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Want to use your data plan without paying extra for tethering? Well now you can with iTether.


Here is what they say about iTether:

Tether is an application that allows your Mac and PC to take advantage of your smartphone’s data plan, providing you access to the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is cellular coverage from your smartphone.

Tether is easy to install, easy to use, works practically anywhere, and is very cost-effective.

To download the PC software visit:

To download the Mac software visit:

We guarantee that if you hate being without internet or are frustrated over fees for internet service, then Tether is your solution. Eventually it will become an application that you cannot go without.

Given that Apple have a history of removing apps from the App Store that provide this sort of functionality, if you are interested in the app you should grab it now!

In the UK it’s £10.49 and in the US it’s $14.99.




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