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Would you like to win an Xbox One (of course you do), well IEEE are giving you the chance to do just that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.14.30

The contest is running now and will continue to run until the 26th July, so what do you have to do then?

When you visit the site, you can interact with a video game timeline and play along by checking out the various content in a fun way.

The winners will be announced starting the week of the 27th July.

So what are you waiting for? Go enter now by clicking on this link.

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Now that the weather has turned warm, thoughts are turning to picnics in the park and drinks in the sun. If you’re short on pieces for your picnic, stop by the HBO Shop (www.hboshopeu.com) for a few Game of Thrones themed items.

For those without a picnic rug, the fleecy blankets double up well – the Stark black blanket is £28.99 and there is a Targaryen blanket also available for £28.99.

clip_image001 clip_image002

Carry small essentials in a little lunchbox – a Game of Thrones lunchbox for £9.99 and a Game of Thrones Daenerys lunchbox for £9.99.


If you need further drinking vessels – choose from options such as a Targaryen pint glass for £10.99 and the Khal mug for £11.99.


All these items and more are available from www.hboshopeu.com – hurry up though because Winter is coming!

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HEXBUG toys have long since been a hit with the kids, and now they are set to entertain our feline friends with the new HEXBUG Cat Toy range.

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 1

HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 12

Introducing the playfully energetic HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy! When turned on, this robot’s realistic behaviour will fool many cats and even some humans into thinking it’s a real bug. The adventurous critter scampers and scurries around using vibration technology, as its soft and colourful furry-tail drags behind – calling the attention of nearby cats.

Possessing an uncanny sense of balance, the HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy can navigate around objects, find its way out of corners and flip over from its back to its feet in an attempt to escape its captor!

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 3

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 14

The HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy retails for £4.99.

HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 13

Get your paws on the HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy. This furry feline friend is equipped with cute, playful pink ears and whiskers. When turned on, its soft rubber tail wiggles back and  forth as it scampers and scurries along, calling the attention of nearby cats.

Powered by interactive smart toy technology, this industrious critter exhibits realistic random movement, starting, stopping and pausing just like a real mouse! It can navigate around objects, find its way out of corners and flip over from its back to its feet in an attempt to escape its captor.

This pet-activated robotic toy plays an engaging game of cat-and-mouse, lying dormant and waking up with the swat of a paw. There are two different modes of operation – “paw mode” designed for the more docile cat, and “chase mode” designed for more active cats or kittens.

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 5

CDW - HEXBUG Robotic Cat toys - 16

The HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy retails for £9.99.

HEXBUG nano Robotic Cat Toy and HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy are available now from Red5 and www.hexbug.com and are sure to be a hit with your little feline friend.

Today Activision announced Skylanders SuperChargers and we got to see some gameplay and toys.


At the helm of powerful, tricked-out land, sea and sky vehicles, Portal Masters can engage in a high octane action-adventure videogame like never before. Kids can speed across Skylands’ roads in vehicular combat, race down roaring rapids and engage in aerial dogfights as they barrel roll through enemy swarms for the first time. Developed by Vicarious Visions, Skylanders SuperChargers offers a rich, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with vehicle-based and on-foot adventures, combat, puzzles, mini games, activities and platforming, set within a variety of all-new compelling environments.

New Characters and Vehicles

Spitfire Gameplay

Super Shot Stealth Elf Gameplay

Stormblade Gameplay

Dive Bomber Gameplay

Hot Streak Gameplay

Sky Slicer Gameplay

Skylanders SuperChargers will launch on September 25th, 2015 in UK & Europe.

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To celebrate the release of action thriller San Andreas, out in cinemas now, we have two pairs of tickets to see San Andreas in IMAX 3D at your nearest IMAX cinema.


After the infamous San Andreas Fault gives, triggering a magnitude 9-plus earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife make their way together from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter. But their treacherous journey north is only the beginning. And when they think the worst may be over… it’s just getting started.

San Andreas reunites Dwayne Johnson with director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn, following their collaboration on the global hit Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The film also stars Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Ioan Gruffudd, Archie Panjabi, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Art Parkinson and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti.

How to Win

We have two pairs of tickets to see San Andreas in IMAX 3D at your nearest IMAX cinema. If you want to win to win a pair, just leave a comment or send us a message via the Contact Us page.

Usual contest rules apply, and the winners will be selected at random. This contest is open to the UK only – sorry!

This is a short contest and it closes at 3.00pm on Wednesday 3rd June 2015, so enter now.

Tickets need to be used by 10th June.

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With the current season of Game of Thrones on TV, you might want to raise a glass with some great new glassware from HBO.

Game of Thrones Lannister Distressed  Pint, £10.99

The Game of Thrones House Lannister Pint Glass features a beautiful screen print of the house sigil.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Distressed  Pint, £10.99

Game of Thrones Distressed House Targaryen Pint Glass is screen printed with the House sigil of a three-headed dragon. This time the design is roughed up a bit to give it an aged look. The illustration, as always is outstanding giving the Game of Thrones Distressed House Targaryen Pint Glass an unexpected quality. The opposite side of the glass bears the official Game of Thrones logo. Choose your favourite House glass or get the set for outstanding new bar ware.

These are all perfect for the Game of Thrones drinking games whilst viewing the show.

They are £10.99 each and available from www.hboshopeu.com

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With Father’s Day coming up on 21 June, why not treat your dad to some of HBO Home Entertainment’s ground-breaking television series. Boardwalk Empire will be available as a complete series box set, along with The Wire: Complete Series on Blu-ray for the first time ever. You can also get your hands on the recent critically acclaimed masterpieces Game of Thrones: Season 4 and True Detective, as well as other timeless classics such as Entourage: The Complete Series, The Sopranos: Complete Series, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.


With so many great on-screen ‘father’ characters in recent TV, why not take the test to see which TV dad is most like yours!


What would people think of your father as a first impression?

A: Loud

B: Shy

C: Embarrassing

D: Down with the kids

E: Stern-faced

F: Witty


If your dad was rolling in the cash, what car would he drive?

A: 1999 Chevrolet Suburban LT 4×4

B: RV Campervan

C: Would catch the bus

D: Bugatti

E: Horseback

F: Family people carrier


If your dad lived a double life, what would his secret life be?

A: A Mafia boss

B: Drug dealer

C: A secret beer brewer

D: Celebrity agent

E: A ruler of a kingdom

F: A Superhero


If your dad had a secret stash of something in the house, what would it be?

A: A dismembered body in the cellar freezer

B: Cash under the floorboards

C: Case of beer in the garden shed

D: His assistant locked in a cupboard

E: A chest of ancient treasure in the loft

F: Tickets for the whole family to Disneyland


Which of these sentences describe your dad the best?

A: A real loving family man, but if you double cross him…it could be game over!

B: Quiet and gentle at home, but not one to mess with outside

C: Heart of gold but very embarrassing. Oblivious to the fact he always says the ‘wrong’ thing

D: Real successful business man who leaves his work at work and switches it off for family time

E: A great ruler of the home, wise and always full of good advice

F: Wouldn’t hurt a fly, devotes all his time to his family


What would be your dad’s first choice of holiday?

A: The mountains of Napoli for some fine wine and pasta

B: A road trip through Mexico, taking in many of the glorious stop off points

C: A camping holiday to a family resort park

D: A trip to Vegas for a weekend of high-rolling and silliness

E: A quaint castle hidden in the countryside

F: Staying in a log cabin and soaking up the breath-taking views of a national park


What s your dad’s food and tipple?

A: Spaghetti,meatballs and red wine

B: Scotch and a cigarette

C: Fried chicken and lots of lager

D: Champagne and Sushi

E: Hog roast and ale

F: Burger and a beer


Where would your dad most like to live?

A: In a mansion surrounded by electric fences

B: In a bungalow in the suburbs

C: In a normal house on a residential street

D: In a big luxurious house in Hollywood

E: In a castle

F: City apartment


What did you score?

(See below to see which letter you got mostly and which TV dad is more like yours)

A) Tony Soprano


B) Walter White


C) Peter Griffin

D) Ari Gold


E) Ned Stark


F) Michael Bluth


We have four brand new gameplay videos of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven, next-generation open world role-playing game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe full of meaningful choices and impactful consequences. In The Witcher 3 you play as the professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, tasked with finding a child of prophecy in a vast open world rich with merchant cities, Viking pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns to explore.

Here we have four brand new videos – enjoy, and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. All of the videos were captured from the PS4 version of the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available 19th May 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

What do you think of The Witcher 3? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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If you are a fan of DC Comics, you might be interested in hearing that both Arrow Season 3 and The Flash Season 1 are coming on Digital Download.


Arrow Season 3

After being gone for five years, during which he suffered unimaginable ordeals, billionaire Oliver Queen returned home to Starling City with a mysterious agenda and a set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime in this hard-hitting action series. Reinventing the DC Entertainment character for a modern-day audience, the Arrow is not a super hero … but a hero — every bit as formidable as the criminals he’s hunting. Determined to right his city’s wrongs and sworn to bring justice to those who have corrupted it, Oliver (aka The Arrow) — with the help of his iron-fisted right hand, John Diggle, the tech-savvy Felicity Smoak and the newest member of the team, Roy Harper — narrowly defeats the vengeful Slade Wilson, his onetime ally and mentor on the island of Lian Yu. But like all wars, there are casualties. Sacrificing herself for her children, Moira Queen falls at the hand of Deathstroke, sending Oliver’s sister, Thea, into self-imposed exile with her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn. Now, to honor his fallen friends and family and protect the people he loves, Oliver must rededicate himself to his cause — to become a beacon of hope for those most in need, and a weapon of justice against those who prey upon them. He is The Arrow.

Arrow: Season Three is available on Digital Download now

The Flash Season 1

From the Arrow creative team of executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter, THE FLASH is a fast-paced super hero drama that follows the high-speed adventures of the Fastest Man Alive. Written by Berlanti, Kreisberg and DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, the action drama follows Central City Police scientist Barry Allen, an everyday guy with the heart of a hero and the genuine desire to help others. Standing still emotionally since the day his mother was murdered (and his father unjustly jailed for the crime), Barry was taken in as a child by the investigating Detective West and raised in a cop’s home alongside West’s supersmart daughter (and Barry’s dream girl) Iris. But when an unexpected and devastating accident at the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator facility strikes Barry, he finds himself suddenly charged with the incredible power to move at super speeds. While Barry has always been a hero in his soul, his newfound powers have finally given him the ability to act like one. With the help of the research team at S.T.A.R. Labs — including billionaire visionary Harrison Wells, biogenetics expert Caitlin Snow and the eternally upbeat Cisco Ramon — Barry begins testing the limits of his evolving powers and using them to stop crime, ensuring that no one suffers a similar tragedy to his own family history. Working with his adopted father Detective West; West’s conceited partner Detective Eddie Thawne and Iris West, who’s earning her degree in Criminal Psychology, Barry uses his superhuman abilities to help the people of Central City and stop the rogues’ gallery of villains — many of whom have also been altered by the particle accelerator explosion. Concealing his identity behind his incredible velocity, Barry can not only accomplish feats faster than human comprehension, but also taps into an energy that allows him to access moments out of time — both past and future. With a winning personality and a smile on his face, Barry Allen — aka The Flash — is finally moving forward in life … very, very fast!

The Flash: Season One is available on Digital Download on 27th May.

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Gameforge and developer Robot Entertainment have expanded the full-action PvP title ready for the second phase of the closed beta, which includes numerous new features and also responses to beta tester feedback. Alongside changes to the combat system and general gameplay, players can look forward to a more polished visual experience and also an additional map. And you can get in on the action.


The latest version of Orcs Must Die! Unchained is here with lots of changes: the new Trait Builder lets you personalise and strengthen individual heroes, enabling you to adapt them to your style of play. On top of this, heroes are also now set as either attackers or defenders, allowing for a clearer tasking within the team. A ‘traditional’ defender character will still be able to wreck havoc on the front lines and attacking heroes will be able to contribute in defence. Heroes now gain experience during battles, which allows them to rise to a maximum level of 8 within a match, opening up a variety of additional enhancements, buffs and skills to choose from.

The base game tempo has been reduced ever so slightly, allowing players tos et up their battles in a more tactical manner. The revamped environments bring more than just an improved version of Cliffside Clash: a lot of the improved hero skills are now accompanied by a short animation. This allows for both sides to better react to enemy attacks – dodge or counter – adding additional depth to one on one encounters.

As before, players select various minion cards in the Deck Builder to then send these selections on their destructive paths towards the enemy rift. From now on, teams can choose which war camp to release their hordes from. Over the course of a match

an additional slot now opens in the camp, where a powerful boss can be selected from a choice of trolls, ogres and other monsters.

In addition to the already available Cliffside Clash and Highlands maps comes ‘Unchained Fortress’, where players are taken to the home of the namesake orcs. The circular-formed map has a selection of secret paths and passages and demands tactical thinking for success.

Want a Beta Key?

So we have 200 keys for the closed beta (these are for the EU only), get one below because when they are gone, they are gone:

[keys id=186250]

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The Pokémon Company has given us some unlock codes for Toy Pokémon in Pokémon Rumble World.


The codes can be used only in Europe and each code can be accessed by more than one person.

Here is a list of Toy Pokémon and their codes, plus the moves they’ll come with. You’ll also see that Charizard is holding a Mega Stone!


No. Pokémon Pass EU English Special Traits Moves Mega Stone
6 Pikachu 70403360 Gift Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle NA
7 Inkay 26665300 Gift Night Slash, Psycho Cut NA
8 Turtwig 70959041 Gift Synthesis, Razor Leaf NA
12 Wurmple 79075980 Gift String Shot, Poison Sting NA
13 Treecko 92293728 Gift Mega Drain, Energy Ball NA
15 Charizard 52378511 Gift Fire Blast, Dragon Claw Lizardonite X
16 Froakie 77394523 Gift Water Shuriken, Bubble Beam NA
20 Heracross 32542580 Gift Megahorn, Close Combat NA
23 Hitmontop 67997111 Gift Close Combat, Counter NA
24 Chansey 87337896 Gift Soft-Boiled, Double-Edge NA
26 Vaporeon 23871470 Gift Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring NA
27 Flareon 18985769 Gift Fire Fang, Lava Plume NA
28 Jolteon 03339202 Gift Thunder Fang, Discharge NA
29 Swirlix 75842984 Gift Drain Kiss, Play Rough NA
31 Cubchoo 43777681 Gift Icy Wind, Ice Punch NA
32 Riolu 43522297 Gift Force Palm, Reversal NA
33 Dedenne 31587215 Gift Nuzzle, Thunder Shock NA
35 Ralts 25826431 Gift Psychic, Drain Kiss NA
36 Meowstic (male form) 38676454 Gift Psyshock, Disarming Voice NA
37 Kangaskhan 01346893 Gift Mega Punch, Dizzy Punch NA
38 Hydreigon 80501954 Gift Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush NA


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As Quadcopter filming becomes ever popular, more and more companies are providing their own consumer level videography solutions.

One such company is Yuneec Inc, who have come up with a potentially game changing all-in-one hardware offering that seems to give a great balance of both in the air AND on the ground filming that could turn the “Pro-sumer” on it’s head.

To find out more, Moobit caught up with Yuneec at their Gadget Show Live stand to get an exclusive glimpse of their upcoming Go-Pro Hero action camera compatible “Pro-Action Steadicam Grip” – due to release later this year – whilst also getting a product tour of their existing proprietary camera toting “CGO Steady Grip” – both of which are compatible with their brilliant “Typhoon Q 500+” Quadcopter which brings you an “all in one box solution” by letting you swap out the 3-axis camera and gimble attached to the Quad Copter and then attach it to the relevant Steadicam Grip – using your own smartphone as a viewfinder!

Look out for a full tech review of this videography solution by moobit in the coming months. In the meantime, further information can be found at the Yuneec Website.

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