Closer Look at the Characters from Dark Souls 2

Closer Look at the Characters from Dark Souls 2

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Have a look at the latest screenshots from Dark Souls 2, lots of new characters from Drangleic appear through this new batch of Screenshots.


•             3 old ladies and the Housekeeper: Milibeth.


•             Emerald Herald, the mysterious lady.


•             One of the few Drangleic survivors who wanders endlessly with his furniture on his back: Merchant Hag Melentia.


•             A cursed lost undead blacksmith: Blacksmith Lenigrast.


•             A cursed Knight from Mirrah: Lucatiel of Mirrah.


•             An apostol called blue knight: Blue Sentinel Targray.

Along with the new characters, lot of new items, features and places are shown, among them:


•             The Deep Pit, a complicated 3 dimensional map.


•             Majula, a place at the extremity of Drangleic.

•             A Human Effigy, an item that could save more than one life.

•             And much more $B!D(B

DARK SOULS II will be launching in Europe and Australasia on March 14, 2014 on the PlayStation 3  and Xbox 360 with the PC edition to follow shortly in 2014.

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