D, line, form, textures and symmetry
  • Basic RGB
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