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Today Lite-On launched a new 24x Internal DVD writer. One of the features that caught my eye was SMART Erase which overwrites existing data with random and meaningless characters so the disc can no longer be read by any drive.


Lite-On have today announced the speedy 24X iHAS624 DVD writer with LabelTag and LightScribe.

The 24X internal SATA interface DVD writer is fast and packed full of features to deliver users a highly accurate disc recording solution. Smart Erase adds reassurance by providing a fully secure way to dispose of unwanted discs, whilst LabelTag and Lightscribe allow users to create professional and easy-to-use labels for discs without fuss.

The iHAS624 is flexible, reliable and perfect for anyone looking to back up personal files, photos or

DVD videos without a compromise on quality.

Key Features:

* 24X SATA DVD Writer

* LabelTag & LightScribe disc labelling

* Smart Erase for secure data erasing

* SmartWrite, Smart-X and Smart Burn

Advanced labelling technology for hassle-free disc archiving:

The patented LabelTag technology allows users to etch a label with text and a small picture onto the data side of any standard DVD+/-R single layer or CD-R discs. The images are created at the same time as writing the disc data and at the normal writing speed.

LightScribe uses special media to allow users to design labels and print onto the top side of the disc – simply burn the data, flip the disc and add a professional finishing touch to the disc.

Both LabelTag and Lightscribe provide a quick and cost effective solution to disc labelling without any need for fussy markers or additional hardware/software – making it easier than ever to back-up and share data in a colourful and consistent style.

A range of SMART technology features to offer users the greatest versatility in disc burning:

SMART Erase is a patented function for DVD+/-R(DL) and CD-R discs, which overwrites existing data with random and meaningless characters so the disc can no longer be read by any drive. This process provides assurance to users that any confidential data is no longer able to be accessed by anyone and is guarantees a more thorough approach to simply breaking the disc or ‘shredding’ data.

SMART Burn technology compares the disc to be burned with an updated detailed list from Lite-On and automatically adjusts the writing strategy to provide the best burn quality. This advanced system reduces disc errors and wasted discs.

SmartWrite is designed to optimize the writing strategy for each burning session. Using a smart writing algorithm and self-learning techniques, it will detect and select the best method of writing data for each type of media used, and then remember that decision for future sessions.

SMART-X automatically adjusts the extraction rate for optimum read performance, reducing overall operating noise and vibration.

Pricing & Availability:

The iHAS624 will be approximately £29 SRP and is  available this month from a selection of retailers.

You can learn more from the Lite-On website.

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If you need a small and light external DVD-ROM drive you may want to take a look at the eTDU108 from Lite-On.

If you have a netbook then you probably don’t have any media drive with it (unless you have already purchased one). Lite-On have released a very small and lightweight DVD-Rom drive that connects via USB to your netbook, or any other computer, such as your Windows Home Server if you need to read disks.


IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436

DVD Family


DVD+R : 8X maximum by CAV

DVD-R : 8X maximum by CAV

DVD+R9 : 6X maximum by CAV

DVD-R9 : 6X maximum by CAV

DVD+RW : 6X maximum by CAV

DVD-RW : 6X maximum by CAV

Access time
1/3 Stroke: 170ms
Full Stroke: 300ms

Random Access 160ms

CD Family


CD-ROM : 24X maximum by CAV

CD-R : 24X maximum by CAV

CD-RW : 24x maximum by CAV

Access time
1/3 stroke: 150ms

Full stroke: 300ms

Random Access: 150ms

Data Buffer / Burst Data Transfer Rate

200KB (Max) /

USB 1.1 123Mb/s

USB 2.0 480Mb/s

S / N Ration : > 60dB

MTBF (Life) : 60,000 POH


Operating : 5°C to 35°C; Relative Humidity: 10% to 80%

Non-Operating : -40°C to 65°C; Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%

Dimension : 141.8(W) x


The only thing in the box is the drive itself – the USB cable is actually fitted underneath the drive (which you can see in the picture near the start of the review).

IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2437


The eTDU108 is very light, so carrying it around in bag won’t be a problem, and it is small. A really nice addition is the USB cable fitted under the drive, all you have to do is pull it off and connect it up. This ensures that you don’t leave home without a cable (unless you didn’t put it back after the last time you used it).

I had no problems using it on several different machines and with several different types of media.

My only two negative comments on the eTDU108 is the noise it can generate when media is spinning and the speed. 8x is the fastest it will do, and that seems almost like the dark ages these days!

Price wise it is quite cheap – under £30 in the UK now and under $50 in the US, although you can probably find it cheaper by looking around.

The eTDU108 is available in both white and black.

Is this right for you? Only you can decide, but given that external writers are not that much more expensive, and are faster, you may want to look at one of those if you want that extra capability.

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So you may ask yourself why you need an external DVD writer? Well, there could be plenty of reasons. You may have a netbook or other laptop that doesn’t have a DVD drive, or you may have a Windows Home Server that doesn’t have a drive. Whatever the reason, having a small external DVD writer available to use can be a great help.

Yes, there are ways around needing an external drive – such as using USB sticks to install software or copy files, but at the end of the day, having a good old fashioned DVD writer is simple, easy and relatively cheap!

A lot of the external DVD writers out there are quite big, in fact, in some cases are the size of a brick, and then they have their own separate power supplies. If you have a netbook for example, the last thing you want is an external drive that is as big, and even heavier than your actual computer!

This is where the Lite-On 8x External Slim DVD Writer comes into play. It really is tiny, weighs next to nothing and is powered directly from the computer, so no extra power supply to lug around.


Interface: High Speed USB 2.0

Data Transfer Rate :


DVD+R : 8X maximum

DVD-R : 8X maximum

DVD+R DL : 6X maximum

DVD-R DL : 6X maximum

DVD-RAM : 5X maximum

CD-R : 24X maximum


DVD+RW : 8X maximum

DVD-RW : 6X maximum

CD-R : 24X maximum

8X maximum

Access time

Weight : <350g

Buffer Size : 2MB

Colours: White, Black, Red, Blue

Liteon Box - FrontLiteon Box - Back Liteon Box - Side


The box contains only four things – the DVD writer, a USB cable and software disk and quick guide.

Liteon Box Contents

The quick guide is literally a couple of short lines in connecting the drive and installing the software, but that is really all that you need.

The bundled software is Nero 8 Essentials, so you have everything you need to write DVDs. Considering this is a new device it would have been better to have shipped it with Nero 9, just because that is the latest version. And of course, you don’t have to use Nero 8, you could use whatever you wanted, including the built in writing capabilities of Windows.


The drive itself is very small, and in fact is only a little bigger than a DVD.

The front has a single button to open the drive and the back has a single mini USB connection and a small LED light to show you if the drive is on and usable (blue means ok, flashing red means that there is not enough power to use the drive properly).

Liteon - FrontLiteon - Back

Connecting the drive to your computer is simple, just plug one end of the USB cable into your computer and the mini USB end into the drive. If the LED flashes red then you can plug in the additional USB connector into your computer to give additional power.


This is a nice drive, and is very simple to use. Because it is connected via USB it is never going to be as fast as an internal drive, but the chances are that you are considering buying something like this because you cant have an internal drive. It is very quiet, which means if you are going to use to watch movies, for example, it helps!

My only real comment on this drive is the USB cable. It is very short which meant that when I tested it on a desktop PC I literally had it hanging off the front, which is not a good move!

This drive currently retails for around £50, and I can honestly say that if you need an external drive, for any reason, this one is well worth considering.

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