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Ubisoft recently took us to Paris to take a look at Assassin’s Creed Unity – in this interview we talk to Andree-Anne Boisvert and take a look at the companion app.


Paris, 1789. The French Revolution turns a once-magnificent city into a place of terror and chaos. Its cobblestoned streets run red with the blood of commoners who dare to rise up against an oppressive aristocracy. Yet as the nation tears itself apart, a young man named Arno will embark upon an extraordinary journey to expose the true powers behind the Revolution. His pursuit will throw him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transform him into a true Master Assassin.

Andree-Anne Boisvert currently works as an Associate Producer at Ubisoft. She fell in love with video games as a teenager, right after learning Epona’s song.

After completing her master’s degree in computer science, she worked in various production roles on social and mobile games. Her game credits include a wide range of titles from the Petz & Raving Rabbids series, to some of the Assassin’s Creed titles (Brotherhood, Black Flag and Unity) and Prince of Persia.

For the last 2 years, she’s been making the console / mobile boundaries disappear by shipping meaningful companion app experiences for the console games players.

Andree-Anne’s goal is to offer the most immersive experience to Assassin’s Creed Unity players while using their mobile device.

So over to Andree-Anne:

Assassin’s Creed Unity will be released November 13th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

What do you think of Assassin’s Creed Unity? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Konami Digital Entertainment has extended the reach of its popular myPES social element of PES 2014, with the release of a dedicated app for iOS users, with an Android version to come shortly.

mypes 1

myPES was introduced in PES 2012 in a very basic form, and was designed to allow the sharing of results within the PES community. It has now been extended greatly and the free app allows for more detailed player and game data to be shared between users.


The app is released alongside the second PES 2014 Data Pack, which includes functions to support sending stats data from PES 2014. The companion app thus allows users to check and organise their match stats on their iOS and Android device, and offers analysis of shots, possession, passing, and patterns of play. The build-up to goals, potential weaknesses in the opposition, and data to adapt playing styles against key opponents can then be viewed.

mypes 2

The app is also key to building community structures within PES 2014. Groups can be created, and myPES will track results and rank players accordingly. Users that do not have their consoles connected online will have the option to save their stats through a QR code displayed after matches, which can be scanned using the app to synchronise results for future analysis.

The BBC are working on companion experiences – additional content offered on a companion screen, and they have revealed their approach on a blog posting.


This is part of what the BBC posted on their blog:

First, what do I mean by ‘companion experiences’?

Broadly, this means additional content offered on a companion screen (PC, mobile, tablet or even the same TV), related to and synchronized with the programme you’re watching on TV. This could be further information, a play along experience, social or control features – the overall aim being to enhance the audiences’ TV viewing.

This isn’t a new idea for the BBC or our audience. We’ve been offering simple, easy to access and entertaining companion activity via BBC Red Button for well over a decade. In fact, Red Button is the BBC’s most successful companion experience to date, attracting 20 million viewers a month – but it’s one that’s confined to the TV screen.

As more and more internet connected devices enter the living room, we can extend entertainment beyond broadcast and the TV screen, bringing our shows to life for audiences in ever more exciting ways.

Our editorial approach to companion experiences is three fold:

• Build on existing audience needs and behaviour

• Go beyond broadcast
• Drive creative renewal and innovation

We want to immerse our audience in the programme they’re watching even more by building on the existing needs and behaviours the show inspires. We’ve learned a lot about this from years of programme-related experimentation on BBC Red Button and BBC Online.

For Frozen Planet, we tried something different. Frozen Planet, with its awe-inspiring cinematography, invites the audience to be a passenger on a journey into the wonders of natural history. Our closed pilot was about enhancing that journey, offering viewers synchronous information about the animals and habitats featured in the show, along with the opportunity to ‘Favourite’ that content to consume later. One of our participants in the trial was impressed at how this delivered “a new way of viewing my docs”

The experience will be available across smart phones, PC, and tablet devices. A version of the play along will also be available on broadcast BBC Red Button.

What do you think of this idea?

Today saw Ceton make two announcements – one on the availability of their Companion Apps and the other about an Extender beta.


This is what Ceton posted:

Today we are pleased to make two announcements. First is that the Ceton Companion App will be available to ALL Windows Media Center (Windows 7) users. There is no need for new hardware and will simply plug in to your current HTPC. Second is that registration has opened for both the Ceton Companion Apps for Windows Media Center and the Ceton Extender for Windows Media Center. Simply head over to http://beta.cetoncorp.com and fill out the registration form and you will automatically be entered into a chance to participate in the Ceton Companion Apps beta. Selection will take place on or before May 25th and you will receive an email with information as to how to participate in the beta program. Additionally when you register for the Companion Apps beta you also have the ability to register for the Ceton Extender beta. Selection for the Ceton Extender beta will take place on or before July 15th.

Ceton Companion Apps Features:

  • Multiple platforms
    • iPhone (iOS 4.1+)
    • Android (2.2+)
    • Windows Phone 7 (Mango)
  • Works on any Windows 7 HTPC
  • Browse all of your media center libraries
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Photos
    • Movies
  • Start playback of content on multiple devices
  • Manage and Schedule Recordings
  • Rich meta data for Movies and Television
  • Browse Premieres of upcoming television shows
  • Universally search movies, TV, guide, and more.
  • A whole lot more!

Throughout our Beta process we want to hear back from you our customers. We are extremely interested in your likes, dislikes, feature requests, and just about anything else you want to tell us. We will be sending out surveys each week that will help in making the best mobile applications that we can for you!

So go and register now!!! http://beta.cetoncorp.com

Ceton have posted a new article talking about their companion apps for Windows Phone and Android.


This is how the blog post starts:

A few weeks ago I showed off the re-imagining of the home screen on our WP7 application. While I covered some information, there is still obviously a lot of depth to the companion apps so this week I wanted to dig deeper into how you will search to find television shows and what the experience is like on WP7. To start off we have our Television pivot. Inside this pivot is everything crucial to your television experience on your “Q”. Today I will be going over two key ways to search which is either via the guide or through a channel listing. Let’s first jump into the channel list.

It’s worth reading the rest of the post, and checking out all the screenshots. You can do so by clicking here.

Ceton have posted some new screenshots of the Q companion apps for Windows Phone on their blog, along with some further details.


This is how Ceton start their blog post:

At CES in January, when we first showed off the new Q companion apps for Windows Phone 7, we showcased a few main features. The most obvious was that we believe breaking the content into key segments like television, movies, music, etc. would be the most natural way for people to navigate the app. In addition, within each of these we really wanted to show live content, like what shows were recently added or which ones were coming up next. We got some great feedback at CES and have been working hard since then to flesh out more functionality and some new designs. So today we want to show you our latest revision to the WP7 companion apps home screen.

To read the rest and see more images, click here.

The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone has just been updated – although there are no specifics as to what the update contains.


Discover great entertainment with the power and convenience of your Windows Phone! Search for your favourite movies, TV shows, music, and games, and play them on your Xbox from your phone. Xbox 360 console and Xbox LIVE membership required.


[button link=”http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2011/12/07/how-to-install-the-xbox-companion-app-on-windows-phone/” style=”info” window=”yes”]Check out our guide to installing the Xbox Companion app[/button]

The Xbox Companion App


[button link=”http://www.windowsphone.com/en-GB/apps/b057fbe2-ceb1-470f-a7fe-09c862ca6dd9″ style=”download” window=”yes”]Download the Xbox Companion App from here[/button]

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D-Link today unveiled an innovative new product every traveling tablet and smartphone owner needs – the D-Link® All-in-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505).


In addition to offering instant wireless access wherever an existing network is available, the new portable device also features USB sharing capabilities, enabling users to share videos, music and photos from an external hard drive or thumb drive to any iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device. For added convenience, the All-in-One Mobile Companion allows users to sync files and charge smartphones, offering the ultimate set of features for home or on-the-go convenience.

“The All-in-One Mobile Companion is perfect for travelers and mobile professionals, allowing people to access content on an external hard drive or thumb drive from any mobile device, as well as sync videos, music and photos, automatically,” said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of marketing, D-Link North America. “In addition, it serves as a great travel router/access point for instant wireless from any hotel or conference room where a network already exists.”

Smaller than a standard mouse, the new All-in-One Mobile Companion offers instant Wi-Fi coupled with a range of useful features designed for today’s mobile professional. Easy one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) ensures users are up and running quickly, and the free SharePort Cloud app for both Android and iOS devices offers access to videos, music and photos from anywhere. The All-in-One Mobile Companion features a USB port for sharing content from a USB storage device or charging smartphones, as well as an Ethernet Port that enables users to easily connect to an existing network in a conference room or hotel room.

More about the D-Link All-in-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505)

The All-in-One Mobile Companion offers a range of features in an affordable, compact device:

  • USB Port for seamlessly viewing and synchronizing videos, music, photos, and more from a connected USB storage device to any iOS or Android tablet, smartphone or computer browser
  • Free iOS and Android apps for tablets and smartphones
  • Wireless N150 travel router
  • Ability to act as an Access Point to wirelessly extend an existing network
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • Built in AC plug for easy traveling and use – no additional cables or power adapters required
  • USB Port for charging a smartphone device (when not used with a USB storage device)

D-Link’s All-in-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505) will be displayed at the 2012 International CES, Jan. 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nev. For more information and detailed specs, visit www.dlink.com.

Availability and Pricing

The All-in-One Mobile Companion DIR-505 will be available in April for less than $75 throughout D-Link’s network of U.S. e-tail and retail outlets and at the company’s online store.

The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone has now been released – go get it!


Discover great entertainment with the power and convenience of your Windows Phone! Search for your favourite movies, TV shows, music, and games, and play them on your Xbox from your phone. Xbox 360 console and Xbox LIVE membership required.


[button link="http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2011/12/07/how-to-install-the-xbox-companion-app-on-windows-phone/" style="info" window="yes"]Check out our guide to installing the Xbox Companion app[/button]


Whilst we are waiting for Microsoft to release the Xbox Companion app, here are the instructions on how to install it, just so you are prepared!


The Xbox Companion allows you to use your phone to find and play content on your Xbox 360 console. Use the app to browse items in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. When you find a video that you want to watch, tap the Play button on your phone and the content will start playing on your console.

To install the Xbox Companion app, you need:

  • A Windows Phone with Windows Phone 7.5 software

Note You must be signed into your Windows Phone and your console using the same Windows Live ID

How to install the Xbox Companion app

  1. On your Windows Phone, tap Marketplace.
  2. Browse or search for Xbox Companion.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Xbox Companion app.

Set the Xbox Companion to Available on your console. Here’s how:

  1. From Xbox Home, go to Settings and then select System.
  2. Select Console Settings.
  3. Select Xbox Companion.
  4. Select Available.
  5. Return to Xbox Home.

Start the Xbox Companion app

  1. On your Windows Phone, tap Games.
  2. Tap Xbox Companion.

Your Windows Phone connects to your Xbox 360 console.

We first told you about the Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone back in October, and tomorrow it should be released.


This is how Ben described it back then:

The app, which will be completely free for Windows Phone users, is an amazing little tool that will let you Find, Learn more about and Control content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your Xbox 360.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta copy of the app to try out with my Xbox and I have to say that it’s really impressive. Here’s an actual scenario I ran through with the app and my Xbox the other day:

  • Finding Content: Just like on your Xbox, the Xbox Companion gives you instant access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace catalog of games, movies, music and TV shows. I used it to search “Featured Content” and pulled up the X-Men: First Class.
  • Learn more about what you’re watching, listening to, or playing: Once I found the movie and touched the movie tile, the Xbox companion app took me to an info page that has all the related details about. And the content is really rich, too – for example, when I swiped to the “cast” page and touched an actor’s name, like star James McAvoy, I was taken to other movies starring him. From there, I could easily learn more about the other movies, their cast, etc. It’s an infinite road of interactive content.
  • Control & Play: Once I selected the content and hit play, the Xbox Companion flips into “controller mode” in which I could navigate my Xbox, or control video playback of your video. The best part here is that controls are virtually instantaneous – easily as fast as using my controller or a TV remote.

I for one will be interested in seeing it working tomorrow.

If you have a Mac and you want an external drive that is more than just a drive, take a look at our latest two minute review of the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive.

UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 020

The Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive includes 2 fast FireWire 800 interfaces, a USB 2.0 hub, plus a FireWire 400 to 800 cable. Styled to match the latest Mac computers, it also includes a convenient USB charging/syncing port for your iPad, iPod or iPhone device. The space saving design fits perfectly on the Apple iMac base or on your Apple monitor. With multiple interfaces you can easily add other peripherals like a printer or other external storage. It includes a handy capacity gauge on the front and fast 7200 RPM drive speed.

Who are Iomega?

From their website:

Iomega Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC Corporation headquartered in San Diego, is a worldwide leader in innovative storage and network security solutions for small businesses, home offices, consumers and others. The Company has sold more than 410 million digital storage drives and disks since its inception in 1980. Today, Iomega’s product portfolio includes industry leading network attached storage products, external hard drives, multimedia drives, and our award-winning removable storage technology, the REV® Backup Drive.


  • Fast: Fast transfer speeds available including FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 connections; 7200 RPM drive speed
  • Multiple Connections: One USB 2.0 port, two FireWire 800 ports and a two port integrated USB 2.0 hub* lets you connect multiple devices
  • Feature-rich: Styled to match the latest Mac computers; Stacks on the iMac base or Mac monitor; HFS+ for ease of use right out of the box; USB port (2.1 Amp) to charge/sync your iPad, iPod or iPhone device*
  • Capacity Gauge: Capacity gauge on front lets you know how much storage is available on the hard drive**
  • Warranty: Three year limited warranty with product registration

* The Mac Companion must be connected to the computer via USB in order to use the USB hub or the charge/sync port.
** Requires software utility install to enable capacity gauge feature



System Requirements

  • One USB 2.0 port
  • Two FireWire 800 ports
  • Two port integrated USB 2.0 hub (The Mac Companion must be connected to the computer via USB in order to use the USB hub or the charge/sync port)
  • Preformatted in HFS+
  • Compatible with PC and Mac®
  • Transfer rates of 480 Mbits/s when connected to a USB 2.0 controller; up to 800 Mbits when connected to a FireWire 800 controller
  • Memory cache of 8MB or better
  • Three year limited warranty with product registration within 90 days of purchase
  • Power Mac® G3 or greater
  • Built-in USB or FireWire 800/400 connection
  • FireWire 800 (1394a)/USB 1.1: Mac OS X 10.5 – 10.7 (drive performance will be reduced using a USB 1.1 connection)
  • USB 2.0: Mac OS 10.5 or higher
  • 128MB RAM or higher as required by operating system

Dimensions: 1.75″ H x 5.82″ W x 7.77″ L
Weight: 4.54 pounds

What’s in the Box?

  • Iomega® Mac Companion Hard Drive
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • FireWire® 800 Cable
  • FireWire® 400 to 800 Cable (for 1394b to 1394a conversion)
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Iomega Protection Suite Software via Download
    • Trend Micro™ Smart Surfing software for Mac – 1 year FREE subscription via download – $59.99 value
    • Iomega QuikProtect
    • MozyHome™ Online Backup service (2GB Free)

UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 001UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 002UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 003UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 004UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 005UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 006UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 007UWHS Review - Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive 008

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Charlie Russell and Sharon Crawford’s new book the Windows Small Business Server 2011 Adminstrator’s Companion has just been released, and I was the technical reviewer on the book.


The Administrator’s Companion is the comprehensive, one-volume guide to deploying and administering Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard edition. This edition is the ideal solution for small businesses with up to 75 users. And, a heck of a value. The software is built on Windows Server 2008 R2 and includes Exchange Server 2010 SP1, SharePoint Foundation Services 2010, and Windows Server Update Services. The Premium Add-on option provides SQL Server 2008 R2 for Small Business.

As the authors say, “The evolution of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server from its inception to the latest version in 2011 has been an orderly progression of improvements both large and small—and the total distance covered is immense.”

[button link=”http://blogs.msdn.com/b/microsoft_press/archive/2011/06/10/new-book-windows-small-business-server-2011-administrator-s-companion.aspx” window=”yes”]Learn more about the book from here[/button]

And don’t forget Working With Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, the book I have written with Charlie and Sharon which will be available very soon.

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Have you ever wanted to watch a Blu-ray, Sky or Virgin Media in a room it’s not installed? Well now you can with the HDJuiceBox Lite Kit from Aclasstechnology – and here is our review.