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Arrow shot his way into our lives back in Season 1 which aired in 2012 that took the comic fans by storm.


DC’s comic book hero The Green Arrow had a great successful run with its dark action adventure series filled with vengeance and explosions. Now that season 2 is over and available on Blu-Ray you can relive the events from the masked vigilante’s life that introduces new foes and strengthens previous friendships. Season 1 introduced us to the hooded Arrow and the important people surrounding him including his small team, controversial family, endangered loved ones and a list of foes out to corrupt the city.

Season 2 follows the previously spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who presumably died when his father’s boat was lost at sea and was trapped on an island which he returned from a changed man. The focus now after cleaning up the streets of Starling City is to continue stopping criminals without killing them, a promised he made to his dying best friend. Oliver must also contend with the outside forces attempting to take over Queen Consolidated all whilst dealing with characters returning who we all thought were dead. As the web of mystery deepens around the Arrow’s true identity Oliver finds himself revealing yet again his secret to protect others and take down criminals trying to destroy the city.

With the return of many actors from season 1 and introducing some more talent in season 2, Arrow features the great cast of Stephen Amell (The Flash, New Girl) as the lead vigilante; Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Monte Carlo, A Nightmare on Elm Street) as Laurel Lance the attorney and former girlfriend of Oliver; David Ramsey (Blue Bloods, The Defenders, Outlaw) as John Diggle, Oliver’s partner, confidant and bodyguard; Willa Holland (Tiger Eyes, Straw Dogs, Chasing 3000) who plays Oliver’s younger sister; Paul Blackthorne (The River, CSI) playing the detective; Emily Bett Rickards (Dakota’s Summer, Romeo Killer, Bacon and Eggs) who brings Felicity Smoak to life as the IT technician at Queen Consolidated; Colton Hayes (Teen Wolf, Look, The Gates) who plays crook turned sidekick Roy Harper, and Colin Donnell (Pan Am), Oliver’s best friend.

Everything that was average from the first season is improved drastically in the second. The fact that Oliver’s training had made him come across as a character we couldn’t relate to and cold hearted through his killing is reigned in and given more heart this time round. He came across previously as a perfected killing machine leaving me speechless from the first episode and I longed for Oliver to show he was still human which came about towards the end of season one. Also the fact that the playboy carefree façade wasn’t Amell’s best work in the show, mostly due to these scenes contrasting dramatically with the Oliver we now know, I’m happy to say that both these points are vastly improved. With the Slade and Oliver flashback story from the island still continuing as the secondary parallel tale of Arrow, we get to see how this brothers in arms friendship takes a turn for the worst back in current day Starling City.

As friendships disintegrate over bloodshed Oliver makes new allegiances and expands his vigilante crew to take on new foes such a Blood’s team, a group of Slade’s subordinates that pose as the main villains for a majority of season 2. And lets not forget that Barry Allen is introduced midway through the season that’ll eventually play The Flash in his own series let alone crossovers with the Arrow show once again.

The special features from Arrow Season 2 includes; Deleted Scenes from various episodes which can be accessed separate to the episodes across the box set disks; From Vigilante to Hero which is a 25 minute documentary featuring various executive producers and cast members talking about Oliver Queen’s evolution in season one where he was a vigilante to season two where he came to embrace the idea of being a true hero for Starling City; How Did They Do That? which shows the visual effects made for the arrows; Wirework: The Impossible Moves of Arrow that show off the training and stunts within the show, and Arrow 2013 Comic-Con Panel where the cast and team talk to the audience about creating the show.

This box set is a must for any Arrow fans out there and is beautifully presented and is bursting with extra content. I have to say I’m a bigger fan of this season which has improved on many areas from the first season and I’m really excited to see where the next chapter takes us.

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Learning a new language has always been the gateway into experiencing a culture, and now fans can dive in to the world of Game of Thrones like never before with Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course Based on the Hit Original HBO Series Game of Thrones (on sale October 7, 2014).

Living Language Dothraki

As the popularity of the television series, based on George R.R. Martin’s bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire books, has skyrocketed, fans have eagerly looked for any and all information on the Dothraki characters and culture—creating their own online communities to catalogue Dothraki dialogue, vocabulary, and grammar from show scripts, along with their own instructional language videos on YouTube. There are already nearly 150 self-identified Dothraki speakers on the popular “Tongues of Ice and Fire” Wiki.

Now, for the first time, viewers and readers have access to an official guide to Dothraki compiled by acclaimed language and culture consultant David J. Peterson. With more than 500 words and phrases, and including never-before-heard material and words coined exclusively for the Living Language Dothraki course, fans will have the chance to master the language and join Daenerys on her march toward King’s Landing to reclaim the Iron Throne.

Like a traditional language course, users will learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and even cultural notes, which lay out context as well as dos and don’ts. For example, since horses are so central to Dothraki culture, many phrases have their roots in the equestrian. Whatever you do, never call a Dothraki warrior an ifak (walker): the ultimate insult since it implies he can no longer ride his horse.

Peterson narrates the course’s lessons and dialogues, giving fans the opportunity to learn Dothraki straight from the source.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Living Language to produce the first official Dothraki text,” says Peterson. “This book will take you from arakh to zhavvorsa in no time, and the audio samples will help you perfect your pronunciation. I often get the question, ‘When will there be a Dothraki guide I can buy?’ The answer is now, thanks to Living Language. Me nem nesa!”

The course, Living Language’s first for a created language, is available in three editions:

· Living Language Dothraki (£16.99), which includes a language guide and audio CD featuring 200 words and phrases, available at the HBO Shop (hboshopeu.com) and at physical and online retailers worldwide

· Living Language Dothraki Expanded Online Course (approx. £18), covering additional vocabulary and grammar including 500 words and phrases, plus interactive quizzes and games

· Living Language Dothraki Companion Mobile App (approx. £2.40), featuring 15 thematic flash card decks, available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

For more information on each edition of the course, visit www.livinglanguage.com/dothraki.

And you can learn more, and pre-order from here



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The wait is almost over! Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the newest season of the iconic Power Rangers series, is coming to a TV screen near you on Nickelodeon this September – and we have some toys to give away – here are the winners.


Check out the all-new episodes to see your favourite Rangers morph into Super Megaforce mode and unlock the legendary power of any team of Rangers from the past 20 years!

The Winners



We have one Legendary Megazord, two Deluxe Super Mega Sabers and two Deluxe Legendary Morphers to give away!

And the winners are:

George R.

Kayla B.

Edward S.

Rosie T.

Kira C.

Go Go Power Rangers!

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The wait is almost over! Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the newest season of the iconic Power Rangers series, is coming to a TV screen near you on Nickelodeon this September – and we have some toys to give away.

38095 pack shot

Check out the all-new episodes to see your favourite Rangers morph into Super Megaforce mode and unlock the legendary power of any team of Rangers from the past 20 years!

And that’s not all; you can be just like the Super Megaforce Rangers with the arrival of an exciting new range of action figures and role-play toys launching this Summer, including the fully articulated Action Hero 12.5cm Figures, each of which comes with a battle accessory. Collect the Legendary Ranger Keys, download the free ‘Key Scanner App’ from the App Store / Google Play and scan your key collection to Morph yourself into your favourite rangers and battle! Use the keys to unlock authentic lights and action sounds in the Deluxe Legendary Morpher as well as the Deluxe Super Mega Sabre just like in the hit TV show. You can even summon your very own Zord Vehicles and combine them into the Deluxe Legendary Megazord to create powerful combinations using the ‘Zord Builder’ system to battle the forces of evil. The Power Rangers Super Megaforce range will be available this August and the new TV series hits UK screens on Nickelodeon this September.


It’s the “Summer of Power” as Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce team up with the champions of 5-aside youth football, the Power League, to create the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Course over the summer holidays. The footballing course, aimed at 3-10 year olds, will run every week at a different Power League centre nationwide throughout August, making The Power Rangers Super Megaforce Course the SUPER MEGA place for kids to be this summer.

The footballing course will be of a structured nature with children learning skills such as dribbling, passing, control and shooting – whilst having fun at the same time! Like the Power Rangers, the kids will have to work as a team by working together, looking out for one another, overcoming challenges, succeeding in their missions and improving their self-confidence. Who knows, there might even be a few surprise visits from the Power Rangers themselves!

The action-packed course is sure to be a huge hit with kids across the country and coincides with the launch of an exciting new range of action figures and role-play toys alongside the new series of Power Rangers Super Megaforce on Nickelodeon this September.

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce Course kicks off on August 4th & 5th at Power League’s Millhill, London centre. The course will then make its way to Power League’s centres; Leeds (11th, 12th August), Derby (18th, 19th August) and Manchester (25th, 26th August) – the sessions will run from 9am-3pm.

For further details on the course visit www.powerleague.co.uk

How to enter to win

38000package38045 in pack


We have one Legendary Megazord, two Deluxe Super Mega Sabers and two Deluxe Legendary Morphers to give away!

There are three different ways you can enter to win – for a better chance of winning you can enter using all three!

Via the site

So all you have to do to win a some Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys is to leave a comment below telling us who your favourite Power Ranger is.

Via Twitter

Just retweet the message below, and make sure you are following @aedney on Twitter:

Via Facebook

Like Us on Facebook and leave a comment on the Facebook post:

Usual contest rules apply, and the winners will be selected at random and will each win one of the five toys. This contest is open only to those in the UK – sorry!

The contest ends Sunday 31st August, so good luck.

Go Go Power Rangers!

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After seven extraordinary seasons, the award-winning HBO series True Blood will end its successful run on Sunday, August 24.


To commemorate this occasion, leading Hollywood collectibles auction site ScreenBid will host an online auction of more than 1,500 props, set decoration items, wardrobe pieces and other memorabilia straight from the set of True Blood. Launching on Wednesday, 20 August, the auction will run for five days and close on Monday, 25 August, the night after the beloved series airs its final episode.

In this one-time online auction, True Blood’s dedicated fans will be able to bid for a massive array of items from set, including the following:

· Eric’s throne

· The contract that Warlow makes to “own” Sookie

· Arlene’s wedding gown

· Vampire fangs

· Cartons of True Blood

· Items from the set of Merlotte’s and Fangtasia

· Wardrobe pieces from several major characters from the series

· Signed memorabilia

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humour, True Blood takes place in a world where vampires and humans co-exist, after vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The series follows waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy-winning HBO series Six Feet Under) created the show, which is executive produced by Brian Buckner and based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

Fans can preview the auction online now at www.screenbid.com. New items will be added to the site daily leading into the launch on August 20.

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With Jack Bauer’s latest day having come to an end you can read about what happen to Jack before his troubled day in London in the new novel DEADLINE, and I spoke with it’s author James Swallow.

24 Deadline cover

The time is 5:00 PM. One hour ago, federal agent Jack Bauer was declared a fugitive. If he wants to survive, he must get out of the country, and he doesn’t have much time. With his former colleagues in the Counter Terrorist Unit now dead, under arrest, or shut down, Jack has no resources to call upon, no back-up, and nowhere to go — only his determination can drive him on. One thing remains clear to him: the promise he made to his daughter Kim. Jack vows that he will see Kim one last time to tell her he loves her… before he drops off the radar forever. Meanwhile, a hastily-assembled FBI task force set out to track down and capture Jack, even as a covert operations unit of Russia’s SVR set out to do the same — only the remit of the Russians is to kill on sight. As the clock runs down, Jack must face old friends  and past enemies in a desperate race to stay one step ahead of the hunters, leaving them with a grim warning… ‘Stay out of my way, and I’ll be gone within 24 hours. You’ll never see me again. Come after me… and you’ll regret it.’

James Swallow is the prolific, New York Times best-selling British author and BAFTA nominee, who has written a large amount of tie-in fiction, including fiction from the worlds of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and more, as well as original novels. James is currently living and working in London, writing his latest original novel.

james swallow pic

What made you want to write a book about 24?

I’ve always been a fan of the show, since the very first “bad day” of Jack Bauer’s life, and as a writer you can’t help but look at characters you enjoy and wonder how you would write an adventure for them. When my publisher came to me and asked if I’d like to author a story set in the world of 24, I jumped at the chance. It’s been a great experience and I’m really pleased with how Deadline turned out.

The book is set between the last series and Live Another Day – what prompted you to write in that period?

The decision to put the new 24 novels in that four year time period between the end of Day 8 and the start of Live Another Day was made before I came on board. That was the choice of 20th Century Fox, for us to fill in the “missing years” of Jack Bauer’s turbulent life. It makes sense, too – many fans want to know what he was doing during that time, and it also means we don’t get in the way of any future 24 TV shows.

Was it hard writing a book “in real time”?

Every book I write is written “in real time”! Although I did have a very narrow delivery window for this one, so the work was pretty intense… I guess having to write against the clock helped me understand Jack Bauer a little better!

What guidance and support did you get from the 24 team?

Everything in the novel was approved by Fox and the 24 production team. Manny Coto and Evan Katz, both writer-producers on 24: Live Another Day, helped out with some story questions and provided guidelines for what kind of novel they wanted to see.

Was there anything you wanted to do but couldn’t in the book?

Oddly enough, I always wanted to tell a story about Jack Bauer in London – but the TV show beat me to that!

Is the book considered canon?                      

I certainly think so, and the production team gave it their seal of approval. But I never feel that kind of thing is something people should get hung up on. At the end of the day, all that counts is if you have a good story you can enjoy featuring characters you like.

Would you write another 24 book?

Absolutely! There’s a couple more 24 novels coming out after mine, written by other writers (both of whom are big 24 fans and will doubtless do terrific work!) but if the books continue past that, I’d love to come back and do another one.

What are you working on now?

I’ve just completed an original action thriller novel of my own,  and I’m splitting my time between work on the script for to-be-announced videogame project and a science fiction tie-in based on the Star Trek franchise.

24: Live Another Day – Deadline is available now priced £7.99.

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This week at the San Diego Comic-Con, there was a panel and 10th season sneak peak for Bones.


Here is the season 10 sneak peak:

And here is David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel as they tease the upcoming tenth season and Emily’s upcoming directorial debut:

Do you watch Bones? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

And don’t forget our interview with Bones star Tamara Taylor from the London Comic-Con:

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With Game of Thrones back on our screens, why not get your very own merchandise?

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 10

Game of Thrones Pop! Figurine Tyrion Lannister

If only your favorite handsome Lannister could be half-sized and, oh, wait… The Game of Thrones Pop! Figurine Tyrion Lannister, by Funko, depicts the only truly lion-hearted Lannister in his traditional Lannister wardrobe of red with gold embroidery. This figurine is the perfect addition to any fan’s desk or collection.

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 12

Available for £7.99 from the HBO Store.

Game of Thrones Throne Lunchbox

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 1

Elevate lunch time to a serious affair and reign victorious from the Iron Throne with the Game of Thrones Throne lunchbox. Forged from fallen enemies’ swords, this dark foreboding image featured on the front façade warns any would be dubious lunch time trades to think otherwise, so go on and enjoy the spoils of victory.

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 3

I found it great for storing wedding cake in, after all who doesn’t love a Game of Thrones wedding?

Available for £9.99 from the HBO Store.

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Metal Pin

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 6

The Hand of the King Pin symbolizes the most powerful appointed position in the Seven Kingdoms. The Hand is the King’s closest adviser, appointed and authorized to take decisions in the King’s name. This Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin is crafted from a heavy metal in an aged gold color for an authentic look. As the saying states, “What the King dreams, the Hand builds.”

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 7

Available for £12.00 from the HBO Store.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Ring

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 15

Show which House of the Seven Kingdoms you’re most loyal to with this beautifully etched stainless steel Targaryen ring. The House’s sigil, the three-headed dragon, is finely etched, showing nice detail on this hefty ring. Be an honorary member of the Targaryen with the Game of Thrones Targaryen Ring.

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 17

Available for £27.99 from the HBO Store.

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Necklace

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 19

As prophesized you are set to channel the smart and cunning Cersei when you don the Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Necklace. This fearsome lion necklace perfectly mimics the one worn by Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) in Game of Thrones. Proudly wear this bronze pendant and stand fearlessly with the Lannisters. The front features the Lannister’s lion sigil on a textured background while the pendant flips over to reveal the Game of Thrones logo so it’s clear that you’re a serious fan.
• Brass Rope chain with Bronze overlay (18 inch/45,7 cm)
• Bronze Pendant with a matte oxidation finish
• Pendant size: 2” long by 1 6/16” width (5 x 3,5 cm)
• Bronze jump ring
• Bronze Lobster clasp
• Packaged in Game of Thrones muslin pouch

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 20

Available for £44.99 from the HBO Store.

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini Blind Box

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 47

are you going to end up liking despite your best efforts? Keep the element of surprise alive with these little Game of Thrones Mini Blind Boxes. The vinyl figures include Tyrion Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal, Arya Stark, Robb Stark, Ned Stark, Jaime Lannister, The King Whitewalker, Ghost, and Shaggydog. The boxes are undifferentiated, so who knows what you’ll get. Try your luck and collecting the whole set and show that you’re a serious fan of Game of Thrones.

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 48

I got Ghost!

CDW HBO Game of Thrones Merch - 49

Each box is available for £6.99 from the HBO store.

Xbox: Xbox Originals starting this June with premium dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, unscripted shows, and live events. It will be only available only on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other Microsoft devices, every Xbox Originals show will offer interactive capabilities, as well as unique interactive features customized on a per-show basis, making it a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Xbox Entertainment Studios has attracted alot of top Hollywood talent to develop its original programming slate, with names like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott attached to two separate scripted projects based on the “Halo” franchise – but that’s only the beginning. Other shows in production include an unscripted series about international street soccer, an original drama about robotic servants in a dystopian world, and a documentary about the search for discarded Atari games in a desert landfill, which were unearthed over the weekend in New Mexico amongst several others.

xbox entertainment
“We are developing premium, original content for the Xbox community which is an audience we are incredibly respectful of,” said Nancy Tellem, President of Xbox Entertainment Studios. “We believe Xbox Originals should embrace the way our fans think about traditional TV.” Tellem’s creative vision involves year-round, high-quality programs based on subjects gamers care about, with interactive features tailored to each show.

Xbox are hoping that Xbox Originals will provide incentive for fans to make the Xbox their all-in-one entertainment device. In the eyes of the Xbox Entertainment Studios team, original shows aren’t a departure, but rather an extension of what Microsoft Studios has been doing for years with first-party game development.

“Microsoft has a long and rich legacy in the content business,” said Jordan Levin, Executive Vice President of Xbox Entertainment Studios. “Games have been part of our DNA for at least the last 15 years, and creating original TV content is a logical next step in our evolution.”

According to Tellem, bringing together the most forward-thinking minds at Microsoft with the most creative minds in entertainment is how Xbox Entertainment Studios is betting on success. Gaming is the heart and soul of the Xbox platform, and the objective of Xbox Originals is to bring more value to fans, Tellem said.

“I know full well from my years spent at traditional TV networks that creating a lineup of hit shows isn’t easy. It’s the beginning of a long journey, but we’re incredibly excited to be on our way,” Tellem said.

The Xbox Originals lineup covers a wide array of subjects and formats, both scripted and unscripted. Many projects are already in production and have set release dates, while some are still in the early development stages. Here are some of the new shows you can look forward to watching on your Xbox and other favourite screens, starting this summer.

Committed Projects

“Halo” television series

The “Halo” television series is a groundbreaking original series based on the award-winning “Halo” franchise. Award-winning filmmaker, director and producer Steven Spielberg will executive produce the live-action TV series, created in partnership with 343 Industries and Amblin Television.

“Every Street United”

“Every Street United” is an unscripted series of eight, thirty-minute episodes and a one-hour finale, featuring legendary soccer players Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids, focused on the global search for soccer’s most gifted and undiscovered street stars scouted across eight countries (United States, England, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ghana and South Korea). The series culminates this July in a 4v4 street game finale in the shadow of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

Each episode will feature unique and incisive narratives about the grassroots street stars and the communities that shaped them. Industry veteran and eight-time Emmy-Award winning producer, director, writer and editor Jonathan Hock (“Streetball,” “30 for 30: The Best That Never Was”) is directing the series. Emmy-Award winning producer Mike Tollin and Mandalay Sports Media are executive producing. Professional soccer luminaries, Henry and Davids, will serve as coaches for the 4v4 street game in Rio. “Every Street United” will premiere in June 2014. All episodes will be available through Xbox Video for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 (PC and Surface) and Windows Phone 8.


Xbox owners around the globe can experience the magic of the 13th annual Bonnaroo music and arts festival with a live concert destination on Xbox Live Friday 13th June through Sunday, 15th June, 2014, brought to viewers in partnership with Superfly Presents. With the Bonnaroo app, fans can enjoy live music like never before, with a virtual experience featuring the best performances, multiple stages, biggest artists and amazing SuperJams, and explore this year’s lineup to see the best of Bonnaroo’s past with exclusive performances. Fans can also join the conversation with fellow virtual-Bonnaroovians and get connected to their friends and the festival. Xbox is the exclusive broadcasting partner for Bonnaroo and the only location to get all of the interactive features.

“Signal to Noise”/“Atari: Game Over”

Xbox is creating a new six film documentary series, “Signal to Noise,” (working title) with two-time Academy Award winning producer Simon Chinn (“Searching for Sugar Man” and “Man on Wire”) and Emmy winning producer Jonathan Chinn (FX’s “30 Days” and PBS’s “American High”), through their multi-platform media company, Lightbox. The series will expose little known stories of how modern technology has radically altered the way we interact with our world.

The first installment, “Atari: Game Over” (working title), explores the fabled Atari mystery, dubbed “The Great Video Game Burial of 1983.” As the legend goes, the Atari Corporation, faced with overwhelmingly negative response to the E.T. video game, disposed of millions of unsold game cartridges by burying them in the small town of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Fuel Entertainment took an interest in the legend, and in December 2013, with help from local garbage contractor Joe Lewandowski, acquired the exclusive rights to excavate the Alamogordo landfill. Fuel Entertainment then brought the opportunity to Xbox Entertainment Studios. The team will head to the landfill in question to determine if the story is true, interviewing a cast of characters related to the game and its mystery along the way. “Atari: Game Over” is directed by writer/director Zak Penn (“X-Men 2,” “Avengers,” and “Incident at Loch Ness”). It will air exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in 2014.


“Humans” is a bold new drama co-produced with UK broadcaster Channel 4. Award-winning UK production company Kudos (“The Hour,” “Utopia,” “Broadchurch”) will produce the hour-long, eight-episode series, which will share a premiere broadcast window on the Xbox platform and Channel 4 in the UK in 2015.

Executive produced by Jane Featherstone (“Life on Mars,” “Broadchurch”) and Derek Wax (“The Hour,” “Sex Traffic”), and written by British writing team Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (“Spooks,” “Spooks: The Greater Good”), “Humans” is an English-language adaptation of Sveriges Television and Matador Film’s acclaimed Swedish series, “Real Humans.” “Humans” is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart. In the hope of transforming the way they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished synth only to discover that sharing life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences. Casting for “Humans” will begin in May 2014, and production will commence later this summer.

“Halo” digital feature

343 Industries and Scott Free Productions are creating a “Halo” digital feature to be released later this year. The project will be executive produced by Ridley Scott and Scott Free TV President, David Zucker. Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Pillars of the Earth,” “Heroes”) will direct.

Projects in Development


Xbox Entertainment Studios has committed to a script based on the successful pen-and-paper role playing game created by Shane Lacy Hensley. “Deadlands” is a genre-bending alternative history of the Weird West, filled with undead gunfighters, card-slinging sorcerers, mad scientists, secret societies, and fearsome abominations.

“Extraordinary Believers”

Xbox Entertainment Studios is developing an innovative, hybrid stop-motion show dubbed “Extraordinary Believers” (working title) with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, creators of the Emmy-Award winning “Robot Chicken,” the longest running stop-motion show on television. The executive producers on the project are Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and creators/writers/executive producers are Eric Towner and John Harvatine IV.


“Fearless,” (working title) is an unscripted series currently in pilot production starring Paul de Gelder, an Australian Navy bomb clearance diver and shark attack survivor who takes on an adrenaline-fueled quest to aid individuals who risk their lives to make the world a better place. “Fearless” will be produced by Australia’s International Emmy-Award winning production company, Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder (CJZ).

“Gun Machine”

Xbox Entertainment Studios acquired the rights to “Gun Machine,” a hardboiled detective thriller based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Warren Ellis. Ellis will executive produce with Brett Conrad (“The Killing,” “Sons of Anarchy,” Netflix’s upcoming “Marco Polo”) who has signed on to write the pilot script about a detective tracking a serial killer who is tied to a mysterious collection of guns used in infamous New York murders.

Untitled JASH Comedy/Variety Half Hour

In this unique comedy format developed by Xbox Entertainment Studios with JASH (a comedy collective founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric and Reggie Watts), the biggest names in comedy will showcase the people that make them laugh. Each week, a different comedian will host/curate a show featuring new and unsung talent, in various video formats. Sarah Silverman will host the pilot episode and Daniel Kellison (“Late Night/Late Show with David Letterman,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Crank Yankers”) will executive produce. The series has a pilot commitment and will begin shooting in June.


Xbox Entertainment Studios and IDW Entertainment are co-developing a limited event live-action series based on Chuck Dixon and artist Jorge Zaffino’s seminal graphic novel series “Winterworld,” in which our world has been encased in ice from pole-to-pole. The surviving humans have formed tribes that war, enslave and trade with one another in an effort to survive the infinite winter. Ted Adams and David Ozer from IDW Entertainment, and Rick Jacobs and Dave Alpert from Circle of Confusion (“Walking Dead”) will executive produce.




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