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The adventures of Bilbo Baggins come to an epic conclusion in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, a production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM), arriving onto Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on 20th April and available to download from 6th April, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. From the filmmaker Peter Jackson comes “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, the third in a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.  


HBT3_BD_2D-SKEW-11-20-237x300In “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”, Ian McKellen returns as Gandalf the Grey, with Martin Freeman in the central role of Bilbo Baggins, and Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. The international ensemble cast is led byEvangeline Lilly, Luke EvansLee PaceBenedict CumberbatchBilly ConnollyJames NesbittKen StottAidan TurnerDean O’GormanGraham McTavishStephen Fry and Ryan Gage. The film also stars Cate BlanchettIan HolmChristopher LeeHugo WeavingOrlando BloomMikael PersbrandtSylvester McCoyPeter HambletonJohn CallenMark Hadlow, Jed BrophyWilliam KircherStephen HunterAdam BrownJohn BellManu Bennett and John Tui.  

The screenplay for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” is by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson &Guillermo del Toro, based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. Jackson also produced the film, together with Carolynne Cunningham,Zane Weiner and Fran Walsh. The executive producers are Alan HornToby EmmerichKen Kamins and Carolyn Blackwood, with Philippa Boyens and Eileen Moran serving as co-producers.  

The Hobbit Trilogy tells a continuous story set in Middle-earth 60 years before The Lord of the Rings, which Peter Jackson and his team brought to the big screen in the blockbuster trilogy that culminated with the The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” will be available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD The Blu-ray 3D features the theatrical version of the film in 3D hi-definition, hi-definition and standard definition; the Blu-ray features the theatrical version of the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray; and the DVD features the theatrical version in standard definition.  The Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray versions include a digital version of the movie with UltraViolet. Fans can also own The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies via purchase from digital retailers from 6th April. Additionally, for the first time The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy Box Set will be available featuring The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and will be available on 3D, Blu-ray and DVD.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 3D and Blu-ray contain the following special features:
•    Recruiting the Five Armies
•    Completing Middle-earth
•    The Last Goodbye Music Video
•    New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth, Part 3

Standard Street Date: 20th April, 2015
Running Time: 144 minutes
Rating: 12A

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In the second episode of the World of Tanks dev diary series focused on new features and enhancements planned for the game in 2014.

World of Tanks: Developer Diaries 2014 – Graphics

In this new video, the developers dive into the technology of 3D modelling and explain how the introduction of advanced texture mapping, combined with new material models, will not only enhance the visual look of World of Tanks, but will also add a tremendous amount of realism and detail to vehicles and battle arenas.

I was recently invited by Toshiba to visit Inition, an independent gaming production company to see just what the Encore Windows 8.1 tablet was cable of.

Toshiba Encore Initionevent 300114 (14)

Inition was formed 12 years ago and through a finely-tuned blend of technological and creative capabilities, has established itself at the forefront of the development gaming scene.


The Toshiba Encore Tablet

The Windows 8.1 tablet is ideal for consumers and prosumers wanting to move seamlessly between working, playing and sharing on a single device. Its Xbox SmartGlass capability, wide viewing angles and superior screen quality make it ideal for gamers and entertainment junkies alike.


It has an 8-inch HD touchscreen, 32GB of built-in storage, an 8 megapixel camera, an Intel Atom processor, 2GB ram, weighs less than half a kilo and retails for under £250 – yes, you read that correctly £250!

3D Scanning and Modelling

For this part of the afternoon, we were all scanned by a hand-held device. This scanning process took a couple of minutes and involved the device being moved from one side of our faces to the other. Under normal circumstances the process would be a lot more in-depth, ensuring that there were no areas missed during the scan. The scan could also be in colour if required, but for the sake of time, the scan was taken with a single colour (gold), and without hair!

Toshiba Encore Initionevent 300114 (37)

After the scanning was complete, the file was copied over to the Encore tablet, where it would be easily manipulated with the swipe of a finger.


I was surprised just how well the Encore dealt with the scan – and also slightly freaked out by seeing myself as a 3D model!

Inition used the same 3D scanning and modelling technology to create the album cover for Robbie William’s latest album Take The Crown. They then took our scans and created our very own album covers – although I don’t sing as well as Robbie!

AE Encore album cover

Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality gaming isn’t anything new, however it’s popularity is taking off again with the Oculus Rift, which is a headset based experience that enables you to play games and experience many new and exciting things.

Toshiba Encore Initionevent 300114 (52)

For this particular demonstration, the Oculus Rift device was connected to the Encore tablet, and a Tusan Villa simulation was created. The Encore took care of all of the graphics processing, the connectivity for the Oculus Rift and all of the tracking data used to interpret were you are looking.

Toshiba Encore Initionevent 300114 (53)

Walking through the Tuscan Villa was a strange experience – one the one hand you know you are sitting on a chair in a studio space, and on the other you really do feel like you are there. I can only imagine what the experience will be like in the coming years when the technology evolves.

As with viewing the 3D model of myself, the Encore really coped well with the VR simulation – in fact, if the Encore hadn’t been sitting there next to me, I am not sure I would have believed it was running it.

Augmented Reality Apps

For this demonstration, the Encore was connected to a large screen monitor using it’s HDMI out. The USB port was used to control a wireless keyboard and mouse, which we used to drive the BMW M7 card, and the webcam was used to film it all.


This is the what the Encore’s webcam was filming – an open space.


The software then generates the BMW M7 and the keyboard is then used to drive the car around the “screen”.


Normally this sort of demonstration would require multiple pieces of kit – a computer, a webcam, and more. All of this (apart from the large screen monitor used to make it easier for us to see the demo) was handled by the Encore.

My biggest take away from the whole experience was that Toshiba Encore was a very powerful device, one that was capable of doing so much more than you would think a small tablet could do – and that is just scratching the surface!

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NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S today announced the release of two special Nintendo combo-packs based on DreamWorks Animation SKG animated films. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and The Croods: Prehistoric Party! are now both available for a Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS pack, whereas Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game and The Croods: Prehistoric Party! are both available for an exclusive Wii pack.

Namco Bandai

Let your imagination soar in Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game as you play as the all magical, powerful, and immortal Guardians from the famous
DreamWorks Animation film. In Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, travel across Europe to promote the circus by completing missions, performing amazing publicity stunts, and dazzling the crowd with a mini-game based circus extravaganza! Finally, be part of the lovable Croods family in The Croods: Prehistoric Party! and go on a hilarious adventure through 30 unique and addictive party-style mini-games.

Today at IFA, Sony announced two market-leading home cinema projectors – the 4K VPL-VW500ES and a Full HD 3D home projector, the VPL-HW55ES. Both projectors are designed to bring the high quality images of a big screen cinema experience into the home via the power of Sony’s cutting edge technology.

4K VPL-VW500ES home cinema projector

The VPL-VW500ES home cinema projector has been introduced to expand Sony’s 4K home cinema range. It will sit alongside the VPL-VW1000ES, the world’s first 4K native home cinema projector, launched in January 2012.


The VPL-VW500ES offers DCI based 4096 x 2160 resolution, delivering the very highest quality 4K content. The 4K experience is created using native 4K SXRD panels that utilise Sony’s 4K expertise from the professional digital cinema market. In addition, the projector has the latest HDMI standard (HDMI 2.0) to accommodate 4K/60P* content, which allows action to appear smoother, without the need for the electronic enhancement of pixels. Supporting 4K native resolution, the VPL-VW500ES also features an exclusive Super Resolution 4K upscaler called Reality Creation. This dramatically enhances high definition 1080p content, allowing viewers to enjoy 4K images with their existing Blu-ray Discs, even in 3D. Furthermore, the VPL-VW500ES has an original 4K up-scaling algorithm designed for “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray Discs from Sony Pictures Entertainment, which enable the viewer to enjoy more accurate 4K native picture quality.

The VPL-VW500ES has 1,700 ANSI-lumen brightness and a 200,000:1 contrast ratio, which delivers a sharper picture quality. The projector has rich colour reproduction thanks to TRILUMINOS display technology, an enhanced optical engine design and auto-calibration features. Its manual colour correction tool allows users to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness to obtain a picture quality customised to their tastes. Motionflow picture technology also works to deliver clearer, less blurry images when watching fast-paced, cinematic action.

The VPL-VW500ES is compact and has a front air exhaust cooling system. Its flexibility means it is cable of projecting large distances without having to alter the projector’s position in the room. The projector uses a 2.06 zoom powered lens with a wide shift range, which removes the requirement for additional platform extensions in ceiling mounts. A built-in RF transmitter provides further installation flexibility with a strong wireless signal for wider coverage.

Full HD 3D VPL-HW55ES projector

The Full HD 3D VPL-HW55ES projector is the next generation of Sony’s industry-acclaimed and multiple-award winning VPL-HW50ES, announced at IFA in 2012.

Enhanced light efficiency and an optimised optical block enable the VPL-HW55ES projector to reach 1,700 ANSI lumen brightness, delivering clearer images in well-lit environments. The VPL-HW55ES also has an approximately 5,000 hour long lasting lamp due to its improved lamp cooling system.

An optical engine upgrade, contrast enhancer technology and Advanced Iris 3 technology enable a dynamic contrast ratio of more than 120,000:1. This increases black and white levels without diminishing peak brightness to maximise detail during darker scenes. Additional features such as Sony’s Bright Cinema and Bright TV mode, with SXRD panels, enhance the 3D image even further. The projector also has Sony’s Reality Creation technology.

The VPL-HW55ES has a built-in 3D IR transmitter. It is also compatible with an external 3D RF transmitter which provides further 3D synchronisation stability and coverage.

Both projectors have wireless HDMI compatibility as optional accessories. This enables them to receive a video signal from Blu-ray players and game consoles, allowing the AV environment to remain clutter free.

Commenting on the 4K VPL-VW500ES home cinema projector and the Full HD 3D VPL-HW55ES, Tak Nakane, Product Manager at Sony Europe said: “The VPL-VW500ES brings the cinema experience into the home like never before and reinforces Sony’s commitment to lead in 4K innovation from lens to living room. Innovations such as Sony’s 4K SXRD panels provide unrivalled picture quality at high resolution to make the 4K dream a more affordable reality. The addition of the VPL-HW55ES provides a premium 3D home cinema experience and expands the product range from which our customers can choose.”

Both the VPL-VW500ES and the VPL-HW55ES are available from the end of October.

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As most of you know the Ubisoft New Game Watch_Dogs is based around Chicago, now isn’t fiction anymore with We Are Data is the first website to gather publicly available data about Paris, London and Berlin, in one location.  Each of the three towns is recreated on a 3D map, allowing the user to discover the data that organises and controls modern cities today, in real time.  It also displays information about the inhabitants of these cities, via their social media activity.


  • Discover for the first time the data that organizes and controls modern cities: available data to date including networks,  public transport systems and urban infrastructures, but also people.
  • Watch_Dogs WeareData uses open data accessible on the web. This data is real. It has been made public by people or by companies.
  • 3 major European cities were recreated in 3D and are available at launch: Paris, London, Berlin.
  • Available on any web browser, smartphones and tablets at Launch.

WD_WeareData_London (6)


In Watch_Dogs WeareData, you can find out data about the city itself:

  • Transportation (underground, public bicycles…),
  • Networks (mobile antenna, wifi spots, advertising networks…),
  • Energy consumption (electricity),
  • Electrical equipment (cctv cameras, traffic lights, atm…),
  • Statistical information per area (average net income, unemployment rate, crime rate…)


But you can also find information about people and their social activity on Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare…

  • Foursquare mayors of an area,
  • Public geolocalised Tweets live,
  • Public geolocalised Instagram pictures live,
  • Public geolocalised Flickr pictures live,
  • And thanks to Facebook Connect, you can also access our live activities feeds, and see in real time what other users are doing on  Watch_Dogs WeareData.

WD_WeareData_London (7)


It is the first time that a website has been able to gather this much data in one place and offer a real technologic challenge:

  • Realtime 3d (away3d) to extrude buildings from their geographic positions
  • Html5/css3d to enable a light but breathtaking landing page
  • Socketio and nodejs: to allow for the realtime display of user’s navigation data.
  • Zendframework & sphinx for data indexes enabling high speed queries & responses while moving over the map
  • Openstreetmap to show the geographical data of buildings, roads and rivers, underground stations.

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Xbox One will support both 3D and ultra high-resolution 4K, Microsoft has revealed. Larry Hryb, the director of programming for Xbox Live, confirmed the feature of the next-generation console during a Yahoo chat session.

Xbox One Dashboard

“The video and interface portions [will work with next-gen TVs], absolutely,” Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi told Forbes. “Games developed for 1080p will run at 1080p, obviously.”

He added that Xbox One will support 4K for Blu-ray from launch, with the possibility of games and other content being developed at the emerging resolution in the future.

“There’s no hardware restriction there at all,” he said. 4K, also known as Ultra HD, is already available on some high-end television sets.

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Rumour has it that Amazon is working on a smartphone equipped with 3D technology, according to a report.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the device is one of two handsets the online retailer is developing, citing “people familiar with the company’s plans”.

amazon kindle fire HD

The 3D phone allegedly features hologram-esque imagery that can be viewed without glasses and technology that lets users navigate through content using just their eyes.

Amazon is rumoured to have been developing a Kindle-branded smartphone for some time, but such a device remains unannounced at present.

The company recently appointed former Windows Phone executive Charlie Kindel to work on a mystery project believed to be a Kindle smartphone, and is said to have acquired Siri rival Evi to support the venture.

Amazon is also said to be launching a set-top box that allows users to stream movie and TV content to their living room.

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During my recent visit to The Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC we saw a huge amount of premium quality, and premium priced, kit from the giants of home entertainment. Samsung had a truck that looked like someone had stolen it from a formula one racing team full of 84” 4K televisions. KEF didn’t really need anything to grab your attention anyway, but the £20,000 bright orange speakers pumping out huge volume did the job just fine.

However, amongst all the big name brands, the stand that caught my attention most on my travels was a relatively humble one. Behind me I could hear the unmistakable sound of Bruce Wayne’s hands and feet ruining somebodies day. How can you not go and have a look?

Investigating the commotion soon saw me herded into the stall and 3D glasses appeared in my hand. I’m more than a little sceptical when it comes to 3D and having owned a projector for many years, until televisions became the obvious choice, the thought of a 3D projector really didn’t grab me.

The system was created by an independent UK based company called H-5D. The key components of the system are a Windows 8 gaming PC, a 720p projector and their own magical box, which is roughly the size and shape of an amplifier, assumedly for adding H-5D’s custom 3D-ness.

Despite my scepticism the image that greeted me was very impressive, adding real depth to the action. Arkham City was picked for a reason. When the camera was rotated around the enemies each one came out in front of me and the image really did look very deep indeed.

The promise from H-5D is that the system will take a standard 2D input and convert it to 3D and take 3D inputs and convert to H-5D by increasing depth. Arkham City is 3D enabled so the image I saw must have been in H-5D, which looked absolutely great, but I’d love to see the how well the system works on 2D material.

H-5D Matrix System

The main hindrance in watching films or playing games in 3D, even for those who have a capable system, is that there isn’t really that much material in 3D and it’s very rare in a video game. If the H-5D system can deliver its promise and convert 2D to 3D, even if its not as good as native 3D, it would be a great incentive to go 3D.

They are also working on a light gun with a laser on the front so the whole game can be controlled from the gun. Combined with the surround of the 3D and a decent 5.1 home theatre system this could really be very immersive.

Probably the best part of the H-5D equipment is that you pay one price and get everything included, something they were particularly vocal about. And so they should be, the starting system is £3,500 and includes a 720p projector, gaming PC (Windows 8, Intel i3, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD, NVidia GTX 660 2GB DDR5 GPU), 3 sets of glasses and the laser gun. This is quite a reasonable price compared with other 3D projector systems, especially considering the PC you get with it.

There is a more expensive system for £7,800 which comes with a better PC (Intel i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, NVidia GTX 690 2GB DDR5 GPU) and triple 720p projectors. Which is definitely still competitive.

I was very impressed with H-5D’s efforts and they definitely punch way above their weight. Competing with the giants isn’t easy and I really hope H-5D get a chance to make their mark in a very competitive market. My personal star of the Gadget Show Live 2013.

Take a look at their website here.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Flashback is back in 3D and HD. Updated for the new millennium by its original creator and rendered in 3D by the power of the unreal engine, a new generation of players can now experience a game that helped define sci-fi Action/Adventure games.


Conrad is back to save humanity from an invasion of alien Morphs set on absorbing our minds and incorporating our species! Rolling and shooting, always ready for another fight, help Conrad save the world and his girlfriend. You’ll find everything you always liked in this classic that set standards of the genre in the 90’s, and brought up to speed with the 21st century technology and expectations.

20 years after the original game’s launch, Conrad is enlisted back to active service for the triumphant return of one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming history.

FB_speedy_concept art

It’s not a reboot. It’s Flashback re-imagined. The original Core-Team revamped their own creation, leveraging the best of today’s technology while remaining true to the classic side-scroller that set the standards of the genre in the 90’s.

Key Features

One of the best adventure-action games ever created re-imagined by its creators. It’s the same team. It’s the same passion. Only this time, they have had much more firepower at their disposal to recreate the legendary classic!

Gorgeous graphics, amazing animations. It’s the Flashback you’ve always dreamed of. True to the original spirit but made a million times better by using modern engines such as Unreal and Havok. The makeover is completely stunning.


It’s all about Gameplay. The team modernized gameplay mechanics, making the game more reactive, offering new features, like gadgets and an experience progression system. But the developers kept the original formula in mind: a fine balance between rolling and shooting,
exploring remote space stations and obliterating hostile alien planets.

Bringing back new memories. The story was revamped to speak to 21st century gamers. Most of the cast of the original game is still here – Conrad, the Morphs – but you can expect new characters and a few twists you’re definitely not going to forget… this time.

Here is the trailer to keep you going:

Flashback will be available from XBLA and PSN soon.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Samsung Electronics today announced that the NX300 will be commercially available in the UK at the end of March from John Lewis and Dixons.


Samsung has expanded their NX line by adding the NX300, a one-lens system capable of capturing 1080P video and still shots in 2D and 3D.  This is a real looker of a camera, and with a 20.3 megapixel sensor, it should have the imaging chops to deliver.

Central to the NX300’s outstanding imaging performance is the brand new 20.3 Megapixel APS-CMOS sensor, capable of capturing high quality detailed images with sharp, life-like colors that are crisp and clear in all light conditions. The wide ISO range (ISO100-25600) further improves performance, letting users capture beautifully balanced images in even the darkest conditions. A brand new Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system also delivers fast, accurate phase and contrast detection, while the 1/6000 sec shutter speed and 8.6fps continuous shooting mode ensure you never miss a moment.

Samsung’s unique in-house developed DRIMe IV imaging engine provides outstanding developments in speed, and image quality enabling better color reproduction and greater noise reduction, as well as support for full 1080p HD video capture in both 2D and 3D (when combined with Samsung’s new 45mm 2D/3D lens).

The NX300’s 84mm (3.31”) AMOLED screen makes capturing and reviewing your images a pleasure, while the hybrid touch screen and 5-way manual key interface is simple and intuitive to use. The tilt display makes it easier than ever to take high and low angle shots, letting you capture your world from any angle you choose.

The compact NX300 makes it simple for anyone to achieve pro-like and impressive pictures easily with minimal technical knowledge or time spent adjusting parameters. Using the camera’s Smart Mode, users can choose from 14 different settings, such as Creative Shot, Landscape, Light Trace or Action Freeze which will automatically adjust parameters such as aperture and shutter speed in order to obtain the best shot possible for the desired situation. The NX300 also includes i-Depth, an easy and simple way to adjust the depth of an image using the NX Series’ unique i-Function system, which enables users to modify camera parameters using the lens itself, adjusting the image without ever having to move off target.

The NX acclaimed design returns with the NX300 sporting a stylish yet simple retro feel that is available in either black or white with a contrast silver band, conveying elegance and authenticity.

The NX300’s Wi-Fi connectivity of Smart Camera allows users to share their cherished photos instantly and securely between their camera and smartphone (or tablet). To connect a smartphone to the camera, users simply need to download the Samsung Smart Camera App., which is available for both Android and iOS based application markets, onto their smartphone or tablet and follow the easy steps to create a secure connection with the camera. The NX300 will be able to detect and auto-connect to the smartphone wirelessly whenever any of the Smart Camera features are activated. These include AutoShare; which automatically sends high-quality pho os to your smart phone for safe keeping, and Mobile Link; which allows users to select and transfer images or album from the camera directly to your smartphone at their leisure. The Smart Camera App. also features a Remote Viewfinder function for the NX300, allowing for even more inventive and exciting photography.

The NX300’s enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity also lets users share images with friends and family directly from the camera via social networking sites using the cameras one-touch DIRECT LINK hot key. Alternatively, images can be automatically backed up or stored in the cloud through AllShare Play ensuring they are always safe and easily accessible.

The Samsung 45mm 2D/3D lens (sold separately) opens up an exciting world of 3D imaging possibilities and is the world’s first one-lens 3D system for a consumer camera. Capable of capturing both still pictures and full 1080p HD video, the Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D lens kit have become the only compact system camera supporting both 3D still and 3D movie. The NX300 is also compatible with Samsung’s entire range of NX lenses and professional standard accessories, giving users an unparalleled range of options when striving for that perfect shot.

LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its new CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The 2013 lineup offers easier content access and sharing along with an updated Magic Remote for a simplified, intuitive user experience (UX). A variety of models and sizes will be on display at CES, including LG’s awe-inspiring 84-inch Ultra HD and 55-inch OLED TVs.


Smart Control: Simple and Intuitive

LG offers the very definition of Smart Control with its enhanced Smart Home and Magic Remote. The new Smart Home onscreen interface featuring My Interest Cards – a special folders for apps and other content – provides easy, quick access to what’s trending on news sites as well as up-to-the-minute weather information. My Interest Cards can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the user.

The Magic Remote has been redesigned to fine-tune content and menu navigation, making interaction as simple and intuitive as possible. The device still incorporates the fundamental control capabilities of earlier Magic Remotes – point, wheel, gesture and voice recognition. At CES, LG will demonstrate Voice Mate, an enhanced version of the company’s voice control technology capable of recognizing the natural flow of language. The Voice Mate feature offers a new voice search option that simultaneously filters search results from all corners of the LG Smart TV platform – VoD services, search engines, external devices and more. LG’s Smart Control with Magic Remote is like no other system, enabling users to experiment and discover the most comfortable way to enjoy their LG Smart TV.

Smart Sharing

The enhanced SmartShareTM feature offers users the ability to mirror or transfer content from smart devices to LG Smart TVs via a multitude of connectivity options, including WiDi and Miracast. The 2013 lineup will enhance inter-device sharing further by implementing Tag On. This feature immediately connects two devices for speedy media sharing. To use Tag On, the user simply holds a smartphone or other NFC-enabled device against the NFC sticker on a CINEMA 3D Smart TV. The 2013 lineup also supports LG Cloud, which allows the user to remotely stream high-quality content from practically any location.

Smarter Discovery in Sea of Content

Smart TV users have a steadily growing selection of content from which to choose. But how can Smart TV users easily find what they want in a vast sea of Video-on-Demand (VoD) and live broadcasts from multiple sources? The LG Smart TV offers a solution to the problem via an advanced recommendation function called On Now. The convenient service suggests trending VoD and broadcast content. Results pop-up with handy thumbnail images, making it faster and easier for the viewer to make a content selection.

With a vast array of movie, lifestyle, gaming and 3D choices, consumers looking for international or local content can quickly find what they want on their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs. Partnerships with a growing list of providers from around the world, including local broadcasters and subscription programming services, allow LG to keep its content offerings relevant and fresh.

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs deliver a smooth user experience and superior picture quality thanks to an upgraded central processing unit (CPU) and graphic processing unit (GPU). CPU speeds are now 120 percent faster in several premium CINEMA 3D Smart TV models. Even more impressively, GPU speeds are now 300 percent faster, which translates to clearer images that enhance gaming, viewing and multitasking.

Magic Stand and CINEMA SCREEN Design

The new 2013 models embody LG’s minimalist CINEMA SCREEN Design. The TV’s bezels have been significantly reduced to provide a greater sense of immersion. The Magic Stand further enhances the effect, enabling the screen to appear as if floating. Both elegant and functional, the stand complements the screen without creating any visual distraction. This sleek formation effortlessly blends into any modern interior design scheme. The stand also features a convenient swivel and roller function, allowing the TV to be repositioned with ease.

Comfortable CINEMA 3D

LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TVs employ Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology for superior 3D viewing comfort. This technology uses lightweight glasses to create a comfortable 3D viewing experience without the distracting flicker or crosstalk of active shutter-style glasses.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV has won CES Innovations Awards for its superiority in hardware and software a number of times, including at the 2013 CES Innovations Awards. Another accolade was bestowed on the CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup in December when the 55LA6900 model earned an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The 55LA6900 was singled out for its remarkable energy efficiency and eco-friendly qualities.

“LG always strives to provide the most engaging, most convenient user experience to consumers all over the globe,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “We have been singularly uncompromising, both in developing and improving the LG Smart TV platform. As a result, we are confident the UX our 2013 models will shatter all expectations and demonstrate that LG has moved the medium of Smart TV forward.”

Sony devices are getting OTA update v.2.1.1 for GoogleTV right now and will be completed in the next couple of days.


Enhancements include:
– Watch movies rented through Google Play
– YouTube.com/movies on YouTube

Stay tuned for news on updates for Logitech Revues.

Let us know if you get the update.

Last week we told you about the new Toshiba ZL2 TV – well now it’s available to buy, for a price!

UWHS Toshiba ZL2 - 1

This week it appeared in John Lewis in Oxford Street, London. There was an entire wall dedicated to it, along with a whole window display on Oxford Street.

And the price tag – a whopping £6,999! But the quality is amazing!

UWHS Toshiba ZL2 - 2

With its 55-inch screen, 4 x Full HD resolution and multi-core CEVO Picture Engine the 55ZL2B raises the bar for home image quality. Face detection software adapts the TV to its audience so even 3D viewing by large groups at angles is possible. Add 2D to 3D conversion to the mix and your old media gets to join in on the action too.

  • Beyond 1080p, 3840 x 2160 resolution gives you unbelievably fluid images in 2D and 3D.
  • Toshiba’s Resolution+ upscaling makes amazing use of the super-high resolution screen and will enhance high and standard definition images with ease. This adds a whole new dimension to your old DVDs and Blu-rays.
  • The 55ZL2B features an integrated Freeview HD tuner which will allow you to watch your favourite TV programs in glorious high definition. To watch Freeview broadcasts you’ll need to check that you can receive it in your area.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi lets you connect to your wireless network without additional dongles or messy cables, leaving you free to access YouTube and BBC iPlayer from the comfort of your living room.
  • DLNA capable – the 55ZL2B is a true media hub. Effortlessly stream music, video and photos through your home network from any DLNA compatible device like your smartphone or laptop.
  • Four HDMI ports let you spend more time gaming and watching movies and less time fiddling with cables. You can also record to a USB hard drive through one of the two USB slots and catch up with your favourite shows later on.
  • Auto Calibration adjusts colour temperature, gamma and grayscale – helping you to get the best possible image out of the TV. Blacks are darker and colours are more vibrant no matter what you’re watching.

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