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A few days ago HTC announced a list of devices that would be getting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).


The following HTC devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Raider
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Vivid

Have you got one of them? Let us know when you get the update and what you think of it.

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We often see lots of news stories, tweets and rumours about forthcoming Apple devices based on people finding references to them in beta versions of iOS. With iOS 5.1 beta 2, Apple have included references to a number of devices!

ios beta

As you can see, there are devices such as the iPad 10, the iPhone 11 and the AppleTV9.

Don’t expect a review of any of these devices shortly!

via: 9to5Mac

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Today Skype launched it’s Skype WiFi App for iOS devices that enables you to connect to over 1 million WiFi hotposts around the world.


The service is charged by the minute and it uses your Skype credit, so you will need to ensure you have some available!

Here is what Skype posted on their blog:

Skype WiFi (formerly known as Skype Access) is coming to iOS. We’ve just launched a new iOS application that’s free to download from Apple’s App store.

With the new Skype WiFi app, you can go online on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (running iOS 4.1 or above with multitasking) at over 1 million WiFi hotspots around the world, including hotels, airports, train stations, convention centres, bars and restaurants. And with Skype Credit you only pay for the minutes you use. So, there’s no need to buy an hour or day WiFi voucher if you’re only looking to check your email or make a quick Skype call.

Skype WiFi is great for travellers all over the world: It’s a must-have app, for your iPhone or iPad whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying holidays abroad. Skype WiFi offers you a cost-effective and easy way to get online with an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Paying on a per-minute basis for WiFi Internet access is great when you’re abroad as you can avoid data roaming charges when you update Facebook, send a tweet, make a Skype call or upload photos.

WiFi access prices through Skype start from US$ 0.06/4p/€0,05 (inclusive of VAT) per minute* and you will only be charged for the minutes you are connected. There are no limits on the amount of data you can upload or download.

All you need to enjoy Skype WiFi on your iPhone or iPad is a Skype account and some Skype Credit.**

It’s easy to get started with Skype WiFi:

• Go to the App Store and download the Skype WiFi app
• Open the Skype WiFi app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
• Sign in with your Skype account details or visit Skype.com to create a new account
• Tap Go Online and you’re online!
• Once you’ve finished, just tap Disconnect

To celebrate the new Skype WiFi app and to give you a chance to try it out, Skype WiFi will be free around the globe from Saturday 20th August 00:00 till Sunday 21st August 23:59 BST for a maximum of 60 minutes***. To enjoy free wireless access, download Skype WiFi on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or make sure you have the latest Skype software on your computer. Find yourself a hotspot and connect!

Skype WiFi is made available through WiFi operators around the world. For a complete list of supported hotspots, visit skype.com/go/skypewifi.

*Prices may vary by Wi-Fi operator.

**To sign up for a Skype account or buy Skype Credit, you’ll need to visit Skype.com on your computer or via the browser on your iOS device.

***Capped at 4 x 15-min sessions per unique Skype ID.

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Today Iomega have introduced the Mac Companion Hard Drive, which includes a high powered charging port for the iPad and other Apple devices.


Iomega Introduces New Mac Companion Hard Drive With First of its Kind High Powered Charging Port For Your iPad and Other Apple Devices


Mac Users Need It, the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive has It:

• Keep your iPad, iPhone and iPod Charged to Go

• Two FireWire 800 Interfaces

• A USB 2.0 Hub

• 2TBs or 3TBs of Storage with Fast 7200 RPM Hard Drive

• Bundled Iomega Protection Suite with Mac-Specific Software

SAN DIEGO, August 2, 2011 — Iomega, an EMC company (NYSE:EMC) and a global leader in data protection, today announced the new Iomega® Mac Companion Hard Drive, a speedy, large capacity desktop hard drive styled to match the latest Mac computers with a first-of-its-kind convenient high-powered port to charge your iPad, iPhone and iPod, as well as selection of computer interfaces for connecting peripherals like a printer or other external storage device.

“With the new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive, Mac users now have a convenient and stylish way to quickly charge their iPads with the bonus of plenty of new storage capacity for their Mac computer,” said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega Corporation. “With more than nine million iPads sold in the last quarter alone, the new Mac Companion Hard Drive is the perfect complement for all those iPad owners. This futuristic drive blends effortlessly with the latest Mac computers and the Apple ecosystem of mobile devices. Together, form and function rarely looks as good or works as well as the new Iomega Mac Companion Drive.”

Who wouldn’t want the ultimate desktop hard drive for Mac computers?

Available in 2TB* and 3TB capacities, the new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive utilizes a fast 7200 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive formatted HFS+ for compatibility with Mac computers right out of the box. Rather than sitting off to the side and being in the way, the space-saving design of the Mac Companion Hard Drive allows it to fit perfectly on the base of your Apple iMac or your Apple monitor.

Of the many features included with the Mac Companion Hard Drive, Mac users may most appreciate the first-of-its-kind high powered USB charging port for their iPad, iPhone or iPod. (Apple portable products sold separately.) The charging port is a high-powered 2.1 Amp hookup that makes it easy and convenient to charge your iPad and other portable Apple devices so they’re ready to go when you are. **

Adding peripheral devices to your Apple iMac computer is no problem with the new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive. The stylish drive includes two FireWire 800 ports, one USB 2.0 port and a two port integrated USB 2.0 hub that lets you connect multiple devices such as a printer or other external storage device. The Mac Companion Hard Drive doesn’t require the user to buy extra cables – the drive comes complete with one FireWire 800, one conversion FireWire 400-800, and one USB 2.0 cable.

The new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive is the only major branded external HFS+ Mac desktop hard drive on the market today that incorporates a high powered Apple device charging port and a two-port USB 2.0 hub.


How much storage space is available on my desktop hard drive?

Users of the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive never have to ask that question because a handy capacity indicator gauge*** lets them know approximately how much space is available to store their data. Four LEDs on the front of the Mac Companion Hard Drive tell you the total capacity of the data volume that is being used to store files:

• 4 LEDs lit white: less than 20% capacity in use

• 3 LEDs white: 20-40% capacity in use

• 2 LEDs white: 40-60% capacity in use

• 1 LED white: 60-80% capacity in use

• 1 LED red: more than 80% capacity in use

Iomega Protection Suite, Mac Edition, included

Owners of the new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive also receive a powerful suite of software solutions bundled with their drive:

• Iomega® QuikProtect for simple scheduled file-level backup

• MozyHome® Online Backup for convenient online backup of up to 2GB free

• A free 12-month subscription of Trend Smart Surfing for Mac allows users to shop, bank and surf online while staying safe from attacks to your identity and confidential information

Availability and Warranty

The new Iomega® Mac Companion Hard Drive is available worldwide in two capacities: the 2TB model is £183.00, and the 3TB model is £275.00. (Pricing is UK suggested retail and includes vat.) The Mac Companion Hard Drive will initially be available exclusively at Apple retail stores and the Apple online store. Later this month, the product will be available from additional retailers, etailers and at www.iomega.com.

Both models of the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive include a three-year warranty with registration.

For more information about Iomega storage products, please go to www.iomega.com.

About EMC

EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Additional information about EMC can be found at www.EMC.com.

About Iomega

Iomega is a worldwide leader of innovative storage solutions for small businesses, distributed enterprises, home offices, and consumers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of EMC, the world’s premier information infrastructure technology provider, Iomega has shipped more than 14 million terabytes of storage since its inception in 1980. Today, Iomega’s portfolio includes industry-leading network attached storage solutions that utilize world class EMC storage and security technologies as well as Iomega’s Personal Cloud technology; one of the industry’s broadest selections of portable and desktop hard drives; multimedia drives that make it easy to view video and Internet content in the living room; and the one-of-a-kind Iomega® SuperHero™ Backup & Charger for iPhone. To learn more go to www.iomega.com. Resellers worldwide can visit www.ioclub.net.

On November 2, 2010 I was able to attend the Windows Phone 7 Executive Briefing Event held at the Microsoft facility in downtown Los Angeles. I arrived at 8:30 and opened the netbook, ready to write down all I could about Windows Phone 7. Read on to find out more about the Windows Phone 7.


I took a vacation day from work and rode the Metro downtown to the Wells Fargo Center. 33rd floor. Very nice. Seriously.

Wells Fargo Center

Arriving at the Microsoft Los Angeles location, I was greeted by crisp signage and smiling faces. I was early so the phones were not out and I would have to wait to get my chance to review the new Windows Phone 7. I sat in a conference room with 50 other people waiting for the festivities to begin.

Microsoft Los Angeles


The Briefing

The Microsoft Mobility Specialist, Toni Abrusia Bollinger, was the first to speak and tell us about Windows Phone 7. She told us to forget everything we knew about Windows Mobile. Toni started talking about hubs. Hubs?

Windows Phone 7 has hubs. According to Toni, these six hubs (and the associated facts) are environments labeled as:

  • People – Contacts are integrated with applications such as Outlook and Facebook
  • Games – Xbox type games
  • Pictures – Camera usage is the second highest rated activity on mobile phones
  • Music – Includes Zune Music, TV and Movies
  • Office – Office Hub beats any other experience and integrates SharePoint.
  • Marketplace – 1,000 Apps ready now, 10,000 supposed to be ready by June 2011

Note: Great conference room. Crappy cell service. Even the T-Mobile reps were only getting 2G service.

Windows Phone 7 Presentation

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Over the last week or so we have shown you the unboxing of the RevoView and some of the screenshots, now it is time for the full hands on review of this HD device.


This little device first made an appearance at the IFA 2010 show a few weeks ago.

Here is what Acer had to say about it:

Acer Aspire RevoView: the best TV companion

2010-09-03 – Berlin

More and more users want to be able to share their ever growing digital libraries with family and friends on their big screen TVs. Sadly, photos, movies videos or music lay scattered on different devices – computers, USB drives, portable music players, smartphones, digital cameras or camcorders – and sending them from one device to enjoy on another one is not always simple.

The new Aspire RevoView is an HD DLNA certified media player that can playback media content from all DLNA certified devices that helps you share and enjoy your digital media. Featuring network capability and Full HD 1080p playback, it makes watching digital content on a high-definition TV easy and intuitive. There is no need of complex devices settings, burning DVDs or connecting a computer to the TV: Aspire RevoView connects directly to your TV via an HDMI port, plus it seamlessly integrates with your surround speaker system for an immersive entertainment experience.

Four easy steps are all you need to enjoy digital content on your TV with the Acer Aspire RevoView:
1. Save your created or downloaded content to an USB storage device or memory card
2. Plug USB device into the Aspire RevoView or insert memory card in the slot
3. Connect the Aspire RevoView to your TV
4. You are ready to enjoy your HD content on TV!

It can get even easier than that. The Aspire RevoView can be equipped with an internal  swappable 3.5” HDD for seamless media exchange. The HDD tray can be shared with the 2010 Aspire M Series desktop PCs, allowing you to easily share and enjoy your downloaded or created content. The RevoView really bridges the gap between the computer and entertainment world.

An Ethernet port provides direct access to the Internet allowing you to watch online videos via YouTube or enjoy your or your friends Flickr or Picasa photo slide-shows in the comfort of your living room.

There’s no end to the fun thanks to the extensive digital media support: the Aspire RevoView makes it easy for everyone to store, play and share their media with no concern for compatibility.

A user friendly interface brings together all available media, permitting to effortlessly navigate through music, video and photo collections. Content can be displayed by folder, list or thumbnails and it can be sorted either alphabetically or by date. Plus, you can playback content from USB connected mass storage and memory cards as well as optical disks.

For seamless operation, the Aspire RevoView comes with an handy 26 keys remote control permitting to easily work media playback functions from afar and to swiftly navigate through the user friendly media center. What’s more, main functions, such as videos, photos and music are quickly accessible through dedicated hotkeys.

Aspire RevoView can also be used as an USB external hard drive where you can store your growing digital libraries and can be used as a back-up drive.
A fully featured media player, Aspire RevoView combines high storage capacity, a compact design and seamless playback functionalities.


On the side of the RevoView are two USB 2.0 ports (one of the wireless USB dongle if you want to use it and one for an external drive, again, if you want to use one). The blue thing is a power light (you can turn it off if you want – more on that later).


The rear of the RevoView contains the power connector, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a mini USB port, optical audio output and component connections.


On the front of the RevoView is a flap that when opened houses the hard drive tray. There is also a multi-card reader that supports SD/MMC/XD/MS/MS Pro memory cards.



If you open the front flap you can see a hard drive tray. You can click the orange tab and remove the drive tray (in the exactly the same way that Acer handle the drives in their Windows Home Servers). The included drive is a 1TB Western Digital Green Drive. More on this later.



Diehard asked to see a size comparison so here is the RevoView next to my Apple iPhone 4. As you can see, its quite small!


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Has Reycom come up with the very first Windows Media Center 7 embedded device?

Last week Microsoft announced that Windows Media Center would be part of Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Reycom announced a device at CEBIT back in March that has a familiar looking interface and its called the REC, or Reycom Entertainment Center.

REC_Reycom Entertainment Center

If you look at some of the screenshots from the device, it certainly looks like Windows Media Center.

REC_catchup TVREC_EPG_Live TV

REC_MoviethekREC_recorded TV

Here is the press release that Reycom published at CEBIT back in March:

Reycom more than TV: HD TV packed with content

March 4, 2010 – CeBIT

Reycom, a supplier of Entertainment Solutions with offices in Switzerland and Germany, presents at CeBIT 2010 a next generation of hybrid set-top boxes based on an Intel® Atom™ Processor. The Reycom Entertainment Center (REC) enables cable network operators and telecommunication companies to leverage market opportunities and to extend the variety of entertainment offerings available to their subscribers. It closes the gap between HD-TV screens and Web content. The Swiss cable network consortium Digital Cable Group (DCG) is currently conducting extensive field tests and plans to introduce the Reycom solution in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

With simultaneous access to broadcast live TV and Internet, and backed by the power of an Intel ® Atom processor, the Reycom Entertainment Center REC provides unprecedented functionality and flexibility. REC users can enjoy both perfect live TV in HD with Time-shift and access to a wide range of films and TV shows via Video on Demand. Movies, music, photos and videos can be stored
and played with the inbuilt Harddisk, Bluray- or DVD player.

Reycom – more than TV

TV consumer gains unprecedented functionality and flexibility

For REC users it is commonplace to enjoy live TV in HD or SD with integrated timeshift functions or to record two simulcasts in parallel while watching a pre-recorded show. Recording of individual programs, movies or of entire series can conveniently and easily be programmed with the electronic program guide covering 14-days. Catchup TV, calling up time-shifted television broadcasts from the archives of ARD, ZDF, SF, N-TV, is a further increase in TV comfort coming along with Reycom’s Entertainment Center REC.

Beside such features enriching “classic” TV consumption with new worlds of experience, REC-users enjoy even more entertainment options right on the TV screen:
Video-on-demand gives access to a wide range of movies from all genres and to TV series. here is no need for an external player to enjoy Bluray Discs and DVDs and videos and music can be burnt on DVDs and CDs.

Presenting slideshows with personal photographs, watching holiday videos or listening to music or even synchronizing .music, photos and movies to mobile phones, MP3 players or portable video players are all part of the rich functionality and flexibility of the REC. And for optimal ease of use, all REC functions can be piloted with one single, compact remote control.

So more information when we get it, but if it is Windows Media Center embedded then hopefully it is just the first of many devices to come – so watch this space.

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