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Back in March, HP released the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo add-in for Windows Home Server – today they release an update.

I have not used the original add-in as I don’t have a TiVo, but you can read all about the add-in here: http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2010/03/10/hp-mediasmart-expander-for-tivo-add-in-for-windows-home-server/

Here is what HP said about the add-in:

With a high-definition (HD) DVR from TiVo, consumers can record and pause live TV, and access the world’s largest on-demand video store to watch hit movies, TV shows, music videos and cool web videos.

With the new software application, which is offered at no charge to MediaSmart server owners, TiVo customers can:

— transfer shows from TiVo to a HP MediaSmart Server and back to TiVo

— view TiVo recordings stored on a HP MediaSmart Server

— watch TiVo recordings that are stored on the HP MediaSmart Server on any PC in the home using Windows Media Player

This update will allow customers to schedule series recordings of their favourite programs and have them automatically copied over to their MediaSmart Server.


Once you have downloaded the add-in, just copy it to your add-ins folder and install in the usual way.

12-07-2010 17-31-38

12-07-2010 17-35-15


You will notice that it installs a new entry on the Data Vault list.

12-07-2010 17-36-36

You have to accept the EULA:

12-07-2010 17-36-49

As you can see, in my case no TiVo was found – that’s because I don’t have one. If you did, information would be here and you could use it.

12-07-2010 17-37-01

And there is also a configuration screen.

12-07-2010 17-37-12


As I mentioned, I don’t have a TiVO that I could test this on, here in the UK we just don’t have them.

Do you use this add-in? If so, tell us what you think of it?

As before, this add-in is free.

The add-in can be found here: http://www.hp.com/united-states/consumer/everyday-computing/mediasmartserver/us/en/index.html

HP have released an add-in for Windows Home Server that makes it easy to transfer files to and from external USB drives – but it is only for HP Windows Home Servers. Here is our review.

12-07-2010 17-48-31

Here is what HP say about the Easy USB Transfer Add-In:

HP Easy USB Transfer is a free add-in that allows you to copy or move files easily between a USB drive and the HP MediaSmart Server or the HP Data Vault.  Transfer files to or from the USB drives – either way.

Simply plug your USB hard drive or flash drive directly into any USB port on the HP MediaSmart Server or the HP Data Vault.  Click on the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Data Vault icon on your desktop to open the Web site (User interface), and then click on the Easy USB Transfer icon located at the right.

From the Easy USB Transfer interface, drag a single or multiple folders or files from the USB drive to any folder on the Server, or from Server folder to the USB drive to initiate the Copy.  Hold the shift key to Move the file or folder.  You can also right click on a file or folder and Cut/Copy, Paste.

Once the transfer is initiated, no connection through your computer is required – you can disconnect or turn off your computer and the transfer will complete without a computer connected.

HP Easy USB Transfer is an HP written add-in for the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Data Vault. Easy USB Transfer works with 3.0 software from HP, including the EX490, EX495, X300, and X500 series.


Copy the msi file to the add-ins folder on your Windows Home Server.

12-07-2010 17-38-37

Just install the add-in as you would usually do. If you are not sure how, just check out our How To guide here: How to install or remove an Add-in for Windows Home Server

12-07-2010 17-38-58

You also get a little pop up telling you that the add-in was installed successfully.

12-07-2010 17-39-31


Unlike most add-ins, this one doesn’t add anything to the Windows Home Server Console. Instead you have to visit the Home Server webpage for your box (you can double click the icon on your desktop).

You will notice there is a new icon on the far right – just click it.

12-07-2010 17-48-40

This opens up the Easy USB Transfer screen. The top part of the screen is a status pane, the left pane is the USB drive and the pane on the right is your Windows Home Server.

12-07-2010 19-12-58

Connect a USB device to your Windows Home Server and you can see what is on it.

12-07-2010 19-15-47

Just drag and drop the files and folders to the right hand side to the folder where you want to copy the files and just wait.

12-07-2010 19-16-20

You can watch the progress in the status pane.

12-07-2010 19-16-34

You will also then see a job report at the end of the copy so that you can check it all worked as expected.

12-07-2010 19-16-50

Copy files to the USB device is exactly the same process, but in reverse.

12-07-2010 19-17-28

Should you lose the connection with your home server at anytime, such as if you power it off, you will see this message on webpage:

12-07-2010 19-20-34


The add-in was easy to install, and easy to use. And best of all it was free.

If you want to be able to easily copy files to and from your Windows Home Server and external USB drives then this is an add-in for you.

My only real criticism is that you have to have Remote Access running on your server in order for this add-in to work. Now that is fine if you have remote access enabled, but some people don’t want that function, and so it’s just something else that needs to be enabled before coping can commence.

Customers can get access to Easy USB Transfer through the HP MediaSmart Server and HP Data Vault Add Software page at http://h41112.www4.hp.com/promo/mediasmartserver/index.html .

The Add Software page is also accessible through the WHS Console on EX49X series products.

And don’t forget, this add-in only works on HP MediaSmart and Data Vault servers.

Along with a special promotion in Germany, HP have also announced the availability of the Data Vault X311 Windows Home Server in other parts of Europe.

HP X310

LambdaTek here in the UK are showing the X311 for just under £360:


You can read more about the X300 Data Vault Windows Home Server here: HP Launch StorageWorks X300 Data Vault Windows Home Servers

Here is the full press release:

HP Launches New All-in-One Storage Solution for SoHo and SMBs

Bracknell, UK, 29 June, 2010 – HP today launched the HP Data Vault X311 all-in-one storage solution centralising simple, secure automatic backups, remote access and expandability to enable SMB/SoHo customers to maximise resources and data protection.

SMB/SoHo customers are required to be resourceful and efficient as they work to improve employee productivity, manage the explosion of data and seek competitive advantage.

Based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform, the HP Data Vault X311 is a central repository for automatically back up and accessing files, documents, presentations, videos, photos from up to 10 computers on a network.(1)

The Data Vault automatically organizes files across PCs, streams media across a network(¹), and allows for remote access to files and PC applications(2) from any internet(2) connected PC.

The HP Data Vault X311 features include:

— PC Hard Drive Backup: backs up networked PCs via the Windows Homer Server backup feature

— Mac Hard Drive Backup: backs up Macs running Leopard using Apple Time Machine software

— Expandability:  additional drives can be added for up to 17 terabytes (TB)

— Server Backup: duplicates designated shared folders to a separate hard disk drive

— Online Backup: duplicates designated folders to online data storage service for an additional layer of protection

— Smart Power Management: can schedule times for server to go to “sleep” and “wake up” saving on energy costs

— Image Restore: individual or full image restore capabilities

— Specifications: Intel Atom Dual Core, 1.6 GHz. Two gigabytes (GB) of 800-MHz DDR2 DRAM, 4 x USB ports, 1 x east connection port, 1 terabyte (TB) storage

— Media Streaming: streams content to any PC connected to the network(1)

— Server for iTunes: centralizes iTunes music libraries on the server for playback to any networked Mac or PR running iTunes

— HP Photo Publisher: easily upload photos to Facebook® and photo-sharing sites

— HP Photo Viewer: allows easy sharing of photos with friends and business partners

Pricing and availability(8)

The HP Data Vault X311 is available in June starting at £331

About HP

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at http://www.hp.com.

We should have a review up soon.

HP have been in touch with details of an offer for their X312 and X315 Windows Home Servers – but only if you are in Germany.

MediaMrkt, a major German retailer, announced a special promotion on the HP X300 Data Vault.

This promotion is for a limited time on two configurations of the HP X300 Data Vault.

The X312 has 2x1TB HDDs and is offered at 399 Euro, while the X315 has 2x1TB and 2×1.5TB HDDs and is offered at 599 Euro.

Aside from HDD capacity, these SKUs are identical in specifications to the HP X311 Data Vault.

You can read more about the X300 Data Vault Windows Home Server here: HP Launch StorageWorks X300 Data Vault Windows Home Servers

We will hopefully be reviewing it shortly.

And you can visit the MediaMrkt website here: http://www.mediamarkt.de/

I have had a look on their website and I cant see it listed, so it may be something you have to go into the store for.

Any of our German readers care to comment?

Today HP have released a new group of Windows Home Servers known as the StorageWorks X300 Data Vault.

HP X310

02-06-2010 20-42-27

Here is what HP has to say about the X300:


Are you doing nightly backups? Is it easy for you to share files across your business? Don’t you have more pressing concerns than how to backup and share your data?
The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault provides a simple and inexpensive solution for a small business to store, secure and share data for under $600. Based on Microsoft Windows Home Server, it provides a user-friendly interface with easy installation and management. The HP X300 Data Vault provides you with automated backup for up to ten PC clients and Macs on the network while providing additional protection features like folder duplication and online backup. The X300 offers both local and remote file sharing via a custom URL which is accessible from any web browser. It also comes with three empty bays for internal storage expansion and also offers external USB and eSATA ports for additional external expansion. Store it, secure it, share it.

What’s new

Lower price point under $600 for 1 TB capacity model
Intel 1.6 GHz Atom Dual Core processor
Focus on key data protection features for small business
Reliable disaster recovery with KeepVault online backup


Simple Data Protection
Ideal for businesses with ten or less PC and Mac clients, the HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault provides full system protection. The HP Data Vault automatically backs up each client every day without you having to manage the process.

Once installed, your HP X300 Data Vault will allow you to consolidate your data for both PC or Mac clients supporting backups onto a single device. This consolidation makes your storage process both efficient and easy to manage.

You get peace of mind with simple automated daily backups. Install the client software on any PC on your network and the HP X300 Data Vault does the rest. Daily backups are reviewable as individual files. You can open any backup and restore a single file or multiple files.

The X300 provides onsite backup for PCs and Macs. However, your irreplaceable data is vulnerable to disasters like theft, fire, and flood. KeepVault online backup provides reliable disaster recovery. Protecting files on the Data Vault, as they change, to secure online servers.

Protect your business by protecting your most important asset: your data.

Simple Data Sharing

Share files on the local network via the HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault. Create shared folders based on your business needs. Access your Data Vault from any internet connected computer. Use the remote computer like your own PC.

Create a custom web address of your choosing. Access your HP X300 Data Vault through your custom web address from any internet connected computer. Web addresses are registered through TZO.com an HP partner.

Most online services charge a monthly fee to access your files. With the X300 and a custom domain from TZO.com accessing your files is free for the first year and costs a nominal fee each year after.

The local and remote file sharing capabilities on the HP X300 Data Vault provide for more efficient business collaboration.

Protection of Critical Files Means Data Security

The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault lets you choose which file folders are the most important. With the ease of a mouse click, you can tell the X300 to duplicate that folder to a second hard disk drive. If a hard disk drive was to fail, your data will still be safe on the second hard disk drive.

Access to shared file folders can be easily managed through a mouse click. Set Read/Write, Read Only or No Access privileges for each user, to each shared folder. Users login and authenticate, with a password, to access the HP X300 Data Vault shared folders or PC applications.

The HP X300 Data Vault comes with a trial version of McAfee Anti-Virus software which you can choose to install. You can also use your existing anti-virus software to easily scan the HP X300 Data Vault.

Expandable to Meet Your Growth Needs

Expand to 7 TB or more internally and up to 15 TB or more with external storage options. The HP StorageWorks X300 Data Vault supports hot-swapping of hard disk drives which means that to add capacity you do not need to power down the device. The X300 grows as your business grows.

Four USB ports and one eSATA port are available to add additional storage.

As we get more information we will post it, and hopefully we can get our hands on a unit for review shortly.

Earlier this week, HP got in touch to let us know that they are extending the 1 year warranty on all HP X510 Data Vault servers to 3 years at no charge.

Here is what they said:

As of last week, all new and existing HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault customers will now benefit from a three year return-to-base warranty on their device.  HP has updated all of its warranty and support databases, so anyone needing to ring HP with an issue will not have to “re-register” or notify the support teams of this change.  This is a significant enhancement to the product and should give users greater confidence and peace of mind when considering whether to invest in HP’s emerging business Windows Home Server solution.

(Note: this change applies to Data Vault only; MediaSmart Server warranty remains 1 Year)

It is very interesting to note that HP clearly see that businesses (who the X510 is primarily aimed at) require more than just a 1 year warranty.

The other piece of news from HP is that Proxure’s KeepVault add-in is being offered at a 20% discount for EMEA customers.

Here is what they said:

Also, HP has launched Proxure’s KeepVault as the de facto online backup add-in for X510 Data Vault customers in EMEA.  The service is available in English, French, German and Spanish and HP customers can enjoy at 20% discount on Proxure standard pricing.

HP is excited to present users with KeepVault, an online backup service that is designed for WHS customers.  With KeepVault, users can select individual subfolders and top level WHS shares for real time, continuous protection or schedule regular backups when convenient.  Data is encrypted prior to transfer, and remains encrypted in the vault.  KeepVault provides notifications to email, SMS, or Twitter.  In case of lost data files, users can recover all missing files on their PC with the One Click Recovery feature, and all of this for a fixed annual subscription price that can easily be upgraded as your storage needs grows.

The Keep Vault is available in two flavours, standard “Keep Vault” and “Keep Vault Pro and Business”.  KeepVault Pro and Business has all of the features of KeepVault, and additional value for small businesses and advanced users.  KeepVault Pro and Business sports best in class upload speeds, up to 3X regular KeepVault speeds.  Data is encrypted prior to being sent, and remains encrypted in the cloud with secure 128 bit encryption (soon 256 bit).  Customers can backup multiple HP Data Vaults to the cloud, and can access their files from any internet connected computer – at home, office, or on the road.  KeepVault Pro and Business includes administrative features such as enhanced alert notification, proxy server support, and admin lockdown.

Customers can get access to KeepVault Online Backup and full service details from the offer site at http://hp.keepvault.com/offer.php?refer=rr_hpwhs.

We reviewed KeepVault for Windows Home Server last year: Add-In Review – KeepVault v3.0 for Windows Home Server

HP are releasing a free Add-In for Windows Home Server called the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo.

This free Add-In will allow TiVo owners to manage their content from their HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers.




Here is the full press release from HP:

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 10, 2010 – HP today made available HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo®, a new software application that lets TiVo DVR(1) owners manage video content from an HP MediaSmart Server.(2)

With a high-definition (HD) DVR from TiVo, consumers can record and pause live TV, and access the world’s largest on-demand video store to watch hit movies, TV shows, music videos and cool web videos.

With the new software application, which is offered at no charge to MediaSmart server owners, TiVo customers can:

— transfer shows from TiVo to a HP MediaSmart Server and back to TiVo

— view TiVo recordings stored on a HP MediaSmart Server

— watch TiVo recordings that are stored on the HP MediaSmart Server on any PC in the home using Windows Media Player

Based on the Microsoft Windows® Home Server platform, the HP MediaSmart Server is a central repository for automatically backing up and accessing digital music, videos, photos and documents from multiple computers on a home network.(3)

The HP MediaSmart Server automatically organizes files across all Windows and Mac computers, streams media across a home network and the Internet,(4) and publishes photos to popular social networking and photo sharing sites.

“The HP MediaSmart Server is the ideal companion to TiVo. With the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo, consumers don’t have to worry about running out of high-definition storage space since they can save their movies and shows on the HP MediaSmart Server and watch them on any computer in the home,” said Jason Zajac, vice president of Attach, HP Personal Systems Group. “Plus, consumers will benefit from all of the additional features the HP MediaSmart Server provides, such as backing up all Windows and Mac computers.”

Pricing and availability

The free HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo application can be accessed through the Windows Home Server Console of the HP MediaSmart Server EX90/EX495 and HP Data Vault.

(1) Requires TiVo DVR Series II, Series III, TiVo Premier and TiVo desktop software.

(2) Compatible with HP MediaSmart Servers EX490/EX495. HP MediaSmart Server, PCs and TiVo DVR must be on the same network.

Whilst it is really great to see HP coming out with some more Add-Ins for Windows Home Server, especially free ones, it’s just a shame they release one that pretty much does the same thing as TiVO Publisher for WHS. Also, its a bit of poor timing what with the announcement this week that TiVo’s Q4 2009 results were a loss of $10.2 million.

Still, anything that adds to Windows Home Server cannot be a bad thing!

I don’t have a TiVo here in the UK, they never really took off, so any of our US readers that have one and try this add-in, let us know what you think – and why not consider writing a review for us?

A few days ago we reported that HP had released an update patch on their website for owners of the HP MediaSmart and DataVault Windows Home Servers.

That patch is now available to download and install from the Windows Home Server console.

According to the little information that comes with this update, it includes the following:

“this update will reduce CPU load when the media streamer is scanning for media and includes several improvements for the Mac backup feature”

So, you need to be running the 3.0 software before you can run this update patch. To learn more about the 3.0 software update and how to order it, click here.

To install it, go into your Windows Home Server Console, and click Settings, and find the HP update area.

As you can see below, I was running the Patch 1 update.

06-03-2010 07-50-23

I clicked on Check for updates

06-03-2010 07-50-32

The update was found.

06-03-2010 07-51-31

At the same time I received a notification that there were software updates available.

06-03-2010 07-51-42

The update continued to download.

06-03-2010 07-52-49

It’s now ready to install.

06-03-2010 07-59-27

06-03-2010 07-59-37

And it successfully installed.

06-03-2010 07-59-46

As you can see, I now have the new update installed.

06-03-2010 08-00-58

And that was it – I didn’t even need to do a reboot of the server (although I did just to be safe). The whole process only took a few minutes, the update itself is around 33 MB and I’m now fully up to date.

HP appears to have released an update for the HP MediaSmart servers, including the DataVault. This update is for anyone running the 3.0 software only.

This is also a download only update at the moment, although this may change so keep pressing your update button.

HP Update 03010

HP hasn’t released any information on what the update contains, but given all the press recently about the TwonkyMedia fix, it is likely to contain that (in fact it does, see below).

Alex over MediaSmartServer.net posted this last night:

Nigel “Cougar” Wilks and I have spent some time digging into the installer package, and discovered that the only changes included are the 5.1.1 version of the Twonky Media Streamer that is already included in the 3.0 software update for the previous generation servers, and new client software for Mac users. There are no changes to the HP code that runs on the server, and several known bugs with 3.0 patch 1 remain unresolved, such as broken help links, the broken image on the Remote Access Home Page, and various other issues we’ve documented in the forums.

Here’s the official wording from the DataVault download page.

This update will reduce CPU load when the media streamer is scanning for media and includes several improvements for the Mac backup feature.

The update is not yet coming down through the HP Software Update built in to the MediaSmart Server or Data Vault even when a manual update check is performed, however it is possible to manually install the package via the Software Update tab of the Home Server Console.

Note: I’ll recommend that most users wait for the automatic update to come down from HP. For those of you tinkerers that are interested in trying the new patch, here’s how to get it installed on your server.

To download the update, click here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=dv-80555-1&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=uk&lang=en&os=1005&product=3548165

Thanks to MediaSmartServer.net for the additional info.

I will be installing this later today and will report back on any changes and also when HP include it automatically.

So as you may have read earlier today, I managed to get my hands on one of the new Tranquil PC SSM (Safe Server Modules) for Windows Home Server.

Tranquil sell the SSM for use in their SQA-5H boxes, but there is nothing stopping you from buying one and using it in your existing Windows Home Server.

To that end, I though I would see if it actually fitted in some of the Windows Home Server’s I have access to. The main reason for the test was to ensure it would sit properly in the server, if there was a server door cover the drive bays that the door would close, etc, etc.

So here are the results, along with some comments:


Fits perfectly, although the drive caddies are a bit flimsy so it’s a bit of delicate work getting the SSM in, and even harder getting it out of the caddy itself. So it’s worth taking your time and not using too much pressure or you might break the caddy.

IMG_2042 IMG_2043 IMG_2044 IMG_2045


this was the easiest and quickest to do – no problems other than again when removing it the front part of the SSM moved a lot and I can see it getting broken.

IMG_2050 IMG_2051 IMG_2052


The only thing I would say is that fitting the SSM into the caddy was a little tough, but it worked fine. This goes for all the various HP MediaSmarts and also the X510 Datavault.

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049


So there you have it. The SSM will work in the Tranquil PC Windows Home Servers, and will fit perfectly well into the Lenovo Ideacenter D400, the Acer Aspire H340 and all the HP MediaSmarts and the X510 Datavault.

Stay tuned for my full review in the next few days.

HP have released a number of Windows Home Servers over the last 2 years since Windows Home Server was launched. Now comes a Windows Home Server from HP that is aimed at the business user instead of the home user.


The X510 Data Vault Specification is as follows:

Processor : Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5Ghz

Memory : 2GB DDR2

Capacity included : either 1 TB, 1.5 TB or 2 TB depending on the model

Open Bays : 2 or 3 depending on the model

Ports : 4 USB and 1 eSATA

Dimensions (inches) : 5.5 x 9.8 x 9.2

And those of you out there that want to use the eSATA port as a port multiplier will be happy to hear that HP have re-enabled it after the EX48x series only allowed connection of a single eSATA drive to the port! Good job HP, again, good listening to your customers feedback.


For those of you out there that love the shots of the box – yes, you know who you are, here it is. You will notice that the X510 box is a plain brown affair, instead of the usual black with coloured graphics. Personally I think this is more to do with businesses expecting plain packaging and not pretty colours and graphics.



The contents of the box are very well packaged, you can simply lift out the X510 without any fuss. The box itself contains the X510, an Ethernet cable, a power cable, 3 software DVDs and the usual HP Setup Poster to get you going.



The X510 has the same look and feel as the previous HP MediaSmart servers – its small, sleek, a nice shiny black and it opens at the front to review the 4 disk drive bays.

002 003 004 005 006


Installing the software is just the same as on any other Windows Home Server – you just install the software on one of your network connected computers and just follow the steps. For those of you who like screenshots, here is a step by step through the installation process.

25-10-2009 21-15-48 25-10-2009 21-16-07 25-10-2009 21-16-19


As with the installation, the configuration steps are just the same – just walk through the questions and you will be ready to go. Notice that the default name for the X510 is HPSTORAGE. Again, here are the screenshot walkthroughs for those of you who are interested.

25-10-2009 21-17-28 25-10-2009 21-18-04 25-10-2009 21-18-26 25-10-2009 21-18-38 25-10-2009 21-29-11 25-10-2009 21-30-13 25-10-2009 21-32-42


The first time you launch the Windows Home Server Connector the software will check to see if there are any HP specific updates that you might need. Given that the X510 has only been available a couple of weeks it was a bit of a surprise to see an update already.

25-10-2009 21-32-59 25-10-2009 21-33-07 25-10-2009 21-33-22 25-10-2009 21-33-32

25-10-2009 22-04-57 25-10-2009 22-05-07 25-10-2009 22-05-41 25-10-2009 22-05-50


This is where things get interesting and are different to what HP have done in the past. You will notice a whole new look and feel to the HP elements of the Windows Home Server Console including a Tour option that enables you to click on elements to see what they are and do. I really like this new look and feel and in my opinion will make it so much easier for those new users to get to grips with the Home Server in no time at all.

25-10-2009 22-06-30 25-10-2009 22-06-44 25-10-2009 22-07-04 25-10-2009 22-07-15 25-10-2009 22-07-24 25-10-2009 22-08-11 25-10-2009 22-08-21 25-10-2009 22-08-30 25-10-2009 22-08-39 25-10-2009 22-08-48 25-10-2009 22-08-57 25-10-2009 22-09-04 25-10-2009 22-09-13 25-10-2009 22-09-32


And here are the screenshots of the usual Windows Home Server Console elements.

25-10-2009 22-09-57 25-10-2009 22-10-33 25-10-2009 22-10-41 25-10-2009 22-11-02 25-10-2009 22-11-10 25-10-2009 22-11-16 25-10-2009 22-11-23 25-10-2009 22-11-29 25-10-2009 22-11-42 25-10-2009 22-11-59 25-10-2009 22-12-17


I noticed that the Windows Home Server Connector software did not automatically update with the HP Data Vault  3.0 Update 1 package. I also noticed that I had a connection error with the HP Media Collector, but the Home Network Health information screen had advised me that the version of the software installed on my computer wasn’t compatible with the server and that I should uninstall and reinstall – which I did and it corrected the problem. For those of you interested, my computer OS is the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. This is the same issue I had with the HP MediaSmart EX495, but then as they are pretty much the same bit of kit it is not surprising.

25-10-2009 22-14-30 25-10-2009 22-14-38


So, what do I think? Well, regular readers will know that I am a big fan of the HP MediaSmart Servers and the X510 is no exception. Yeah, I know that is the same thing I wrote about the EX495 for you eagle eyed readers, but it is in essence the same device, only aimed at businesses.

It is really quiet – now of course it only has a single drive in it out of the box but if you were to add some of the green quiet drives to it, this should help keep the noise down.

It is really good to see the eSATA port re-enabled as a port multiplier – so well done HP!

The new look and feel in the Windows Home Server is very intuitive and it is very easy to find what you are looking for. I know I am used to the console having used Windows Home Server now for nearly 3 years, but I honestly believe HP have done a lot to make it easier for those new users to find what they are looking for and also to guide them through doing whatever it is that they need to do.

So, why would you buy the X510 and not the EX495? Well for a start, if you were in the UK, you cannot get the EX495 but you can buy the X510. So there is probably the single biggest reason for buying it!

The software and hardware is exactly the same, the only difference is the Data Vault tab instead of the MediaSmart tab.

Basically this is a great Windows Home Server and you really can’t go wrong buying one!

List pricing for the UK is as follows:

(1 TB) £419.79

(2 TB) £516.34

(3 TB) £599.95

For the US market the prices are starting from $699 for the 1 TB and peaking at $999 for the 3 TB model.

A few weeks ago we reported that HP had released a new Windows Home Server aimed at the SOHO market – the X510 also known as the Data Vault.

Here are a some quick pictures of the unit unboxed (these are especially for Dave from the Home Server Show Podcast as I know he just loves the unboxing shots). :-)

The two points to note are that the packaging is very plain, unlike the MediaSmarts and that the X510 looks exactly the same as a MediaSmart.

The packaging is more what a business would be used to seeing as apposed to all the pictures and graphics on the side of the MediaSmarts, and I have to say it is very well packaged inside the box as well.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007

I will be doing the review shortly, so keep your eyes open for it.

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