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At the Sony’s E3 press conference, the company announced a full remake of Final Fantasy 7, appropriate called “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” It will be available first on PlayStation 4.

The announcement was accompanied by a cinematic trailer.

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Fable Legends made quite the impression during Microsoft’s Windows 10 briefing earlier this year as we learned the game will be available to play on Windows 10 in addition to Xbox One.

Shortly after that reveal, Lionhead Studios announced the game will be going the free-to-play route when it’s released on both platforms. Today, Microsoft has released a new trailer of Fable Legends during its E3 press conference.

The new trailer for Fable Legends tells its story from the perspective of the Villain. You can check it out for yourself below.

Fable Legends will be available on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2015.

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Today Microsoft revealed some new early footage for their upcoming free-to-play effort, Gigantic at E3. The publisher announced that the game would be playable on both Xbox One and Windows 10, with a beta set to hit in August.

The game will see teams of five team up with a massive Guardian monster to take on opposing teams. The game will be developed by Motiga, with cross-play enabled across both PC and Xbox One.

Beta sign-ups are available here.

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Team17 is moving into the world of atmospheric adventure with what looks to be one of the most artistic games of the year. Beyond Eyes was revealed at the Xbox E3 briefing, showing the tale of a blind girl wandering through the world. The game is lined up to his Xbox One this summer, with a PC version coming at a later date.

Bethesda took to the stage at its first ever E3 Conference to showcase the studio’s upcoming free to play strategy card game, The Elder Scrolls Legends.


There aren’t many details on the upcoming Hearthstone-esque game, but the short teaser trailer which was shown during Bethesda’s E3 conference can be seen below.

The game will release later this year for iPad and PC.

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At E3 Bethesda gave Fallout fans the reveal of a lifetime as Fallout 4 was announced earlier this month. Through the power of observation, we learned we’ll be adventuring through a post-apocalyptic Boston while also speculating on what exactly we just saw in Fallout 4’s first trailer. Bethesda teased we would be learning more about Fallout 4 at E3, and today, that’s exactly what it did during its first ever E3 conference.

Fallout 4 E3 2015

First fans took to cheering as Bethesda revealed that Fallout 4’s game would begin just before the dropping of the bombs. Set within the most detailed open world they’ve crafted yet, the game will take place within Boston 200 years after the first bombs dropped. They also revealed a new, more detailed character creation system, and an even more enhances armour system.

Pipboy Fallout 4

Bethesda also announced a special Pipboy Collector’s Edition of the game which will feature a specially built Pipboy which you can then plug your smart phone into. For those who don’t pick up the special edition of the game, you’ll be able to download the fully working application for your Android or IOS device.

Ever played Fallout and thought ‘man I wish I could rebuild all this stuff?’ Well now you can. Starting in Fallout 4 players will be able to completely rebuild and decorate structures throughout the game world. Customize and construct in real time, building up your settlement with the arrival of new citizens and merchants. Craft power grids, build turrets, and defend your settlement from incoming raiders. Along with large-scale settlements, players will also be able to build items like scopes for their favourite weapon, giving new purpose to all the random junk you can find throughout the world. With these new upgrades you’ll be able to upgrade your favourite weapons, and even customize your very own set of Power Armour.

Fallout 4 will release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC Worldwide on the 10th November.

Here is the list of all the times for all the E3 conference times for this years big event, as always we are at E3 getting interviews and hands on and more for all of you.

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Bethesda E3 Conference

Sunday, June 14 – 7pm PDT/10pm EDT/3am UK

Bethesda Twitch

Main Twitch Channel


Microsoft E3 Conference

Monday, June 15 – 9.30am PDT/12.30pm EDT/5.30pm UK


Main Twitch Channel


Electronic Arts E3 Conference

Monday, June 15 – 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm UK

EA on Twitch

Main Twitch Channel


Ubisoft E3 Conference

Monday, June 15 – 2.45pm PDT/5.45pm EDT/10.45pm UK

Ubisoft Twitch

Main Twitch Channel


Sony E3 Conference

Monday, June 15 – 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/2am UK


Main Twitch Channel


Nintendo E3 Digital Presentation

Tuesday, June 16 – 9am PDT/12pm EDT/5pm UK

Nintendo Twitch

Main Twitch Channel

Nintendo YouTube

Square Enix E3 Conference

Tuesday, June 16 – 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm UK

Square Enix Presents Twitch

Main Twitch Channel


PC Gaming Show

Tuesday, June 16 – 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/2am UK

PC Gamer Twitch

Main Twitch Channel


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With Blood Bowl 2 coming out on the 22nd September 22 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was delayed by a few weeks compared with its initial planned release this June, in order to ensure that players would enjoy the most polished foundations for the next generation Blood Bowl experience as possible.


As a thank you for the support and patience, players will receive an extra Blood Bowl 2 race (including its own AI, design, skills, and their Star Players): the Lizardmen or the Wood Elves during pre-order campaign on consoles and PC.

PC players who will pre-order the game on Steam will also be able to enjoy the multiplayer beta demo a few weeks before the release of the game.


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With CD Projekt Red released patch 1.04 for The Witcher 3 on the PlayStation 4 a few days ago and 1.05 on PC last week, the Xbox One was left out on the newest patch until today.

The patch 1.04 offers many of the same changes as it did on the PlayStation 4, which includes enlarged font of some HUD elements and subtitles, improved camera smoothness, and ceasing Geralt’s obsession with interacting with candles near chests and other interactive elements.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Here’s the full list of changes patch 1.04 brings to the Xbox One:

  • Fixes a possible exploit by preventing certain drowners from respawning infinitely.
  • Improves the distribution of experience points gained by completing quests with recommended levels lower than the player character level.
  • Fixes an exploit whereby players could buy sea shells and sell the pearls inside them at a higher price.
  • Deploys the Bovine Defense Force Initiative.
  • Rebalances the prices of maps that can be purchased from merchants.
  • Improves camera behaviour when the player executes finishing blows.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could loot mutagens from Nightwraith clones.
  • Fixes an issue whereby interaction with Fiend decoction was incorrect when Geralt was overburdened.
  • Fixes a rare issue whereby Geralt could not mount Roach after fast travelling between points.
  • Introduces a number of fixes in in-game communities.
  • Introduces a number of fixes related to combat.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not deflect arrows/bolts at longer distances.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur on the transition to the Isle of Mists location during the quest of the same title.
  • Fixes a number of issues related to horseback riding.
  • Improves Geralt’s movement, especially when he swims.
  • Improves the smoothness of camera movement.
  • The player can no longer target foes positioned on different building floors than Geralt.
  • Fixes a number of issues related to Vitality regeneration.
  • Fixes an issue whereby certain actions could be randomly blocked during gameplay.
  • Autosaves will no longer be created when Geralt dies.
  • Unequipping saddle bags now correctly affects Geralt’s capacity.
  • Fixes an issue whereby Geralt could be attached to a sinking boat while aiming his crossbow.
  • Vitality begins to drop if Toxicity exceeds 80%, as originally intended.
  • Roach no longer levitates after being summoned while Geralt is on a slope.
  • Fixes a rare issue where Geralt could become invincible after executing some finishing blows.
  • Introduces a number of general stability and performance improvements.
  • Introduces a fix for occasional game freezes or infinite loading screens that occurred upon exiting the Main Menu.
  • Improves performance in selected scenes and cutscenes.
  • Adds a series of colour-blind friendly features. Improves visibility of tracks, marks, footprints and scent clues. Colour-blind friendly features can be enabled in the Options\Gameplay submenu.
  • Ciri can no longer unlock fast travel points.
  • Fixes incorrectly named female travellers in some localized versions.
  • Fixes an issue where Geralt could pass through walls in the fish market in Novigrad.
  • Fixes an issue where in certain situations the game could crash while a save was being loaded.
  • Adds a collision near Kaer Gelen that could cause the player to be blocked inside the building.
  • Improves the scale of selected elements of the GUI and HUD.
  • Reward messages are no longer displayed over black screens.
  • Disables “Input device changed” messages and adds options to disable on-screen combat feedback and floating tags above NPCs.
  • Introduces a number of improvements in the tutorial messages for gwent.
  • Introduces a number of bug fixes and user experience improvements in the GUI panels.
  • Adds an information prompt and Journal entries related to new DLC packages.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not talk or otherwise interact with certain NPCs.
  • The player can no longer venture beyond the game world boundaries during the Through Time and Space quest.
  • Fixes an issue where some players could not make Geralt run after the Wandering in the Dark quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Keira could sometimes fall beneath the terrain during the Wandering in the Dark quest.
  • Fixes an issue where players could not talk to Octo after the Lord of Undvik quest.
  • Reduces the number of Wild Hunt minions spawned during the Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog quest.
  • Fixes an issue where certain actions were blocked during the Blindingly Obvious quest.
  • The bookmaker at the races held at the Vegelbud Estate now spawns correctly.
  • The Forefathers’ Eve quest can no longer interrupt the quest titled A Favour for a Friend.
  • Fixes an infinite black screen that could occur during the Now or Never quest.
  • Fixes an issue whereby some witch hunters would disappear during the Now or Never quest.
  • Fixes a number of errors in dialogue during the Of Dairy and Darkness quest.
  • The monster in the Contract: Dragon quest now spawns correctly, and the relevant Journal entries update properly.
  • Fixes an issue where player character inebriation and the related effect could become permanent when invoked during the No Place Like Home quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could get trapped in the ruins of Tuirseach Castle.
  • Geralt can now always play gwent with Madame Serenity.
  • Fixes an issue where Vernon Roche would not appear at the Hanged Man’s Tree during the Eye for an Eye quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not activate a portal during the Wandering in the Dark quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the sirens in the Lord of Undvik quest could be invincible.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not perform certain actions after the Carnal Sins quest.
  • Fixes an infinite loading screen that could occur during the King’s Gambit quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Ermion could not leave Lugos’ area during the Sunstone quest.
  • Fixes an issue whereby Triss could get stuck on a set of stairs after a scene during the Now or Never quest.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented a character spawning for a random encounter.
  • The player can now always leave the crypt during the Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Simun did not spawn properly during the Unpaid Debt quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could experience a progression break after choosing a certain dialogue option when talking to Dijkstra in the Count Reuven’s Treasure quest.
  • Fixes an issue where some players could not interact with an object during the Pyres of Novigrad quest.
  • Fixes an issue in the Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk quest where the katakan was not hostile after being lured.
  • Fixes an issue where certain actions were blocked during the Blindingly Obvious quest.
  • Fixes an issue in the Contract: Shrieker quest where the shrieker was not hostile in certain situations.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not perform certain actions in the Master of the Arena quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not interact with Hattori during the Swords and Dumplings quest.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not fast travel under certain rare circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue where the player could not perform certain actions after the Carnal Sins quest.
  • The player can no longer take on the Apiarian Phantom contract multiple times.
  • Fixes an issue where some players could not progress during the Broken Flowers quest.
  • Fixes an issue whereby the “Novigrad, Closed City” entry might have remained in the Journal indefinitely.
  • The player can now use the activator received from Triss during the quest titled The Battle of Kaer Morhen.
  • Players can no longer prematurely obtain a key from a halfling, thus blocking the Contract: The Apiarian Phantom quest.
  • Fixes an issue in the Return to Crookback Bog quest where monsters were spawned inside a building.
  • Fixes an issue in the Greedy God quest where the player could kill a monster twice.
  • Adds fail-safes for players being unable to obtain gwent cards after Dijkstra or Lambert can no longer be found in the game.
  • Fixes an issue where Vernon Roche failed to proceed to Oxenfurt Bridge after a scene during the Get Junior quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Geralt could not interact with a torch in the Get Junior quest.

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Today XCOM 2 has been announced by Firaxis Games and will be released this November on PC, with a Mac version also in the works.

XCOM 2 transports players 20 years into the future, where humanity lost the war against the alien threat that has established a new world order.


The secret paramilitary organization known as XCOM is largely forgotten, and must strike back to reclaim control of Earth and free mankind from the aliens’ rule. XCOM 2 is currently scheduled for release in November 2015.


In XCOM 2, the roles have been reversed, and XCOM is now the invading force. They are hampered by limited resources and must constantly evade the alien threat in their new mobile headquarters.

Players must use a combination of firepower and stealth-like tactics to help XCOM recruit soldiers and build a resistance network, while attempting to expose the evil alien agenda and save humanity.


XCOM 2 will introduce gameplay features such as procedurally-generated levels, which will make each experience unique to the player, as well as offer a much deeper level of modding support. Additionally, XCOM 2 will offer a variety of new content including five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customization, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat and more.

“Firaxis proved they could reimagine a beloved franchise with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a Game of the Year award-winning title,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “With XCOM 2, the team is breathing new life into the series by adding an epic narrative and challenging players to overcome near impossible odds.”


“The feedback from the passionate XCOM community played an important role in the development of XCOM 2, driving us to push the visual, gameplay and replayability boundaries of what a strategy game can be,” said Jake Solomon, creative director of XCOM 2 at Firaxis Games. “We’re thrilled to implement long-time fan requested features such as procedural levels and modding support, as well as adding more of what makes XCOM great like new aliens, enemies and soldier classes.”

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Ubisoft today announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be available worldwide on 13th October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is inspired by real world counter-terrorist organisations, and puts players in the middle of lethal close-quarters confrontations.

For the first time in a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six game, players will engage in sieges, a new style of assault where enemies have the means to transform their environments into modern strongholds while Rainbow Six teams lead the assault to breach the enemy’s post Players who pre-order the game will get guaranteed access to the Closed Beta which will begin at a later date this year.

I certainly couldn’t rank myself among one of The Evil Within’s biggest fans. I’m an old school survival horror fan and I know it. But the reliance on action and upgrades did nothing to excite me whatsoever in The Evil Within. The Assignment is the first of a two part story driven DLC that follows the story of Juli Kidman.

Gameplay takes a different approach from the action packed style of the main game and instead focuses attention entirely on stealth. Your only weapons are cover, distractions and the occasional attack that you can perform only when an enemy is looking away from you. You will absolutely be relying on avoiding engagements in The Assignment.

For the most part I preferred the pace of gameplay to the main game. Rather than wondering where the next upgrade was coming from and being required to kill all enemies before progressing I was instead reduced to crawling behind flower beds and sneaking through vents – where would video games be without vents? Generally speaking this provided a much more tense experience knowing full well that I couldn’t deal with the enemies if they discovered me.

Although to help her with these limitations Juli has a couple of all important improvements over Sebastian. The most obvious of which is probably her ability to regenerate health allowing her to say no to drugs and completely disregard syringes. Her other bonus is her ability to move better than Sebastian. After a few brief seconds of running Juli doesn’t have the need to bend over, grab her knees and breath as if she was just recovered from a lake – thankfully.


Her abilities are mitigated somewhat, however, by certain aspects of The Assignment’s design. While regenerating health would have been an unbelievable blessing during the main game it has far less relevance in The Assignment. If you get detected it will most likely be a game over. Enemies don’t like giving up the chase and they are out to kill you plain and simple. More often than not you will only be able to withstand 1 attack with the second being a fatal blow. Where the main game has the time for you to search around for syringes it would have completely killed the pace in The Assignment. Regenerating health is a pacing design choice rather than an added ability and it helps the flow of gameplay along nicely.

The only source of frustration I found was in executing movements between cover or round corners. On occasion The Evil Within (main game and DLC alike) can be an absolute pig to handle. It’s not such a problem when you’ve got an arsenal of weapons to fall back on but it’s a huge problem when you don’t. You’re only so called weapon in The Assignment is your ability to run away and hide which is awkward to use when you get stuck on a door frame or stuck in cover. Everything is just a little bit too clumsy for the stealth to ever really work as well as you’d like.


The 4 hours I played as Juli were brief but entirely enjoyable. The increased sense of vulnerability and threat from your lack of weapons is something that was clearly missing from the main game. It’s almost impossible to have any real fear of an enemy you kill with X amount of Y ammo. The gameplay can be a little frustrating with quick deaths and clunky controls but the tension is higher than in the main game because of it. With an interesting story to explore as the vaguely mysterious Juli (fantastically voice acted by Jennifer Carpenter) The Assignment is a great extension to The Evil Within.

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Here is the first teaser trailer dedicated to the official video games of Le Tour de France, developed by Cyanide Studio for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC.


Time goes fast, and we’re getting closer and closer to the beginning of this year’s Le Tour de France. The 2015 route will offer an exciting challenge to the riders taking them through Holland and the cobbled routes of Northern France, to the summits of the mythical climbs and the legendary final on the Champs-Elysées. This year also heralds the return of the team time trial!

Take part in a Tour de France 2015 packed with new features and play one of today’s top champions in your attempt to win the coveted yellow jersey.


Experience the rollercoaster of emotions of a professional rider through the 21 official stages of the Tour and, in their first appearance this year, the Critérium International and the Critérium du Dauphiné. Attack, use the most efficient trajectory, adopt the best strategy, issue orders to your team mates and manage your effort effectively! Build your dream team in ProTeam mode and recruit legendary pro cyclists. Discover the new Challenge mode to test your descent skills. Finally, play also in cooperative and versus multiplayer with a friend in local play!

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Ubisoft’s has confirmed that its upcoming post-apocalyptic survival game, Tom Clancy’s The Division, is set to release in Q1 2016.
The news comes via the publishers latest financial report, which also slates an unannounced blockbuster game for the same window.
division.png“The upcoming releases of the latest opuses of the Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance franchises as well as Tom Clancy’s The Division, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and another triple-A title that has not yet been announced. Overall revenue from newly-released games is expected to be lower than in 2014-15.”

As we have a few extra months to wait for The Division why not watch the interview with the executive producer of The Division from E3 2014.

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