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At CES we were taken on a tour of the iLuv booth which had quite a lot on display and they even won 5 Innovation awards at the show!

UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 3

iLuv Creative Technology, the premier provider of the most comprehensive accessories line for the Apple and Smartphone markets, rapidly delivers innovative designs, and award-winning products for today’s discriminating consumers. Since the company’s inception, and for five years running, iLuv has amassed an impressive total of 16 prestigious CES Innovations awards.

Sweet Cotton Headphones

These are a new range of headphones aimed at girls – the sound quality was excellent.

UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 5UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 9UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 8


This is a portable speaker stand, and it really is small for such sound quality!

UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 10


This is a portable stereo Bluetooth speaker stand that streams music from any Bluetooth A2DP enabled device. There is also a built-in mini-USB rechargeable battery and an Aux-in if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth.

UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 12UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 14UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 45UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 47UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 48UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 49

SmashBox Pro

This is a “one button” hands-free portable stereo speaker for smartphones. You can place your smartphone inside the case and away you go!

UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 16UWHS - iLuv at CES 2012 - 17

Last year saw the release of the iCade, a device that you could put your iPad into and it was like a mini arcade cabinet. This year at CES, ION were showing off the iCade Jr, the iCade Mobile and the iCade Core.

UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 9

We all like to play the occasional game on our iPhones and iPads, and how cool would it be to relive your childhood by having your own personal arcade cabinet, controller or mobile gaming device?

This is where the new products from ION come in, and I had to literally drag myself away from them.

iCade Jr

UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 3UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 4UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 5

The sequel to the smash hit ION iCade controller for iPad, iCade Jr. brings the arcade excitment to your iPhone or iPod touch. Game-on with great iPhone and iPod touch games with this pint-sized arcade powerhouse. iCade Jr. gives you a joystick and four front buttons, plus four rear trigger buttons for ultimate control over tons of iPhone and iPod touch games. This mini-arcade cabinet will give you a novelty gaming experience like no other!

iCade Jr.’s specially designed cradle ensures safe loading and unloading of your iPhone or iPod touch, while also providing a solid, secure fit for even the most intense game-play sessions. Its top-quality controls connect directly to your iPhone & iPod touch using Bluetooth wireless technology—no cables, no mess, just hours of retro-gaming fun. The cable pass-thru slot turns iCade Jr. into a dock with your 30-pin cable. Once your iPhone or iPod touch is in place, simply launch any compatible app and it’s game on!

Take command of iCade Jr.’s classic joystick and mash its eight buttons for ultimate control over the on-screen action. iCade Jr. is compatible with 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone. All are available as in-app purchases when you download the free Atari Greatest Hits app. Plus, new and existing apps can be easily updated to work with iCade Jr.

iCade Mobile

UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 6

Gamers using Apple’s iPhone or iPod touch finally have a serious controller thanks to iCade Mobile: the ultimate handheld game controller for iPhone or iPod touch.

Touch screens are great for some games, but when it comes to mastering intense combat, racing, or adventure games it helps to have more than a touch screen. Since gamers prefer tactile buttons, iCade Mobileis the perfect solution for serious gaming on-the-go.

Gamers of all ages will love iCade Mobile’s classic controller configuration, designed to play modern and retro games the way they were meant to be played. iCade Mobile’s four-way directional pad, four front-facing action buttons and four shoulder buttons are designed to withstand even the most fierce button mashing. iCade Mobilegets your fingers out of the way and gives you a full view of the action with a specially designed cradle that ensures safe loading and unloading of your iPhone or iPod touch, while also providing a solid, secure fit even during the most intense game-play sessions.

Not only does iCade Mobiledeliver a full view of the iPhone or iPod touch screen, it also provides the ability to view the screen in either portrait or landscape format. iCade Mobile’s cradle conveniently swivels and locks into horizontal or vertical viewing positions, allowing each game to be played and viewed properly. Like iCade, iCade Mobileconnects to the iPhone or iPod touch via wireless Bluetooth technology.

iCade Core

UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 7UWHS - iCade at CES 2012 - 8

iCade Core is a streamlined version of ION’s acclaimed iCade arcade cabinet that equips the iPad with authentic, arcade-style joystick and buttons that are ready for fierce non-stop gaming. iCade Core allows iPad users to challenge their friends, throw retro-gaming parties and achieve their highest scores yet. iCade Core offers an incredible arcade experience, bringing all the fun of classic arcade gaming to the iPad in a compact form factor.

iCade Core’s specially designed cradle ensures safe loading and unloading of a user’s iPad, while also providing a solid, secure fit for even the most intense gameplay sessions. Beneath the cradle is a custom-designed pass-thru slot, which allows users to charge the iPad with their standard 30-pin cable. The cradle also swivels to allow either portrait or landscape so that orientation is never a problem. iCade Core’s top-quality arcade controls quickly connect to the iPad using Bluetooth wireless technology. Once the iPad is in place, simply launch any compatible app and it’s game-on.

iCade Core is compatible with great classic games including PAC-MAN, Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone. Plus, it’s compatible with tons of modern games, over 200 games in all. Users can take control of iCade Core’s full-sized joystick and smash its eight arcade buttons for complete command of their favorite games. This truly unique game-controller provides hours of nonstop gaming action.

[button link=”http://www.ionaudio.com/products/gaming/ipad-gaming” style=”info” window=”yes”]Learn more from the ION website[/button]

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Last week at CES, Nokia announced their next Windows Phone – the Lumia 900. We managed to see one up close, so let’s take a look.

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 2

Nokia had a very large booth at CES – you couldn’t miss it!

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 1

And they really wanted to you see their Lumia 800 and 900 series Windows Phones.

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 10

There was a small area dedicated to the Lumia 900:

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 9

But they were all being plastic so that we couldn’t actually touch them or look at them closely.

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 7UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 8

A few Nokia staffers had the Lumia 900 to look at, however we were not allowed to actually touch it, and as you can see, the Lumia 900 was securely fastened to the staffer so that it couldn’t be stolen!

UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 3UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 4UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 5UWHS - Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012 - 6

From what I saw, it looks rather nice, and I really want to get my hands on one for a proper play.

We tried to get some information on a UK release date, but Nokia were tight lipped!

So what do you think of the Lumia 900?

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Last week at CES HP invited us to a private briefing that included their new HP Omni27 All-in-One PC. We got to spend a little time with it and here are our thoughts.

UWHS - HP Omni27 - 1

Let’s just remind ourselves about the Omni27:

The HP Omni27 All-in-One PC is designed specifically for consumers who demand meticulous design, simplicity and performance and an expanding viewing experience. Its elegant flat panel display features edge-to-edge glass and tilts up to 25 degrees, allowing users to adjust the 68.6 cm (27”) diagonal high-definition (HD) screen to their comfort level.

The HP Omni27 features HP’s Magic Canvas software allowing the desktop to expand horizontally and accommodate all the photos, videos and applications consumers need. Windows desktop shortcuts, task bar and start menu can all be accessed through the Magic Canvas allowing users to work without ever leaving the interface. Convenient features like HP LinkUp let users access and edit content from a notebook PC on the Omni27’s large display with virtually no file transfer hassles.

The HP Omni27 offers multi-core processors, advanced HD graphics and up to 2TB of storage.(2) Additionally, standard features such as Beats Audio, and optional ones such as the Blu-Ray disc drive and TV tuner make it the ultimate multimedia machine.

So let’s take a closer look in pictures:

UWHS - HP Omni27 - 4UWHS - HP Omni27 - 5UWHS - HP Omni27 - 6UWHS - HP Omni27 - 7UWHS - HP Omni27 - 8UWHS - HP Omni27 - 9UWHS - HP Omni27 - 11UWHS - HP Omni27 - 12UWHS - HP Omni27 - 14UWHS - HP Omni27 - 13UWHS - HP Omni27 - 10UWHS - HP Omni27 - 15UWHS - HP Omni27 - 16UWHS - HP Omni27 - 18UWHS - HP Omni27 - 17UWHS - HP Omni27 - 3UWHS - HP Omni27 - 2

All-in-all (see what we did there), the new Omni27 All-in-One PC packs quite a lot into its body. There is a Blu-ray writer, and there is even an HDMI input so that you can connect other devices to the screen.

I was very impressed on how well the screen performed at different angles – and the quality was excellent.

There are also enough ports to keep most people happy!

I look forward to putting the Omni27 through it’s paces properly, because from the few minutes we got with it, I was very impressed.

The HP Omni27 All-in-One PCs are expected to be available on March 5th in EMEA at a starting price of € 999.

[button link=”http://www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/touchsmart/omni27.html” style=”info” window=”yes”]Learn more from the HP website[/button]

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IK Multimedia presents the iRig PRE, the ultimate solution for connecting any type of microphone – from regular stage microphones to expensive studio models – to any iPhone, iPhone touch or iPad providing access to the widest range of recording applications.

irig pre

iRig PRE is the first high-quality microphone preamp designed specifically for iOS devices that allows musicians to use their favourite high-quality stage or studio mics with their iOS device.

The microphone plugs directly into the standard XLR connector of iRig PRE with no need for extra cables or adapters.

Its adjustable thumbwheel gain control allows the user to easily make precise level settings. The onboard 9V battery provides the necessary voltage for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones for at least for 15 hours of continuous use.

The 3.5mm (1/8″) standard stereo headphone output allows monitoring while recording.
The lightweight housing sports a convenient cable for iOS device connection and also includes a Velcro strip slot for easy mounting on a mic stand or other stage locations.

Like all other IK Multimedia microphones, it includes 2 free apps: iRig Recorder (an easy-to-use recording/editing app) and VocaLive (an effects processing app for singers).
And like the entire range of iRig accessories, it’s highly portable thanks to its pocket-sized form factor for recording anywhere.

iRig PRE features

  • 40 cm (15.75″) TRRS cable to connect to any iOS device headset jack
  • XLR input connector for microphones
  • Gain control
  • +48 V phantom power
  • Headphone output
  • On/Off switch
  • Power/Phantom Power provided by 9V battery
  • Battery life is approximately 40 hours with dynamic microphones and 15 hours with phantom powered condenser studio microphones

Pricing and availability
iRig PRE costs only €29.99 (excl. tax) and will be available in early Q2 2012 from electronic and music retailers around the world.  For more information visit www.irigpre.com

We saw it at CES last week, and here are some pictures:

UWHS - iRig PRE at CES - 1UWHS - iRig PRE at CES - 2UWHS - iRig PRE at CES - 3UWHS - iRig PRE at CES - 4

LG and Amazon announced today that LOVEFiLM will be coming to LG’s Smart TV platform very soon.

UWHS - LG Smart TV at CES

This is what LG posted on their blog:

Amazon’s LOVEFiLM today announced it is working with global electronics company LG to bring LOVEFiLM’s video streaming service, LOVEFiLM Instant, to LG’s award winning Smart TV platform. This deal will give UK film fans yet another option to watch LOVEFiLM’s vast range of films and TV episodes instantly on their big screen.

The LG Smart TV platform already boasts over 250 applications in the UK, with access to almost limitless content on demand via the Internet. The addition of LOVEFiLM Instant, which provides a unique offering of instantly streamed films and TV episodes, is LG’s first ever film and TV subscription streaming application.

LOVEFiLM recently introduced an unlimited streaming-only package which provides access to films and TV shows via LOVEFiLM Instant for an introductory price of 4.99 per month.

LOVEFiLM members watching movies via LOVEFiLM Instant on LG TVs will have instant access to thousands of titles, with a continually growing library.

Exclusive streaming access to titles such as sci-fi action sequel Terminator Salvation, RED starring Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis, Batman sequel The Dark Knight, breakout comedy The Hangover and mystery thriller Unknown, will be available from launch.

Forthcoming titles on LOVEFiLM Instant will include Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal and family animation Gnomeo & Juliet.

The application will also enable members to manage their movie rental list, rate movies, read reviews and search movies by cast and crew. Members can also find films within the bespoke collections via LG TVs, which will make it easier than ever to discover new favourites.

Functionality is further enhanced by LG’s Magic Motion Remote, which is controlled by movements and gestures, instead of buttons.

UWHS - LG Magic Motion Remote

This is LG’s Magic Motion remote at CES last week.

We took a look at LG’s Smart Share for their Smart TV’s at CES last week.

One of the coolest things I saw at CES was the Victorinox SSD – it’s a Swiss Army Knife and an SSD – how cool is that?

SSD Red Beauty

The Victorinox SSD (Solid State Drive) and Victorinox Slim 3.0 USBs offer unprecedented data storage capacity with security measures fit for protecting the most confidential of personal and professional documents. Each pocket-sized device packs anywhere from 16GB to one terabyte of storage capacity, is equipped to withstand a range of environmental and daily use factors, and remains true to the Swiss Army legacy of flawlessly designed products that endure.

Carry your files, (like, all of your files) in your pocket, (just to be clear, we’re talking about every word document, presentation, song, funny cat photo, last year’s taxes, a movie, or two, or fifty, and whatever else.) Take it all with you – the SSD securely stores and transports up to 1 terabyte of data. The pre-loaded Victorinox Secure software suite is equipped with 256 AES combination hardware and software encryption, offering un-hacked, iron clad security for all of your important files.

The dual connector (combination USB 2.0/3.0 and eSATA II) fits any USB or eSATA port; offering the fastest read and write speeds of any external SSD in this form factor, which makes large data transfers a breeze. And the integrated bi-stable LCD graphic display screen allows users to record what is stored on the drive and also displays an available capacity status bar.

Each SSD is packaged with two Swiss Army Knife bodies – red and black. The red knife body includes implements – blade, scissors, nail file/nail cleaner and screwdriver, while the black knife body is bladeless. Use the red knife body for everyday use and snap the drive into the black knife body when traveling via airplane.

Some key features and benefits of the Victorinox SSD include:

  • World’s smallest high-capacity SSD drive on the market to-date
  • Variety of storage capacities: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 1 terabyte
  • World’s only SSD device with only one connector that fits into USB2/3 and eSATA 2/3 connectors
  • World’s only SSD device with a Bi-Stable graphic display (E-Paper software) for labeling contents
  • Handles automatic backup and synchronization issues in un-hacked AES 256 security (combination hardware and software)
  • Each SSD comes equipped with two knife bodies, between which the drive can easily be interchanged—one is flight-friendly and the other includes traditional Swiss Army Knife implements (blade, scissors, nail file/screw driver combo)

SSD Black BeautySSD Red Open Everything

No specifics on price yet, or on an exact release date, but we will let you know more when we do! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

At CES last week, Samsung unveiled it’s InTouch Camera System, which comes pre-loaded with a number of apps, including Skype.


Boasting Wi-Fi technology, 720p high-definition video and a range of pre-loaded apps and functionalities, including Skype, YouTube and full Web browsing, the Samsung inTouch brings the internet connected experience straight to the living rooms of consumers with ordinary HDTVs.

“While internet connected HDTVs are now common, not every household gets to experience this fun and interactive feature, especially if they have an HDTV purchased just a few years ago,” said Mike Palazzolo, Vice President Sales and Marketing, consumer video monitoring and security products, Samsung Techwin America. “With the inTouch camera system, Samsung is now bridging the gap between this experience and those consumers who own HDTVs without networking capability.”

The inTouch camera can be securely placed on top of an HDTV, shelf or table, and thanks to a tilt range of -30° ~ 0°, users can easily adjust the camera so that everyone can be in the shot. The Samsung inTouch offers an effortless connection to a wireless network, and hooking up the camera to an HDTV requires just one HDMI cable.

Plugged into Skype and with an embedded mic and speakers, Samsung’s inTouch camera system gives consumers the ability to connect with family and friends around the world in high-definition, right from the comfort of their own living rooms. Whether it is grandparents calling to check in on the kids from across the country, parents reading their children a story while away on a business trip, or a simple chat with a longtime friend, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to Skype, the Samsung inTouch camera system is also pre-loaded with a range of apps which instantly give any ordinary HDTV an internet connected makeover. Apps such as YouTube and Google News and Weather bring important information and entertainment right to the screen, and a Web browser allows consumers to fully access and enjoy all that the Internet has to offer. Navigation is also made easy with the inclusion of a palm-sized QWERTY keyboard which puts everything the consumer needs right at their fingertips and makes checking email or instant messaging with friends a breeze.

The Samsung inTouch camera also offers an easy-to-use photos app that essentially transforms an HDTV into a high-definition picture frame. Consumers can snap still images at three megapixel resolution, or insert their own using the integrated USB port, which can be reviewed in a gallery or enjoyed in a slideshow. Images can also be shared with friends and family by uploading directly from the inTouch to many of today’s popular social networking sites.

The Samsung inTouch will be available March 2012 and will retail for $199.99.

Specifications – Samsung inTouch (SNH-5010N)



Imaging Device

1/5, 3M CMOS

Effective Pixels

2408 (H) x 1536 (V)

Scanning System






Focal Length (Zoom Ratio)

2.78 mm


Angular Field of View (D/V/H)



Focus Control



TTL / F Number

3.65 mm / 2.6


Lens Type

4 plastic lens

Pan / Tilt / Rotate


Tilt Range

-30° ~ 0° manual




Android gingerbread v2.3x

White Balance


Digital Zoom


Remote Control Interface

IR remote controller




Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Video / Image Compression Format

H.264 / JPEG

Max Frame Rate

30 fps (1024×720)

Video Quality Adjustment

H.264: Compression Level

Bitrate Control Method

H.264: CBR

Audio Compression Format

Silk, G.729, G.711 (Embedded in the Skype audio library)

Audio Communication

2-way (built-in microphone and speaker)

Input / Output


Video / Audio



A type 1EA

Mic / Speaker

Embedded Mic 2EA, Embedded Speaker 2EA



Operating Temperature / Humidity

14°F ~ 122°F  / 20% ~ 80% RH



Input Voltage / Current


Power Consumption



2 LED  (power & Skype status)

CPU and Memory

ARM Cortex A8 1GHz, 512MB DDR, 512MB NAND Flash





Dimensions (W/H/D)

6.73” x 2.28” x 1.06”


140g  (.31 lb)

Remote Controller





Dimensions (W/H/D)

5.24” x 2.76” x .96”






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Here at UWHS we are big fans of Fractal Design, and we had a booth tour with them at CES 2012.


At CES 2011, Fractal Design had a suite at the Hilton Hotel where there were meeting selected press people, including UWHS, and showing off their forthcoming products.

For CES 2012, it was all change with Fractal Design having a proper booth in the North Hall.

The first thing that you notice when approaching the Fractal Design stand was the fact that they had one a coveted newegg Eggie as the Best New Vendor of 2011> They proudly displayed their Eggie. This is no means a small achievement, so major congratulations to Fractal!


Fractal were not showing off any new products, instead they were using CES as an opportunity to showcase their products, including some very nice mods!


They did tell me that they have a lot of cool products planned for 2012, which we will of course be telling you all about nearer each launch. So stay tuned!

Here are some more shots of the booth:


So this should be a very interesting year for Fractal.

Why not check out some of our reviews below:

[button link=”http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2011/11/27/review-of-the-fractal-design-define-r3-computer-case/” style=”info” window=”yes”]Define R3 Review[/button]

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CES always seems to draw bring names from the celebrity world – whether it’s for parties, or for product launces, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the celebrities that were there, including some we saw!


LL Cool J


LL Cool J, music artist and star of NCIS: LA was there promoting his Boomdizzle music network.

Greg Grunberg

One of the stars of Lost and Alias, Greg was there and was kind enough to spend some time with me talking about his Yowza!! app. You should check out the post and video we made. He is the nicest guy you could meet!


Leo Laporte

Leo was there covering the show, but it didn’t stop him spending a few minutes talking to me about various things, including Windows Home Server!


Caterina Murino and Olga Kurylenko

Two Bond Girls were there to help launch BOND 50 – the collection of James Bond films on Blu-ray launching later this year.

James Bond 50th Anniversary

And the Rest

Other celebrities that were there, but we either didn’t see, or didn’t get pictures of, including Lucy Lawless, Justin Timberlake, Eliza Dushku, Jillian Michaels, Will Smith, and would you believe Justin Bieber was there to promote a robot – seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up!

And I am sure there were plenty of others I haven’t mentioned.

I wonder who will be there next year!

Were you at CES? Did you see anyone famous? Let us know….

At CES Samsung had a huge booth area, and one of things they were showing off was their new NaviBot-S robot vacuum cleaner.

UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 1

Samsung were showing two of the three new models – the SR8950 and the SR8980. The major difference between the SR8950 and the SR8980 is that the SR8980’s docking station can empty the dust bin of the robot whenever it returns to the docking station.

The cool thing about these robots is that they use a mapping function to map out the floor area (as you will hear on the video) instead of just wandering around the floor aimlessly.

Here is a short video of the NaviBot-S in action:

UWHS–Samsung NaviBot-S at CES


And here are some more pictures:

UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 3UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 4UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 5UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 2

It was very cool, however I am not sure how useful it would be in a large home, although it does have quite a long battery life, but it might take a while to clean the house for you!

Last week at CES I got to see a demo of the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.

UWHS - Samsung's SUR40 for Microsoft Surface

We first told you about the SUR40 back in November. Having seen it in action at CES, it is very cool!

And as of yesterday it has started shipping, although the price is $8,000+ so it isn’t cheap!

As much as I would love to say expect a full hands-on review soon, I don’t think we will get one sent to us!

Anyway, until such time as we do get one, here is the video we shot at CES last week:

CES 2012–Samsung’s SUR40 for Microsoft Surface

[button link=”http://www.samsunglfd.com/product/feature.do?modelCd=SUR40″ style=”info” window=”yes”]Learn more from the Samsung website[/button]

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At CES there were literally hundreds of screen protectors and cases for the iPhone, but one really stood out for me – the PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield from PureGear.

UWHS - PureGear PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit

I saw this tweet during my time at CES and was intrigued:


So off I went to see what all the fuss was about!

The fuss was PureGear’s PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit for the iPhone 4 and 4S. During the hour, PureGear were giving away their shield kit, you just had to apply it to your iPhone at the stand – and there was always a big queue!

This is how PureGear describe the kit:

The first ultimate device protection made simple with patented application tray and roller.

  • Error-free application tray ensures perfect alignment
  • Industrial strength film
  • Self healing technology
  • Long-lasting adhesive
  • Includes microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Below is a video of my iPhone 4S being protected at CES:

Pure Gear PureTek Roll-on Screen Shield Kit


Towards the end of the video, you can hear that the few air bubbles that were present should disappear within 24 to 48 hours, and I can confirm that after 24 hours they were all gone!

Needless to say I was very impressed just how simple and easy it was to apply the screen shield – and that the bubble-free claim actually was real, and not just “most of the bubbles” disappearing!

And I have tried to scratch it as well and it is fine!

Not bad at all for $19.95!

[button link=”http://www.pure-gear.com/shop-by-category/protection/puretektm-roll-on-screen-shield-kit-for-iphone-4s-4.html” style=”info” window=”yes”]Learn more from the PureGear website[/button]

CES wouldn’t be complete without Angry Birds – and TCL were showing off touch screen TV’s you could play Angry Birds on!

UWHS - TCL Smart TV - Angry Birds - 3

TCL Corporation, a leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, started marketing its full line of TCL branded products and solutions for the first time in its corporate history at CES last week.

And to show off some of it’s touch screen technology, they were playing Angry Birds!

UWHS - TCL Smart TV - Angry Birds - 2UWHS - TCL Smart TV - Angry Birds - 1

Here is a short video of Angry Birds being played at CES:

UWHS–CES 2012–Angry Birds!

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