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Turtle Beach is today embarking on a quest to crown the community’s favourite game.  From now until 9th July, gamers are being encouraged to nominate their favourite videogame in a poll which will ask male, female, young and old to come together to crown the most popular title of all time.


Before the poll begins Turtle Beach is asking the community to support their favourite game or series by submitting a campaign video, image or even text nomination explaining why it’s so deserving. Nominations can be submitted via http://yourbeautifulgame.com/ or on the Turtle Beach Facebook page.

Spot prizes will be available throughout the nomination period – with one lucky winner bagging the ultimate gaming prize, consisting of several next-gen consoles complete with a top-of-the-range Turtle Beach headsets with which to enjoy the best possible gaming experience.


“During this summer of sport, everyone’s talking about the ‘beautiful game’, but we wanted to discover the world’s most celebrated videogame,” said David Roberton, VP of International Marketing at Turtle Beach Corporation. “We’re genuinely interested to see people’s passion for their favourite games, characters and franchises and why they consider them to be so enthralling.”


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After a number of years of having our Facebook page as USING WINDOWS HOME SERVER, it’s time for a change.

CDW Facebook

Unfortunately Facebook won’t allow people to change the name of their Facebook Page, so we are having to start again!

So, could we ask everyone to re-like us on Facebook please? It just takes a single click below. Thanks!

We will be running some new contests over the next few weeks as well for those who do, so it will be worth your while.

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Game Insight has announced the next chapter in business games with Transport Empire, an all-new economic strategy game. The new game will be released first for iPad, and then for iPhone. Android and Facebook versions are also planned for future release.


Transport Empire will let players build their very own transportation network inspired by Victorian Era design (and a few steampunk elements as well). Players will dispatch locomotives, steamboats, and airships, construct roads and mines, develops frontier cities, and earn the love and respect of the locals while avoiding the sinister machinations of rival transport barons.

In Transport Empire, players will not only manage the logistics of building and connecting massive transportation networks, but will also meet a cast of charming characters, all of whom have their own compelling stories to tell. As they build their holdings, players will uncover new mysteries, recover lost treasures, and even hunt for a legendary phantom train. The game will also offer intricate and beautiful graphics that will help make the adventure unforgettable

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At CES2014 today, NETGEAR announced that they have teamed up with Facebook to offer a new service aimed at small business called Facebook Wi-Fi.  Read on for details!

Facebook Logo

At CES2014 today, NETGEAR announced that they have teamed up with Facebook to offer a new service aimed at small business called Facebook Wi-Fi.  NETGEAR routers will offer this app, and when configured, it enables the small business to allow customers to access the internet while putting their Facebook page front and center, driving customer involvement with the business’ Facebook page.  Here is the press release:


Merchants use new Facebook Wi-Fi login on premium NETGEAR 802.11ac wireless routers to give free Internet access to customers who check into a business Facebook Page

LAS VEGAS — January 6, 2014 — NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR) (www.netgear.com), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, is teaming with Facebook® to provide Facebook Wi-Fi to small businesses. Facebook Wi-Fi (www.netgear.com/facebookwifi) is an application that enables merchants to provide free Internet access to their customers when they “check in” at the business’ Facebook Page. NETGEAR is making the Facebook Wi-Fi login available on its premium line of next-generation wireless routers supporting dual-band 802.11ac wireless, the world’s fastest WiFi.

Small business owners can turn their NETGEAR 802.11ac router into a wireless hotspot where customers and other visitors are automatically requested to check into the business’ Facebook Page before surfing the web. From here they have the option to “like” the Facebook Page, and engage with content the business has posted. This capability enables merchants to build closer relationships with customers by sharing offers and announcements directly from their Facebook page. Businesses also benefit from aggregate Facebook Page Insights about their customer base.

“Cafes, book stores, barber shops and other small businesses have been providing WiFi to their clientele for several years,” said David Henry, vice president of product management for NETGEAR Retail Business. “We’re adding the Facebook Wi-Fi login to our newest line of premium dual-band 802.11ac routers to encourage merchants to take better advantage of this benefit they’re already offering. They develop a stronger bond with customers and extend brand visibility with each check-in that appears in Facebook News Feed.”

It’s easy for a business to configure the NETGEAR 802.11ac router for Facebook Wi-Fi. Upon first connecting to the router’s wireless signal, customers, guests and visitors will land directly on the company’s Facebook Page, where they will be asked to check in and have the option to like the Page before they begin using the Internet. No special codes are needed, and the customer has the option to automatically check in for free WiFi on return visits. This means businesses can continue to reach their customers with future posts, announcements, coupons and other news. Businesses can also share special promotions on their Facebook Page so the offers are the first things customers see when they check in.

“We’re very happy with our NETGEAR router as it was amazingly easy to set up, and since it offers 802.11ac wireless, it’s powerful enough to support our customers’ demands for Gigabit WiFi speeds for faster downloads,” said Jean Paul Coupal, co-founder at Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto (www.coupacafe.com). “Having the Facebook Wi-Fi login capability is really the icing on the cake. Since we began using Facebook Wi-Fi, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of check-ins to our Facebook Page, and are seeing much more online engagement with our customers.”

If customers wish to skip Facebook Wi-Fi check-in, the business owner still has the option to “gate” the Internet connection with a business-provided code, or even to offer free WiFi without a passcode.


NETGEAR will roll out Facebook Wi-Fi capability on four of its next-generation dual-band 802.11ac wireless routers over the coming months. NETGEAR routers are sold through major retailers and online. Below is the expected availability schedule for small businesses to download the free firmware update from the NETGEAR support site at http://support.netgear.com.

  • The new, blazing-fast Nighthawk™ AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (R7000) supports approximate combined Gigabit WiFi speeds up to 1900 Mbps* (600 Mbps @2.4GHz with 256 QAM support + 1300 Mbps @5Ghz 802.11ac); MSRP $199.99; firmware with Facebook Wi-Fi available in Q1.
  • The R6300 Smart WiFi Router supports approximate combined Gigabit WiFi speeds up to 1750 Mbps* (450 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz 802.11n + 1300 Mbps @ 5 Ghz 802.11ac); MSRP $179.99; firmware with Facebook Wi-Fi available now for the R6300v2.
  • The R6250 Smart WiFi Router supports approximate combined Gigabit WiFi speeds up to 1600 Mbps* Mbps (300 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz 802.11n + 1300 Mbps @ 5 Ghz 802.11ac); MSRP $149.99; firmware with Facebook Wi-Fi available in Q1.
  • The R6200 WiFi Router supports approximate combined WiFi speeds up to 1200 Mbps* (300 Mbps @ 2.4 GHz 802.11n + 867 Mbps @ 5 GHz 802.11ac); MSRP $149.99; firmware with Facebook Wi-Fi available in Q1 for the R6200v2.

The new 802.11ac wireless standard is the world’s fastest WiFi, providing Gigabit WiFi speeds so you can download web content faster and synchronize large video or music files more quickly. The increased speed of 802.11ac technology is ideal for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets by providing up to three times the performance for a similar amount of battery consumption of devices using the current 802.11n WiFi standard. Dual-band mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S®4, HTC One®, and Apple® devices such as MacBook Air®, iPad®, and iPhone® deliver outstanding performance with NETGEAR 802.11ac routers. Moreover, the industry-leading NETGEAR family of next-generation dual-band 802.11ac wireless products is compatible with legacy 802.11a/b/g/n standards to provide optimum performance and compatibility with all WiFi devices.

More Information

For more information on Facebook Wi-Fi, visit www.netgear.com/facebookwifi or Facebook at www.facebook.com/help/126760650808045. Learn more about NETGEAR 802.11ac routers and other 802.11ac products at www.netgear.com/fastestwifi.

NETGEAR is demonstrating its dual-band 802.11ac wireless routers this week at the 2014 International CES® trade show in Las Vegas, where the company is introducing new products to press, customers and channel partners. See all CES-related news from NETGEAR at www.netgear.com/ces.

This is an interesting way for NETGEAR to stand out for small businesses, as other routers won’t have this capability.  I plan to test this app once it becomes available as I have a R7000 Nighthawk router in for testing (expect a full review shortly after CES), so I’ll give it a spin and see what I think!

Today Candy Crush Saga celebrates one year to the day since its global hit game, launched on mobile devices and became one of the most successful games of all time.  To mark this anniversary, King has shared a number of incredible key milestones since the game launched and the very first details for a host of new upcoming additions.

Installed over half a billion times across Facebook and mobile devices, the deliciously colourful game which challenges players to match sweets in a combination of three or more, has become a phenomenon the world over  and remains one of the most played titles across the globe.
To celebrate the anniversary, the communities’ huge achievements and to say a big thank you to all the Candy Crush fans worldwide, King will be launching a range of new updates and in-game anniversary treats over the coming weeks.

“The past year has been one of the most exciting times for King since Candy Crush Saga launched on mobile,” says Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King. “The incredible milestone of more than half a billion downloads of the game, as well as the continued enthusiasm from our community, really delights the entire King team. Fans can look forward to even more exciting new Candy Crush Saga content over the coming months, including an exciting new twist to the game.”
To mark the festivities, King has also now shared some insights into the playing trends and habits of their Candy Crush Saga fans worldwide:

  • Over 150 billion individual games have been played to date
  • 61 per cent of UK Candy Crush Saga fans say that they play whilst on their daily commute on public transport, while 78 per cent of US fans revealed that they enjoy switching-and-matching most whilst watching the TV.
  • One in every 23 Facebook users worldwide is now a fan of Candy Crush Saga
  • The most popular time that fans play Candy Crush Saga is between the hours of 6-9pm in the evening, and Sundays are the favourite day to play.
  • Level 65 is the most notorious for being the level that people got most stuck on but also generates the most excitement and celebrations once completed.

Fans of the game can join the anniversary celebrations on the Candy Crush Saga Facebook and Twitter pages: #candycrush1year
Players can also download Candy Crush Saga now for free from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Appstore or play it on Facebook.

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Game Insight has announced the release of new versions of the popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Dragon Eternity on iOS, Android, Facebook, joining the already 5 million players worldwide currently playing on iPad and web browser.


Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed, cross-platform, MMO game that offers tremendous depth in the enormous virtual world of Adan. The game’s cross-platform functionality previously let iPad and web browser players play and explore simultaneously, and retain their progress regardless of platform. Now, players can use a single login and password to continue playing the game on any of its available platforms: web browser, iPad, Android, iPhone, or Facebook, and keep their progress and in-game characters across whichever platform they choose.

Dragon Eternity’s fantastic world of Adan awaits new and returning players. In the game, players can join either the Vaalor or Sadar factions and walk both the path of the warrior, as well as the path of peaceful artisan to craft mighty weapons and armour, brew magic potions, and more. The game offers a challenging journey for brave adventurers who are ready do battle by land or by sea with ferocious monsters that wield disruptive magic and charge into the fray with mighty dragons at their side. The game also offers a broad variety of head-to-head, player-versus-player (PvP) modes, many collections of rare items and rewards to unlock, numerous ways for players to develop their characters, and advanced social features, such as an elaborate clan system to help like-minded adventurers find comrades-in-arms.


Dragon Eternity is available now for Android, iPhone, and Facebook, as well as for iPad and web browser. Install the game now on your platform of choice and begin the epic journey!

Download Dragon Eternity for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameinsight.dragoneternityandroid

Download Dragon Eternity for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/dragon-eternity-online-hd/id597373458

Play Dragon Eternity on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/dragons_eternity/

Play Dragon Eternity via web browser: http://www.dragoneternity.com


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Bohemia Interactive has announced the release date for its upcoming tactical military shooter, Arma 3. Available in digital and physical retail stores worldwide, Arma 3 will launch on Thursday September 12, 2013.

Benefiting from the splendid support of Alpha and Beta participants, Arma 3 ships with the large open terrains of ‘Altis’ (270 km²) and ‘Stratis’ (20 km²), 12 singleplayer showcases, 3 faction showcases, 9 multiplayer scenarios, 10 firing drill challenges, more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, 5 factions, the scenario editor and modding support. The Arma 3 singleplayer campaign will be released across 3 free DLC episodes after launch.

To launch the countdown, the Arma 3 devteam is hosting an official Twitch.tv livestream on Saturday August 10 at 17.00 UTC. Live from Bohemia Interactive HQ in Prague, everyone is invited for a sneak peek at Arma 3’s release package. The livestream is expected to last about one hour, and those who do not want to miss out can already enlist for the event via Arma 3’s Facebook page.

Arma 3_logo_black

Last but not least, Bohemia Interactive has opened the Countdown To Launch web page. Here players can find a complete overview of the content available in Arma 3 – alongside descriptions and screenshots.

To participate in the final stages of pre-release development, people can purchase the regular Arma 3 Beta (34.99 EUR/29.99 GBP/44.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) from Steam or Store.bistudio.com. Both editions include the full retail game and prices will increase upon launch.

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Facebook for iOS has been updated to version 6.2.


What’s New in Version 6.2

• Add icons to status updates to show what you’re feeling, reading, watching and more (English only)
• Easily change who can see something you’ve shared
• Start a new conversation with photos you receive in messages
• Bug fixes

[button link=”http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8″ style=”download”]Download Facebook for iOS from the Apple App Store[/button]

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Today Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the game that’s already taken Japan by storm, selling more than 4 million copies in just over 6 months, launches in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.  At the same time, the new Nintendo 3DS Image Share service becomes available in Europe, allowing players to easily share images from their game to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Nintendo 3DS

In Japan, where the game has been available since November 2012, it’s become a phenomenon on social media as well, with more than 193,000 fans eagerly following tweets from one of the game’s key characters: the town hall secretary Isabelle, who is always at hand to assist players in their new role as mayor. Japanese players have also been flexing their creative muscles with the myriad of customisation features possible in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and many images of their homes, custom clothing designs and unique town planning can be found on social networks.


The captivating life simulation now on Nintendo’s latest handheld console gives players the freedom to do anything they please as the mayor of an idyllic town inhibited by a wide variety of animals. Build your dream home, design clothes or curate the local museum with collections ranging from fish, bugs, dinosaur fossils and classic art to anything you’d like to put on display! Animal Crossing: New Leaf takes place in real-time so you can experience different things as time passes; while you live the life you always dreamed of, friendships develop and seasons change.


As new events unfold every day, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is perfectly suited to being downloaded directly from the Nintendo eShop, so the game is always on your console wherever you go. In Japan, where around a quarter of all sales have been of the digital download variety, fans have embraced the convenience of always having their town at the ready on their Nintendo 3DS. Whether playing alone or visiting each other’s towns in local or online multiplayer, Animal Crossing: New Leaf makes it a breeze to connect with other players and share the experience.


Players can also take snapshots of their favourite moments by simply pressing the L Button and R Button together at nearly any point in the game: a funny quote from a favourite animal, your proudest interior decoration, a beautiful moonlit night or your proudest accomplishment as mayor, it’s easy to fill up an album full of Animal Crossing memories.

Thanks to the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service, players now have a seamless way to share such memories on their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr profiles too. Visiting this website on the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser allows you to upload snaps and add comments directly to your social network accounts without having to close your game*!

A Special Edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS XL console with the game pre-installed is also launching today

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Plants vs Zombies Adventures has launched on Facebook, PopCap has announced. Described as a “highly accessible, zombie-zapping adaptation of the original game”, Plants vs Zombies Adventures can be accessed by Facebook users worldwide.


The game, which has been in closed beta for the past two months, shifts the action away from the backyard and into countless new locations.

In addition to new zombie and plant types, players can send hordes of zombies to Facebook friends and compete for high scores in brand new leaderboards.

It also introduces multi-directional play, as well as new power-ups, including the Zombie Zapper, Gardening Glove and Dynamite.

“We’re thrilled to bring new ‘Adventures’ to Plants vs Zombies fans around the world,  challenging them to use new strategies to defeat zombies as they come from all directions in a range of cool new settings,” explained PopCap’s Curt Bererton

“We know gamers have been clamouring for new ways to play and compare their PvZ prowess with friends – and now they can do that for the first time!”

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Facebook for iOS has been updated to version 6.1.1.


What’s New in Version 6.1.1

• Photo viewer button lets you save, share or make profile picture
• Improved places editing when checking in on iPhone
• Events load faster on iPhone

[button link=”http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8″ style=”download”]Download Facebook for iOS from the Apple App Store[/button]

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Facebook for iOS has been updated to version 6.0.2.


What’s New in Version 6.0.2

• Fixes for News Feed loading problems some people were experiencing

[button link=”http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8″ style=”download”]Download Facebook for iOS from the Apple App Store[/button]

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Facebook for iOS has been updated to version 6.0.


What’s New in Version 6.0

Brand new ways to chat and a cleaner look for News Feed.

New for iPhone
• Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads (available to everyone soon)
• Send stickers to liven up your messages (available to everyone soon)
• Explore new feeds like Music, Photos and Games

New for iPad
• Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads (available to everyone soon)
• Browse brighter, more beautiful stories

[button link=”http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8″ style=”download”]Download Facebook for iOS from the Apple App Store[/button]

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EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, has partnered with HTC and Facebook to be the exclusive UK launch partner for the HTC First, the first superfast 4GEE smartphone to feature the new integrated Facebook experience, Home.


The HTC First, featuring Home by Facebook, allows customers to receive friends’ updates directly on to their home screen. Customers will also be able to share photos, interact with friends and chat instantaneously, all through the most immersive mobile Facebook experience, which will be enhanced by EE’s superfast 4G network.

The HTC First will be available exclusively in the UK on EE 4GEE plans, providing customers with download speeds approximately five times faster than 3G – so they enjoy an optimised Facebook experience. Customers will be able to take out the handset with a 4GEE phone plan this summer, via the EE online shop, EE telesales and EE retail stores.

Home is designed around a customer’s friends and when combined with 4GEE it puts them at the centre of their phone:

· Cover Feed: A constant stream of photos and updates from friends that are always available at a glance. Swipe through to see more and interact with friends by liking, commenting, and sharing right from the Cover Feed

· Notifications: Thanks to Home’s deep integration with Android, notifications from apps appear alongside updates from friends right on the home screen

· Chat Heads: Keep chatting with Facebook contacts even when using other apps. Reply right from chat heads, or move them around if you’re not ready to respond, and send SMS and Facebook messages from the same place

· App Launcher: Set favourite apps and access them directly through Home

In addition to superfast speeds and EE services, HTC First customers with a 4GEE phone plan will also benefit from:

· EE Film – the only service in the UK which combines 2 for 1 cinema ticketing, listings, trailers and digital film downloads in one place

· A discount of £5 per month on EE superfast Fibre Broadband – so they can get blistering speeds at home and on the move

· Fast track customer service by dialing ‘33’ from their handset

· Clone Phone Lite – giving people free storage to back up the content that matters most

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