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We gave you the chance to win Pro Rugby Manager 2015 on PC and here are the winners.


Developed under license from the biggest rugby union leagues in the world – Aviva Premiership Rugby (England), PRO12 (Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy) and TOP14 / PRO D2 (France), Pro Rugby Manager 2015 will give players the opportunity to manage any of the 54 official teams from these leagues.

Here is the launch trailer:

The Winners

We had three digital copies of Pro Rugby Manager 2015 on PC to give away:

Wendy Procter
Paul Scotland
Tom Baines

And thanks againto our friends at 505 Games for the codes.

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Today Disney Interactive and Marvel announced has released the Disney Infinity 2.0 for the PC, and it now available globally for players to download for free.


The free game allows players access to demo versions of Marvels’ The Avengers, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy Play Sets and 2.0 Toy Box, where online multiplayer is now available for the first time. In the 2.0 Toy Box 2.0, players can continue to create, edit and share their Toy Box creations across console and PC platforms, making it a truly connected gaming experience.


Fans can also experience Daily Challenges, which are randomly generated levels that can be played with any available character. Three characters are always free to play at any one time and will rotate often. Console players who already own Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes and last year’s Disney Infinity can use web code cards that come with their physical retail Play Sets and character figures to unlock those Play Sets and characters in the PC game. More than 45 Disney and Marvel characters from both games are now playable.

Building on last year’s PC release, players can create one-of-a-kind Toy Boxes in the improved 2.0 Toy Box using their favorite Marvel and Disney characters, vehicles, settings and items. Those Toy Boxes can then be shared and played with friends on any platform, regardless of the one it was created on, including the upcoming app for iOS which is launching soon. In-game currency, known as Sparks, can be earned once challenges are completed and can be used to purchase new toys, costumes and upgrades.

Additionally, the PC version introduces a new Friend Recruitment program. Players can send invitation requests to friends, and if their friend accepts and plays for a certain amount of time, a free character will be unlocked for use in-game for the person sending the invite.

Digital Starter Packs and other content can be purchased separately to enhance the gameplay experience. As new characters become available at retail, they will also become available digitally in the PC Shop.


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It’s time for another giveaway on CDW, and this time you can win Pro Rugby Manager 2015 on PC.


Developed under license from the biggest rugby union leagues in the world – Aviva Premiership Rugby (England), PRO12 (Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy) and TOP14 / PRO D2 (France), Pro Rugby Manager 2015 will give players the opportunity to manage any of the 54 official teams from these leagues.

Here is the launch trailer:

How to enter to win

We have three digital copies of Pro Rugby Manager 2015 on PC to give away!

There are three different ways you can enter to win – for a better chance of winning you can enter using all three!

Via the site

So all you have to do to win is to leave a comment below telling us who your favourite Rugby team is.

Via Twitter

Just retweet the message below, and make sure you are following @aedney on Twitter:

Via Facebook

Like Us on Facebook and leave a comment on the Facebook post:

Usual contest rules apply, and the winners will be selected at random. This contest is open only to those in the UK – sorry!

The contest ends Sunday 12th October, so good luck and thanks to our friends at 505 Games for the codes.

It’s finally time to catch the fever. Since Train Fever has a minimalist design I thought I’d just jump straight in and get started. Starting up a new game brings up the option to play two simple tutorials. The first is for setting up a simple bus route and the other for a train line. Everything went smoothly but after I’d finished both sections of the tutorial I realized I had no money left after my tracks had been automatically built using bridges and tunnels. Not too much of a problem, I merely restarted having learned my lesson and I appreciated the freedom to make mistakes but perhaps such freedom is out of place during a tutorial.

So I started my new map and set about deciding which two towns to connect. I set up my bus routes easily. Each town has a limited amount of road already laid out for you to work with. Placing a bus stop on a section of road creates a point for citizens to wait for a bus to arrive. And then you create a route using however many of these stops you want and assign a vehicle to it. The vehicle then begins work and eventually you should earn money from the route.


There was a certain satisfaction in deciding on how many vehicles to assign for efficiency and cost effectiveness. And making an efficient route isn’t quite as simple as it first appears. Things like placing stops on the correct side of the road can make a significant difference in how long it takes for your busses to complete their route. But ultimately once a route is set up there’s very little for you to do but build new ones.

For train lines it’s a little more complicated. Not because there’s any difficulty, of course you’re route options are rather limited but that should make things easier. And it does once you’ve built the track but the building itself can be a torturous experience at times. Countless times I would drag the track tool only to see it was unavailable due to ‘Terrain alignment’. That’s all the so called help you get. There’s no indication on how to make it right and considering sometimes a bridge or tunnel will be created when needed it’s rather confusing when that doesn’t happen. So many times I found myself dragging the endpoint of my track around like a fool to try and find a valid spot with no success. I also found it frustrating that track would be cut into the scenery at times when it could just as easily have been placed on the surface level.

And creating a long length of track is even worse. To select the correct track to extend you have to have the camera fairly close. Not zoomed right in but still enough that you’re view of the map is limited. And you are unable to move the camera with track selected. So you’ll have to build it up in smaller sections, which quickly becomes a pain.

But the UI is slick even if it’s only because there isn’t much of it. There are very few elements at all and each of them has a purpose. Clicking on an element often opens up a widow in game that can be moved and closed like a window on an operating system. So Train Fever gets a very raw feel. Everything has its place and nothing is there unnecessarily or just to make things look better. Having said that I can’t help but feel this is partly because Train Fever has little more to offer.


The level of detail is nothing short of amazing. Each coble that makes up a street feels as though someone has carefully placed it. Each citizen has a ‘thought process’ in deciding how long they are willing to wait for their transport or how far they will walk. There’s so much detail embedded in Train Fever but so much of it seems misdirected. For example it’s great that everything looks so good but I’d far rather be able to zoom out with more than around 1 frame every 5 seconds. The map is impressively huge but therefore I need to be able to scroll the map while I have the track building tool selected.

Train Fever has a lot in common with Banished. Banished had no objectives or rewards other than to survive. It was difficult and its lack of accessibility meant it was reserved for those who loved city building. Train Fever is largely the same. Once you’ve built your basic infrastructure you expand and grow. And as time passes you’re transport will become more modern. And the changes in era are impressive as your trains, busses, buildings and technologies become closer to the year 2000. Train Fever’s coverage of time is truly impressive.

But unfortunately were time in-between growth on Banished was spent balancing consumables and keeping people healthy Train Fever offers you very little. You build a new line of either busses or trains and eventually it makes money. Then when you have enough you can build another. I’m glad Train Fever doesn’t lose focus and try to be a full city builder and I love the detail and effort that’s clearly gone into it. But without resource management or people complaining about needing transport or something in between it can quickly become boring. When Banished kept me hooked by making me constantly check supply and demand, population growth and consumption Train Fever allows me to do nothing.


There’s certainly fun to be had in Train Fever and it’s well designed at least as far as a transport manager goes. It looks great and the attention to detail is incredible. But without objectives Train Fever needs to provide us with something to do. There simply isn’t enough to keep even some hardcore fans interested for too long. On top of that the build tools can be awkward or temperamental and the optimization is far from perfect. Train Fever can be good fun for a little while but anyone other than the hardcore will struggle to find much entertainment value in it after a couple of hours. Nevertheless it’s an incredibly impressive game especially for such a small developer. With a few bits of extra content or maybe some custom scenarios Train Fever could be a great game but as it stands it’s ‘only’ good.


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For those unsure Wikipedia gives a decent explanation of just what exactly Grey Goo is. So it’s something sci-fi fans and gamers should be pretty familiar with. But it’s also the name of an upcoming game. And one that a lot of us will agree is more important than something as silly as the end of the world. I got to play hands on during Gamescom for far longer than I should have done until sadly we had to leave. I mean we were there playing for a long time. And I loved every nanosecond of it.


Grey Goo is an RTS that’s stuck in the past in all the right ways and forward thinking in all the others. There’s no way to describe it other than an old-school RTS. The RTS Genre has changed a lot since the golden age of C&C and a few titles still excite me. But nobody ever tried to make a game like the old days just with a few changes. There are so many things I miss from an old-school RTS that could work if only they were updated or tweaked. Enter Grey Goo.

Grey Goo certainly doesn’t fix things that don’t need fixing. So base building is back in a big way. A good base layout can be the difference between success and failure. To gather resources you will build a harvester on a resource point and let the harvester do the work. There are no builder units, thank god, to get constantly pestered by the AI. Aircraft need an airbase to launch from and return to. It all feels incredibly comfortable, familiar and welcome territory.

But Grey Goo’s excellence lies in its factions. Initially I played as the Beta. There isn’t particularly a focus for this faction but they do have the rather nifty ability to socket their robotic walker-like troops into defensive towers and even some epic units. And then I played the humans who make very good turtles. Yes there is actually a faction just for those of us who love to sit there and build bases before crushing our enemies. At last a faction designed for turtling. But the downside is that each building must be attached to a power node which acts like a huge wire that you lay down as you would a wall. Careful base planning is a must for this faction.

Each of these two factions also uses a clever building system where factories and the like are specialized using different nodes that attach to them. For instance you build a factory which is capable of building only basic units. For example attaching a certain node allows it to specialize and build artillery units. For more powerful units you will need multiple nodes and, again, careful planning.


And then there’s the Goo. They don’t have buildings at all. They have a ‘MotherGoo’ at the start which is a giant grey blob (that looks awesome!). To create units or units capable of becoming other units you will have to split off sections of the MotherGoo. To gather resources your goo will sit on a resource pile and just absorb it. It’s hands down the most unique faction I’ve ever seen in an RTS. Ever.

There’s so much depth and so many awesome features that it’s impossible to fit everything into this article. I haven’t seen factions like this since Yuri’s Revenge or C&C Generals: Zero Hour. And even then nothing remotely similar to the Grey Goo ‘faction’. Most of my time at the presentation was spent discussing things that to most would seem trivial. Like “do air units return to base after they’ve used their ammo or reload and return to their previous location?” which the guys had clearly been discussing already. And when I noticed at one point when I built a gate in a wall a unit actually turned around to go on the shorter route. This attention to detail will undoubtedly make Grey Goo a joy to play.

A majority of the crew are ex Westwood guys which makes them responsible for a big portion of my childhood and the main reason I love RTS’s today. Those games were some of the first I ever played and Grey Goo is a chance for that golden age to return. The detailing is just incredible in every respect and the visuals are nothing short of beautiful. And another thing the team is, rightly, proud of is that the AI is highly intelligent and doesn’t cheat to create the challenge. And it’s tough to beat even on the lower difficulties. If you even have a vague interest in RTS’s keep at least one eye firmly on this game.


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Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 18th November, with the PC version to follow on 27th January.

Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has added new features with a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. In addition to increased draw distances and higher resolution, players can expect a range of additions and improvements including:

–       New activities;
–       New weapons;
–       New vehicles;
–       Additional wildlife;
–       Denser traffic;
–       New foliage system;
–       Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more.

The new version of Grand Theft Auto V will also add features of enhanced radio selections, with over 100 additional new songs and new DJ mixes from returning DJs across the game’s 17 radio stations.

All players who pre-order the game will receive $1,000,000 in-game cash to spend across Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

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When you watch the hero of any 90’s spy thriller they all share one thing in common. They always stand directly in the spotlight and soak up as much of the attention as possible. But what about ‘the guy in the van’. They do at least half the work but never get half the credit. Clandestine looks to set the record straight.

Clandestine is a co-op game by design rather than offering it up as a secondary mode. One member of your partnership plays as the operative and the other as the ‘guy in the van’. If you’re in the van you’ll be tasked with checking cameras to identify enemy locations for your partner, hacking doors to allow your partner to progress or even occasionally using the environment to take out an enemy. This all takes place as if you’re the character sat a computer. So all you see is the interface(s) your character would see.

Meanwhile Sarah (the operative), who has an adequately complex back story, will be sneaking around taking and giving instructions, judo chopping enemies and generally mimicking Sam Fisher; from the original Splinter Cell. For this player the game is completely third person. You’ll be relying entirely on ‘simple’ stealth mechanics using cover and only a few simple gadgets. There’s no ‘stealth cammo’ in Clandestine. Everything you’ll use is basically from the 90’s, or at least movies of the 90’s.

It’s very clear that Clandestine’s stealth is looking back to a time before stealth games became third person action games. For instance there are strict limits on equipment, so you can’t become the walking armoury that Sam Fisher has become. The only guns available to you will be pistols. No rifles at all. You must use proper stealth to complete your objectives. And teamwork.

But by far the most important feature of Clandestine is the possibility of emergent experiences due to the need for cooperation. It’s no good being in the van and not providing your operative with real-time updates. I’ve got visions of counting down to indicate when my friend should sneak behind a patrolling guard. Or panicking to quickly open a door as your operative attempts to avoid detection. Imagine taking fire and having to wait for support with no idea what’s going on, trusting that your partner has your back. These stories and interactions are real. They’re what will make Clandestine a great game.

Clandestine excites me a lot. I miss the old Splinter Cell games. And I’ve never been given the chance to be the person in the earpiece. Clandestine is looking like it will be a great stealth experience but also offer something genuinely new. And that doesn’t happen much these days. Once the game is a little closer to being ready I’m hoping to do a play session with one of the team so stay tuned for that. Clandestine should be in any stealth fans wish list and is due for release exclusively to PC early 2015. Stay tuned for more soon!

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled to release worldwide beginning 2nd June 2015.

Batman Arkham Knight Collectors

Also revealed, are two collector’s editions – Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition and Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition.  Both will be available in limited quantities at launch in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition will also be available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition will include:

·         Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
·         Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc
·         Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
·         Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52
·         Batman Memorial Statue – Imposing statue commemorating Gotham’s Protector, the Dark Knight
·         SRP:
o   Console – £89.99
o   PC – £74.99

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition will include:

·         Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Colour Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight
·         Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc
·         Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book
·         Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52
·         Transforming Batmobile  Statue – Fully transformable Batmobile statue realised in exquisite detail by TriForce
·         SRP: £169.99 (Console only)

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Today Capcom has confirmed Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition for PC is available to download globally today from Steam, Windows Store and other service providers for EUR49.99 / $49.99.

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition includes the original Dead Rising 3 content along with the four downloadable add-on “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” packs, making this the definitive Dead Rising(Rexperience. Dead Rising 3 and The Untold Stories Stories of Los Perdidos originally launched on Xbox One.


PC gamers can experience the hordes of undead at high resolution with fully optimized visuals and upgraded textures on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition includes Steam platform support with Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, global leaderboards and full game controller support. Also compatible with the keyboard and mouse, players can toggle back and forth between the two in real time.

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition takes place 10 years after the events of Dead Rising(TM) 2. Set in the city of Los Perdidos during a city-wide zombie outbreak, the story follows Nick Ramos, a young mechanic. He must find a way to escape from thousands of blood thirsty zombies before an impending military strike wipes out the city and its population. Relying on the help of other survivors he meets along the way and the vast array of unique and powerful combo weapons available, Nick will need to get creative to get out of the infected city before it’s too late.

Today Lenovo announced at the IFA 2014 in Berlin an expanded portfolio of tablets and PCs that gives consumers more options for tablets that fit their mobile lifestyle as well as choices of dedicated gaming PCs. The new lineup kicks off with the TAB S8, Lenovo’s first Intel-powered Android tablet. Lenovo also announced two new high-performance gaming PCs: the Y70 Touch, Lenovo’s first 17-inch touch laptop with the latest processor and graphics technology for HD gaming, and the ERAZER X310, Lenovo’s latest affordable desktop gaming PCs.

TAB S8: Combines Android Experience with Intel Performance

Lenovo created the TAB S8 for consumers who are looking for a stylish, slim and affordable Android tablet starting at just £149. At 8-inches, the TAB S8’s 1920×1200 infinity screen is sharper than FHD, while the One Glass Solution touch-panel technology provides a crystal clear viewing experience. The tablet’s ultra-slim bezel seamlessly merges the screen with the dark front panel, giving the TAB S8 a sleek, clean look. The front panel also features a 1.6-megapixel HD camera for easy video chatting. Turn the TAB S8 around to reveal an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. The wide aperture f2.2 lens snaps sharp photos, even in low light. Pre-installed apps, like SHAREit, allow for easy and safe photo and file sharing.

Lenovo S8

Engineered to give users the most from their mobile device without sacrificing portability, the Lenovo TAB S8 marks Lenovo’s first 8-inch Android tablet powered by an Intel processor. Available with the Intel Atom Z3745 Processor with Intel® Burst Performance Technology, the TAB S8 dynamically matches processing power to the task at hand in order to maximize battery life without compromising speed in a thin and light design. The TAB S8 is just 0.65 pounds and 0.31 inches thin, nearly as thin as a standard pencil.

Additional features include optional high-speed LTE (4G) connectivity (based on Intel® XMMTM 7160) and Wi-Fi for data connectivity, up to seven hours of battery life to keep users cord-free, and 64-bit technology compatibility. The TAB S8 runs Android 4.4 KitKat, includes 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.0 and Dolby-enhanced dual front speakers. Colors vary by region and include ebony, canary yellow, pearl white and midnight blue.

Y70 Touch: Extreme Performance for HD Gaming

The Lenovo Y70 Touch comes with an up to 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and powerful NVIDIA GTX graphics, making it ideal for heavy entertainment use and HD gaming. At 17 inches, the Y70 Touch is Lenovo’s largest touchscreen laptop, opening up a whole new level of interaction for video editing, social sharing and gaming.

Lenovo Y70

The Y70 delivers a fantastic audio and visual experience, with a FHD display that brings movies and games to life with enhanced colour, clarity and resolution. Its JBL-designed stereo speakers and subwoofer paired with Dolby Advanced Audio provide a totally immersive audio experience rarely found on a laptop. The backlit keyboard glows in dimly lit environments, adding to the overall visual experience.

At under 7.5 pounds, the Y70 Touch is thinner and lighter than most other laptops in its class thanks to the included external optical disc drive that supports both DVD and Blu-ray. The Y70 Touch also features up to five hours of battery life and customizable memory and storage options, with up to 16GB DDR3L and 1TB of SSHD storage or 512GB SSD storage.

Z50-75: Thin and Light, Optimized for Gaming

The stylish Lenovo Z50-75 laptop provides a full gaming experience for on-the-go at a stunning price point. At 2.5 cm thin, it features an AMD FX-quadcore processor, R7-M260DX 2GB graphics and groundbreaking graphics API that allows games and applications to utilize the CPU and GPU more efficiently thus improving performance up to 60%. Equipped with gorgeous 15.6 inch FHD 1920X1080 display, up to 16GB DDR3L memory, large storage options up to 1TB HDD or 1TB SSHD, and Stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater, the Z50-75 offers users a fantastic gaming experience.

The new Z50-75 comes bundled with two free games offering among a selection of AAA titles like “Thief” and “Darksiders” that buyers can download through a dedicated website using a unique code. This promotion is available in EMEA only and valid until 31st March.

ERAZER X310 Smooth, Immersive Gaming with Design Flare

The Lenovo ERAZER X310 is the latest addition to Lenovo’s line of affordable gaming desktop PCs. To keep users in the action, the ERAZER X310 features discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics, a quad-core processor and up to 2TB of SSHD or 256GB SSD high-speed storage. The combined power and speed allows users to play the most intense games seamlessly without lag. The ERAZER X310 boosts the gaming experience with immersive audio featuring 7.1 channel sound support and Dolby enhancements.

Lenovo X315

The newly designed chassis features front LED lighting and a futuristic profile that mimics the smooth lines of a knight’s armour. The front panel also features a one-touch port cover for easy access and a hidden air vent that keeps the device cool when the gaming heats up.

Other features include up to 32GB DDR3 memory, four USB 3.0 ports and always-on USB charging port for enhanced connectivity.

“Our latest consumer tablet and PCs give consumers even more choice so they can select the right device that fits best into their mobile lifestyle,” said Jeff Meredith, vice president, marketing, Mobile Business Group, Lenovo. “From the super mobile TAB S8 tablet to the Y70 and ERAZER X310 gaming PC, we’ve optimized each one to meet the diverse needs of customers.”

With Lenovo’s Tab S8 tablet powered by an Intel Atom Processor, consumers have the freedom to experience seamless, powerful performance with great battery life. They can enjoy the content they want on this new Intel-based tablet, such as games or videos,” said Erik Reid, vice president of Intel Mobile and Communications Group and general manager of the Tablet Business Unit.

Pricing and Availability

The Lenovo TAB S8 will be available beginning in September with models starting at £149 via major retailers and http://www.lenovo.com/uk/en/.

The Lenovo Y70 Touch will be available beginning in September with models starting at £999.99 via major retailers and http://www.lenovo.com/uk/en/.

The Lenovo Z50-75 with two free games offer will be available beginning in September with models starting at £399.99.

2K Games recently announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, being developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Australia – and at Gamescom I sat down with them to talk all things WUB WUB.


This game takes place between the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2 and focuses on Borderlands 2 bad guy Handsome Jack. Oh, and it’s set on the moon!

Over to James Lopez from Gearbox Software and Joel Eschler from 2K Australia:

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be available in Autumn 2014 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

What do you think of it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Watch the world trailer for Lords of the Fallen, the dark and mysterious world of Lords of the Fallen awaits you. Become Harkyn, a convicted outcast from society and now.. humanity’s best hope of defeating a demonic invasion.

Introducing the game soundtrack by the award winning composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen  http://knutavenstrouphaugen.com/  

Listen to the main theme of Lords of the Fallen here

Lords of the Fallen will be available on Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and PC on 31stOctober.




Mad Catz have a new premium headset – the F.R.E.Q.9, and we managed to get our hands on the first set in the UK!

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