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At CES Samsung had a huge booth area, and one of things they were showing off was their new NaviBot-S robot vacuum cleaner.

UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 1

Samsung were showing two of the three new models – the SR8950 and the SR8980. The major difference between the SR8950 and the SR8980 is that the SR8980’s docking station can empty the dust bin of the robot whenever it returns to the docking station.

The cool thing about these robots is that they use a mapping function to map out the floor area (as you will hear on the video) instead of just wandering around the floor aimlessly.

Here is a short video of the NaviBot-S in action:

UWHS–Samsung NaviBot-S at CES


And here are some more pictures:

UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 3UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 4UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 5UWHS - Samsung Navibot at CES - 2

It was very cool, however I am not sure how useful it would be in a large home, although it does have quite a long battery life, but it might take a while to clean the house for you!

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