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With all the news about the HP TouchPad fire sale both here in the UK and in the US over the last few days, I have to ask the question – did anywhere actually have any?


I know that Jim tried to get them from various sources in the US, and mainly failed.

I even managed to get an order placed first thing yesterday morning with Barnes & Noble in the US for one, only to get the following email 24 hours later:


Here in the UK, the online sale started at 6pm last night, but could you get one? No you couldn’t!!!

At 6pm Dixons claimed to have both the 16GB and the 32GB ones in stock – I even managed to get a 16GB added to my basket, but as soon as I tried to check out my basket was emptied and then it was sold out!

This seemed to be the story everyone else got as well.

Other places like PC World, Currys and other claimed to have them available for in store collection, except that no store actually had them!

At 9am this morning you were supposed to be able to buy them in store, so at 9am I was at a very large Curry’s Digital in Central London and asked them if they had any.

The response was a bit of a surprise – I was told that “….since 1pm yesterday they have been like gold dust” (which was a surprise because the new prices only started from 6pm) and then the funniest comment I got was “they were priced that low for a reason………”.

That seemed to be the general consensus wherever I tried. So, either most places didn’t have much stock and quickly sold out, huge crowds magically arrived at 9am this morning and got them all (which is unlikely given the comments from 4 different places saying they all sold out yesterday) or staff working for these places all got them yesterday before the pricing was official.

Ebay today shows rather a lot of £160 TouchPads – so you be the judge!

DId you try and get one? What happened?

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