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Sony have also introduced the Cyber-shot DSC-RX1, the world’s firstcompact camera with 35mm full-frame 24.3 effective megapixel sensor.



  • Full-frame imaging from a compact camera that’s drastically smaller and lighter than any full-frame DSLR
  • Exmor CMOS sensor with approximately 24.3 effective megapixels for flawless, detail-packed photos and Full HD video
  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm F2 prime lens; with Macro mode for 20cm minimum focusing distance
  • Extremely wide sensitivity range from ISO 100 – 25600
  • Intuitive manual controls with aperture and focus rings
  • New Multi Interface Shoe compatible with optional flash, electronic viewfinder, optical viewfinder etc.

The extraordinary new Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 from Sony offers photo enthusiasts the chance to explore the creative possibilities of full-frame imaging with a compact digital camera that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

At just 482g (with battery and memory card), it packs a 35mm full-frame sensor and wide aperture F2 fixed-focal lens into a camera body that’s perfectly proportioned for travel and street photography as well as portraits and day-to-day shooting.

Far smaller and lighter than any full-frame DSLR, the Cyber-shot RX1 offers superb imaging quality that’s previously been the domain of high-end professional DSLR cameras. The unified lens/body design assures razor-sharp alignment of the sensor and optical components, bringing out the full potential of the lens to deliver unprecedented image quality, right to the very edges of each frame. Full manual control options are complemented by effortlessly intuitive operation, making it easy for enthusiasts to realise their creative vision without sacrificing portability or operating comfort.

In a world first for digital compact cameras, the Cyber-shot RX1 features a 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor. With a resolution of 24.3 effective megapixels, it’s over twice the area of the APS-C sensor inside much bulkier DSLR cameras. Capable of resolving the finest image details and subtle textures, the full-frame sensor assures absolute fidelity, rich colours and an impressively broad dynamic range.

The large sensor size also helps boost the camera’s sensitivity range to a generous ISO 100 – 25600. Sensitivity can be adjusted as low as ISO 50 in expanded mode2. Similarly, ISO settings as high as 102400 can be achieved using Multi Frame Noise Reduction, allowing the Cyber-shot RX1 to capture natural, low noise handheld images in near-dark conditions without needing flash.

Complementing the full-frame sensor is a fast, bright Carl Zeiss Sonnar T lens with a fixed focal length of 35mm – a versatile choice for portraits, street photography and everyday shooting. Derived from the German word “Sonne” (“sun”), the Sonnar name reflects the ability of the lens to capture as much light as possible. This premium lens features newly designed optics including an Advanced Aspherical (AA) glass element which contributes to the camera’s extremely compact palm-sized dimensions without sacrificing optical performance.

The lens’s wide F2 maximum aperture and 9-bladed circular aperture enable beautiful ‘bokeh’ (defocus) effects to rival professional-class DSLR camera lenses. A Macro switching ring on the lens barrel instantly shortens minimum focusing distance to just 20cm (from image plane), making the Cyber-shot RX1 ideal for capturing small close-up subjects with exquisite detail.


Data from the Exmor CMOS sensor is handled by the evolved BIONZ engine that also powers full-resolution burst shooting at up to 5 frames per second. The BIONZ processor can output image data in 14-bit RAW format, giving advanced users immense freedom over developing, post-processing and managing RAW files to match their personal creative vision.

Despite the camera’s extraordinarily compact dimensions, photographers are offered a virtually limitless palette of options for creative expression. The Cyber-shot™ RX1 also offers a full range of manual control modes, just as you’d expect from a no-compromise DSLR camera.

Dedicated lens rings allow fingertip control of focus and aperture, while a DSLR-style Focus mode dial on the front of the camera allows easy switching between focus modes. Top-mounted exposure compensation and mode dials are ergonomically placed for easy operation, while custom function and AEL buttons fall comfortably to hand without interrupting your creative flow.

Accessed via the camera’s pro-style control dial and cross keys, Quick Navi mode allows fast, intuitive adjustment of camera settings which is ideal when using the camera with an optional viewfinder. In addition, the camera also features a memory recall (MR) mode that allows storage and instant recall of up to 3 sets of camera settings.

Other refinements include a MF Assist function that magnifies a portion of your image to simplify fine focus adjustments. There’s also a pro-style peaking function that highlights sharply-focused areas of the image on screen – adding the optional FDA-EV1MK electronic viewfinder kit allows even greater manual focusing precision.

Pixel Super Resolution Technology allows magnification of image size without sacrificing pixel count, maintaining far higher quality than achievable with conventional digital zoom. The camera also features a Smart Teleconverter function that crops a central portion of the image sensor, boosting effective magnification by 1.4x or 2x. Thanks to the full-frame sensor’s extremely high pixel count, even zoomed and cropped images maintain generous amounts of fine detail when blown up at large print sizes.

In addition to flawless stills, the Cyber-shot RX1 can capture high-quality, low-noise Full HD movie footage at a choice of 50p/60p or 25p/24p (progressive) frame rates. 24p recording enables the Cyber-shot RX1 to transform everyday scenes into film-like movies, making it easy to record beautifully atmospheric video in very low lighting. The camera also provides a full complement of PASM exposure modes to give photographers absolute creative flexibility during video shooting.

Artistically ambitious photographers can even fine-tune images with a choice of 13 Creative Styles, plus a wide range of inspiring ‘PC-free’ Picture Effect treatments. Furthermore, wider compositional possibilities are offered by Auto HDR and D-Range Optimiser, bracket shooting (Exposure, DRO or White Balance) and Auto HDR shooting modes. The camera even offers a Digital Level Gauge that indicates camera pitch and camera roll on the LCD screen for straight, even horizons and architectural shots.

Shooting possibilities for stills and video are broadened by the camera’s Multi Interface Shoe3 that accepts a growing range of accessories. Options include a powerful flash, electronic viewfinder, optical viewfinder, clip-on LCD monitor. Also available are a high-quality jacket case, lens hood and thumb grip for sure, comfortable handling.

Learn more about official accessories by Sony for the Cyber-shot RX1 here:


The Cyber-shot RX1 also comes preinstalled with PlayMemories Home (Lite Edition) software, allowing easy image transfers to a PC for managing, editing and printing. Available for free download, a full version of PlayMemories Home adds movie editing and disc burning.

Also available as a free download, PlayMemories Studio allows game-like editing of photos and videos on PlayStation 3. Images can be shared easily via PlayMemories Online, the cloud-based sharing service from Sony that simplifies ‘any time, any place’ viewing on a wide range of connected devices.

The new Cyber-shot RX1 full-frame digital compact camera from Sony is available in Europe from December 2012.

Enhance your living space with the new compact Hi-Fi system featuring a dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad – introducing the Sony CMT-V75BTiP.


· Sleek and stylish design that looks good anywhere in your home

· Built-in dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad gives you easy access to your digital playlists

· In-built DAB/DAB+ tuner for easy listening to all digital radio stations

· Innovative Magnetic Fluid speakers deliver crystal-clear, distortion-free sound

· Stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity

With its sophisticated, minimalist design and high quality finish, this system will make a stylish addition to any room. The system’s compact dimensions mean it’s able to fit seamlessly into in any part of the home, whether on the table top or wall mounted.

As for sound quality, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to patented Magnetic Fluid technology from Sony that creates crystal clear sound reproduction, the speakers are damperless, meaning less distortion and improved clarity – particularly in the mid-to-high range. Your favourite tracks have never sounded better.

What’s more, because there’s no damper, the speakers are even more slimline so the Hi-Fi systems’ design is sleeker and more compact.

Got thousands of tracks on your iPhone, iPod or iPad? Just pop your Apple device into the Hi-Fi system’s built-in dock for instant access to your digital music library – no cables required. When you’re finished listening to your device, the dock retracts neatly back into the system for a streamlined appearance.

The CMT-V75BTiP even features Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music wirelessly from your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also includes DAB and DAB+ radio, giving you access to a huge selection of digital radio stations.

The CMT-V75BTiP system houses a CD player too, just in case you haven’t got round to digitising your collection yet.

The new CMT-V75BTiP Hi-Fi system is available in the UK from June 2012.

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Would you like to carry a smaller laptop power adaptor around with you? Or would you just like to replace your current one? If so, then look no further than the Innergie mCube Slim 95 Compact 95W Universal Adapter.

UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 14

The mCube Slim 95 provides a powerful and safe power solution in an ultra-compact design. Its high power efficiency lets you charge your laptop and a 10W USB device simultaneously at home, in your office, or anywhere life takes you.

Who are Innergie?

From their website:

The world we live in is an ever-changing environment. We understand that you will always need to be powered and connected.

Discover your true power with Innergie.

Explore our innovative solutions to achieve more in your digital life. Stay connected with our stylish, reliable, and energy efficient products.

No matter where you are, or where you are going – Innergie will be there to power up your life.


Powerful & Ultra Compact

Provides 95W of powerful power output in an ultra-compact form factor. Its compact size and powerful charging functions allow you to charge laptop and portable devices at the same time, providing greater convenience and time efficiencies.

10W USB for iPad and more

With a 10W USB power port, the mCube Slim 95 supports iPad and all other standard USB devices with its high power efficiency.

Energy Saving

With extremely high power efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Multi Built-in Protections

Built-in protection against unstable voltage means you can use Innergie with confidence everywhere you go.

Great Compatibility

Charge most popular brands of laptops between 15-21 volts and up to 100 watts consumption, including Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and more

Travel Safe

RTCA aviation certified guarantees safe usage on airplanes.

mCube 95 Specs

What’s in the Box?

The box itself comes well packaged, and contains the mCube Slim 95, an AC input cable, DC output cable and manual.

UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 2UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 3UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 4UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 5UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 15UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 16

There is also a neat little travel bag with two separate zipped compartments to hold everything secure.

UWHS Review - Innergie mCube Slim 95 22

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