Apple makes their new Maverick Operating System available for Free


This announcement nearly had me fall out of my chair when I first read this; I just hope that Steve Jobs is not rolling over in grave as word of this monumental decision was unveiled from Apple early this morning along its other new product unveiled today like the new IPad Air. I think in the long run this is a smart business move from apple who is competing with other products on the market that use free Operating Systems on their devices (Linux anyone?). However tread lightly, while Apple may not be charging anymore for their Computer OS they will most likely be getting there Revenue back by charging an extra dollar or two by raising the price of their already expensive hardware.

To download the Maverick Operating System just head on over to the Mac App Store and download it, the file size is approximately over 5GB. Remember 2 things however is you need a Mac running at least OS X 10.6.6 or later and the right hardware to load it on.

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