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iLuv is now shipping their Bluetooth and NFC-equipped MobiAria mobile device speaker system.  Read on for details.


iLuv is now shipping their Bluetooth and NFC-equipped MobiAria mobile device speaker system.  Priced at $199.99, the MobiAira promises premium performance in a stylish package.  Here is the press release:

iLuv Now Shipping Bluetooth and NFC Enabled MobiAria

iLuv’s New MobiAria Speaker with Bluetooth Technology and NFC Compatibility is Now Available –

Port Washington, NY – June 6, 2013iLuv Creative Technology, the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle, announces they are now shipping their MobiAria.  A Bluetooth enabled speaker equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which makes pairing devices quick and easy, the MobiAria makes listening to music simple, fast and convenient.

“With the variety of mobile devices on the market today, Bluetooth speakers have become a popular option for consumers due to their compatibility with a wide array of products,” said Jason Park, Marketing Manager at iLuv Creative Technology. “iLuv is now expanding that compatibility by offering a speaker that is Bluetooth-enabled and includes NFC technology for quick and easy pairing.”

MobiAria’s slim and elegant design houses two full range speakers and a passive radiator for enhanced bass.   It utilizes jAura Technology, an advance in sound technology that delivers music with exceptional clarity and balance.  Bluetooth-enabled for wireless music streaming straight from your mobile device, MobiAria also features easy One Touch Bluetooth setup with NFC.  It also takes advantage of voice prompts to make Bluetooth pairing even easier. This premium speaker even boasts backlit touch-sensitive buttons with a modern look and feel, and is capable of charging your mobile device via a USB port.

Pricing and Availability

MobiAria is currently available for $199.99 at iLuv.com and select retailers.

Check out product pictures here:


NFC pairing and Bluetooth connectivity make this an interesting option.  Check it out today!

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X-mini recently sent me their capsule speakers, the Uno and Max, to review.  Read on for the details of these fun little speakers!


X-mini recently sent me their capsule speakers, the Uno and Max, to review.  These are small speakers with rechargable batteries intended to help you to improve your music and movie consuming experience while on the run, a perfect fit for us at ConnectedDigitalWorld.Com to play with!  Let’s see how they did.

X-mini is headquartered in Singapore and their products are available here in the US.  Their tagline is Sound Beyond Size and they focus on bringing good sound to as small a package as they can.  When you have the music volume turned up, these speakers will jump around a bit on the table, which my daughter found to be fun.

Check out this video for a good overview of the speakers that I reviewed:

X-mini Uno:

The Uno is a mono wired speaker with a rechargeable battery.  When you open the package, you’ll see the speaker, a charging and connection cable and a nice carrying bag.  When I opened the speaker and set it up, I had low expectations for sound.  I was wrong; the sound from the Uno filled the living room and sounded quite good for the size.  It sounded a little tinny, but overall was quite acceptable for a mono portable speaker.  I used the Uno with a Sony PS Vita, a Microsoft Surface RT, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, a Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPad (4th generation), and a Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone.  All sounded better with the Uno than with their built-in speakers.  Bass response was surprisingly good for a speaker of this size, and was only a little bit off of the iHome iDM8 that I reviewed in January, a much larger speaker.  Note the size of the Uno in this photo, connected to the PS Vita:

2013 04 13_4060

The X-mini Uno sounds great, is easy to set up, stays charged for about 20 hours and easily fits in your bag when travelling.  I wish the Mono speaker were Bluetooth; this one is not, but X-mini does sell a Bluetooth version.  You can also connect multiple Unos together using the on-board buddy cable to really pump up the mono jams…a nice touch!  Each Uno has its own volume control built into the speaker, and can be connected either with the charging/connection cord shown above or with the buddy cable built into the bottom of the base.

I give this a 4/5 Silver Award; Bluetooth added to this would bump that to a 5/5 Gold Award.  You can buy this today at Amazon.com for $39.99.


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XMI, the maker of the diminutive X-Mini Capsule speaker line, has announced several product updates for the X-Mini.  Read on for details.


XMI, the maker of the diminutive X-Mini Capsule speaker line, has announced several product updates for the X-Mini.  They have announced a move from aluminum to ceramic materials for the tweeters as well as improved battery life, an improved cabling solution and a weight in the base of the speaker to prevent them from jumping around your table like the prior model did.  Here is the press release:


The latest offerings come with a new and improved driver

Singapore – Following the successful launch of the X-mini™ KAI Capsule Speaker™ which picked up both the red dot design and iF design awards, Xmi Pte Ltd headed back to the basics to improve on its basic Capsule Speaker™ models. The latest products from Xmi Pte Ltd, the new mono speaker UNO and stereo speakers MAX represent the upgraded standard of portable sound. Featuring an important change that significantly improves sound quality, there have also been improvements made in several of the other outstanding features of the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ series.


The UNO and MAX offer a new standard in portable speakers with the introduction of the ceramic tweeter. The quality of sound produced from any speaker depends largely on the tweeter material and after months of research, trials and prototype development, the engineering team at Xmi Pte Ltd found that ceramic was the most suitable material to bring the X-mini™ sound to the next level.

The ceramic tweeter brings about several advantages. As compared to aluminum tweeters, the ceramic ones can produce a wider frequency range covering higher and lower sounds. As a result of that, the distortion of sound is also much reduced because the ceramic tweeter is able to withstand high and low frequencies without producing any cracks in the sound.

When a speaker plays low frequency sound, it is difficult to maintain the depth and intensity of the bass produced. A tweeter that does not have a high enough efficiency will not be able to support a strong bass, resulting in soft and clouded music that lacks intensity. The ceramic tweeter is able to is able to produce clear and bright sounds precisely because it is capable of a highly efficient output even at low frequencies.

At each frequency point, the ceramic tweeter is able to perform better hence producing great clarity in sound even when various frequencies are mixed together in one song. With the ceramic tweeter in the UNO and MAX, details in music such as the voice of a singer and the sound of each instrument will be cleaner and clearer.


The X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ are known to be able to last for hours and this will be no exception with the new UNO and MAX. In fact, the battery life of the UNO has been improved to last up to 20 hours with each charge while the MAX offers a playback time of up to 18 hours. The built-in Lithium-ion batteries are charged via USB for about two to three hours. With the micro USB ports being more popular now, the charging ports of the UNO and MAX have also been updated which means that users will be able to recharge their product with the same cables they charge many of their devices with.


The X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ are known to produce a bass performance beyond what is expected of its size! With the strong bass production from the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™, it is a common sight to see them bouncing around when playing bass-heavy tunes. Even though many people have been amused at the sight of the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ bouncing around, a new feature on the UNO is that a weight has been added to the base so that it will stay in place while you enjoy the bass lines of your favourite tunes.


The new stereo MAX speakers that come in a pair now offer an additional option of using each module on its own. Each side of the stereo speakers has its own stowaway cable built into its base, which means that you can just plug it into your media player and use it as a mono speaker. If not, just use the stereo cable that comes with the product, plug both speakers in and connect to your media player to enjoy a true stereo experience. Whichever way you choose to use it, mono or stereo, you will be able to get up to 18 hours of amazing sound!


The UNO and MAX come in a sleek gunmetal colour which is brand new to the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ range. With a snazzy selection of six colours which include the gunmetal and also favourites like blue, green, orange, purple and red, you can spice up your sound according to your favourite colour!


The UNO will retail for US$39.99 and the MAX will retail for US$59.99.

Check out these product pictures:


I saw these speakers in action (the older model) in January and was struck by the sound coming from these small speakers.  These are very portable and sound reasonably good for the price!

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Klipsch announced a new line of wireless speakers for your mobile devices, aimed at audiophiles.  Read on for details.


Klipsch announced a new line of wireless speakers for your mobile devices, aimed at audiophiles.  These systems sport multiple speakers and a 5 1/4” subwoofer, which should provide excellent sound quality and bass performance.  Klipsch did not bundle a rechargable battery for the portable unit, opting for six D cells; both the table top unit support Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay and AptX.  Here is the press release:

Klipsch Music Centers Make Debut at CES

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2013) — Klipsch, a leading global speaker manufacturer, announces today its new line of Klipsch Music Centers, with the Klipsch Music Center Stadium and Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 debuting at CES.
The product line commemorates the brand’s partnership with Live Nation Entertainment and its sponsorship of the Klipsch Music Center amphitheater in its global headquarter city of Indianapolis. Designed to take the concert anywhere, the series of wireless sound solutions connect listeners with their favorite artists—minus the crowd.

Showcasing brushed aluminum cabinetry with soft-touch accents, the Klipsch Music Center Stadium harmonizes with any size and style living arrangement. Equipped with AirPlay®, apt-X® Bluetooth and DLNA, Stadium was created to grant audiophiles the convenience of portable music storage in smart devices, while also ensuring it’s accompanied by high-performance audio. The 2.1 tabletop sound solution features dual 1-inch, horn-loaded tweeters and 3-inch midrange woofers. These components are combined with dual 5.25-inch, built-in subwoofers to ensure premier bass output and sound quality.

In addition to offering aesthetic appeal with its unique soft-feel paint, semi-gloss accents and jewel-like logos, the apt-X® Bluetooth-enabled Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 presents a portable 2.1 system designed for powerful, accurate sound reproductions. With dual 2-inch, full-range drivers and a dedicated 5.25-inch subwoofer, the KMC 3 produce amazingly detailed output while creating deep, realistic bass. Completing the lifelike music experience is 130 watts of digital power produced by the system. A USB charging port is available to keep a streaming device charged, while a 3.5-milimeter input provides wired playback from any other music source.

“We’re proud to have a series of products that represents our commitment to live music,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO of Klipsch. “With the KMC 3 representing our first Bluetooth speaker, we’re eager to diversify our future offerings in the wireless audio category and help change the way individuals share the listening experience with one another.”

The Klipsch Music Center KMC 3 will be available in spring 2013, and the Klipsch Music Center Stadium in summer 2013. Additional KMC systems will join the series throughout 2013 and 2014.

Check out this video of the KMC3:

The KMC3 will be available this spring and will retail for $399.99.  The Music Center Stadium will follow in summer 2013; we’ll keep you posted.

[button link=”http://www.voxxintlcorp.com/docs/corp/other/Klipsch_Music_Centers.pdf” style=”info” window=”yes”]Klipsch Music Center Press Release[/button]

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NYNE announced what they are calling “…Smart Media Centers for the home…” at CES2013.  We bring you the details!


NYNE announced what they are calling “…Smart Media Centers for the home…” at CES2013.  The device is a console with speakers, designed to hide away all of the electronics that run your current home theater system.  The design is stylish and modern.  Here is the press release:

NYNE Introduces New Category of High-End Smart Media Centers for the Home at CES 2013

Oxnard, CA — December 20, 2012 ─ NYNE, a company that enriches consumers’ listening experiences with advanced acoustics, is set to introduce the first product in its category of Smart Media Centers for the home, the SMC-1000, at CES 2013. For the sophisticated audiophile who wants it all, the SMC-1000 is the first of its kind that combines style, function, versatility and superb audio. The SMC-1000 will be available for a private showing and demo at CES in Central Hall booth #11426 and will be available for delivery Q2 2013.

“Finally the discerning audio-video enthusiast can sweep aside those racks, stacks and wires in the living room and replace them with a high fashion, integrated media console,” said Arman Arami, president of NYNE. “NYNE’s SMC-1000 is not just another functional gear box masquerading as a TV stand. It’s a stylish media console with great sound that just happens to also be highly functional. With clean lines and a small footprint, the well-designed SMC-1000 will flatter any modern living room.”

Superior Audio

The SMC-1000 delivers a high performance audio experience with integrated soundbar technology. It boasts a 2.1 stereo system with a robust 400-Watts RMS power from two mid-range drivers, two tweeters and one subwoofer reaching 96db SPL. Whether it’s viewing a movie, listening to music or playing a video game, the SMC-1000’s sound system will impress the most ardent audiophile.

Centralized Connectivity

NYNE’s SMC-1000 is a true connectivity wizard with both wireless and wired connectivity for a wide range of audio and video devices. With 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Optical and Coaxial digital inputs, built-in Apple Lightning dock, Apple Airplay, 3.5 mm Aux-In and wireless Bluetooth – the audiovisual world is at your fingertips. Plus, for Android-based devices, Near Field Communication (NFC) allows users to connect to the SMC-1000 simply by tapping their device to the unit.

Clean Living

In today’s tech-crazy New World order, it’s all about great sound that includes device integration and a bold, shared experience – with no visual clutter. The SMC-1000 is up to the challenge. All wires and external devices magically disappear, allowing you to focus on superb sound and images instead.

Device Agnostic

This is our way of saying NYNE supports you regardless of the device you are using. Apple, Android, smartphones, media players and portable tablets – just to name a few of the myriad possibilities. NYNE’s SMC-1000 plays nice with them all!

Fuel Efficient Cinematic Experience

Leave the car in the driveway and park yourself on your comfy couch for a personalized cinematic experience – compliments of NYNE’s SMC-1000. Whether your device of choice is a Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, game console, cable box, or computer, NYNE can accommodate you. So snuggle in with your favorite snack food and enjoy!

State-of-the-Art Gaming Center

Admit it. You complain your kids are addicted to their game console, but secretly wish you could play too – without having to sit on the floor. So grab the console, slip it into one of SMC-1000’s hidden compartments, and quickly connect to a HDMI port. The superb sound effects roaring from the SMC-1000’s sound system will change your definition of addiction to Pure Enjoyment. Hooked!

This certainly looks better than the glass and steel table that houses my electronics in my living room!  Pricing is TBD and the product is expected to be available in Q2 2013.  We’ll keep you posted on this one!

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NYNE was showing a new pair of Bluetooth speakers with Lightning and USB connectors for maximum device compatibility at CES.  Read on for details.


NYNE was showing a new pair of Bluetooth speakers with Lightning and USB connectors for maximum device compatibility at CES.  Like most other vendors showing off speakers for mobile devices, NYNE also announced a move towards Bluetooth to maximize compatibility with other devices and to minimize their reliance on iOS devices and their proprietary connectors.  The NYNE speakers looked and sounded great, and are likely to fit right into your home’s décor.

First a little bit about NYNE:

NYNE is dedicated to harnessing and advancing the revolutionary gains in audio technology by optimizing the functionality of mobile handheld devices in order to simplify and enhance home and business environments.

But unlike other companies, NYNE is not just about gadgets and gear. NYNE has developed an innovative line of home audio products which provide superb acoustics and unparalleled technology integration while freeing discriminating consumers from the clutter of racks, stacks, and wires. These products let owners of mobile devices explore the full potential of their mini media player. NYNE is well on its way to becoming an integral part of the technology revolution, not a bystander.

NYNE’s corporate headquarters are just north of Los Angeles in Oxnard, California. The company’s products are sold worldwide through a network of distributors, retailers, and web-based merchants.

Here is the press release on their mobile device speakers:

Break Free With NYNE’s New Lifestyle-Inspired Bluetooth Speakers at CES 2013

Compatible with All Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Devices, Audio Entertainment Has Never Been Easier

Oxnard, CA – January 3, 2013 – NYNE, a company that enriches consumers’ listening experiences with advanced acoustics, is breaking ground with its latest Bluetooth speakers. The first models to mark a new direction for the company, the NB-500 and NB-550 feature Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging that maintain compatibility with all mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets can now remain completely mobile and free as intended to be. NYNE will showcase the new models in Central Hall booth #11426 at CES, January 8-11.

“In response to Apple’s Lightning connector, we are not only bringing speakers with the new connector, but also focusing on products with mobile device capability beyond docking all together,” said Arman Arami, president of NYNE. “For the first time at the 2013 CES, NYNE is revealing a series of speakers that are completely ‘Device-Agnostic,’ meaning no confinement to any specific platform. We believe users should not be forced to tie down their mobile devices on a dock or be plugged to a connector, except when they wish to charge them.”

Almost every 21st century home has a variety of mobile devices ranging from Android to Apple to Windows, smartphones to MP3 players to tablets. With Device-Agnostic speakers, the NYNE series can connect with them all. With Bluetooth-enabled devices, changing the source, song or volume can be done from anywhere in the room directly from your mobile device. Since everyone can use the same NYNE speaker, mom and dad can keep money in their pockets.

NB-500 – Impressive and Moveable Sound

The NB-500 is a compact and portable speaker with an impressive, realistic sound experience to please the most zealous audiophile. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes this speaker compatible with current and future devices such as the iPhone 5, iPad mini and Android smartphones or tablets, and allows mobile devices complete wireless freedom. Additional features include USB charging, advanced digital signal processing and an auxiliary input for other audio sources.

NB-550 – Large and Powerful Entertainment

The power of the NB-550 will leave even the most discerning person in amazement. A larger version of the NB-500, the NB-550 is packed with 100-Watts of power for an excellent home audio experience. This audiophile dream speaker allows users the freedom of listening to mobile content through its Bluetooth 4.0 technology or auxiliary input and also features a USB charging port in the back to charge any mobile device. Your friends and family will benefit from music sharing all from one speaker.

The NB-500 and NB-550 will be available the second quarter of 2013 for prices of $199.95 and $299.95, respectively.

These were well-built speakers that looked and sounded great!  We’ll keep you posted on future developments at NYNE.

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iHome, who sells about 25% of the digital speakers sold in the US, announced a refresh of their digital speaker line for 2013 at CES.  Read on for details.


iHome, who sells about 25% of the digital speakers sold in the US, announced a refresh of their digital speaker line for 2013 at CES.  iHome announced solutions with the iPhone 5 Lightning connector, as well as refreshes to their Bluetooth speaker line.  Here is the iHome press release:


Introducing iHome’s First Lightning Docks, Expanded Boom Box Line,

New Bluetooth Audio Products and Headphones

RAHWAY, N.J., January 3, 2013 – iHome, the leading brand in digital audio devices and the company responsible for one out of every four digital speakers sold in the US*, is unveiling its 2013 product line at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year’s new product line delivers an exciting selection of Lightning Docks, Bluetooth solutions, headphones, boom boxes and mini-speakers, and showcases a variety of new innovative features, including the incorporation of USB charge and play to a variety of docks, and a new Cord Cruncher Cable to an expanded line of headphones.

“The products we’re unveiling at CES 2013 feature increased capabilities that address the ever-changing landscape for accessories,” said Evan Stein, Director of Marketing, iHome. “This is one of our richest and most diverse product lines that we have introduced at CES. We encourage you to come visit us in Ballroom C of the Las Vegas Hotel.”

Headlining this year’s ensemble of new products, iHome introduces its first Lightning Docks, compatible with iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display and iPod touch:

  • iDL100 Triple Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio With Two Lightning Docks and USB Charge/Play for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: the ultimate iHome Lightning docks with a triple 2.1 charging hub for your iDevices, the iDL100 includes two Lightning docks as well as a universal USB dock to charge and play audio from legacy devices. An auto sync feature syncs the unit to iPhone/iPad/iPod time, while an aux-in jack is also included for audio devices equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack. The iDL100 is expected to retail for $149.99.

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  • Additional iHome Lightning Docks include: iDL45 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio With Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play for iPhone/iPad/iPod.(MSRP $99.99.)


Wireless audio solutions continue to be in high demand, and this year iHome offers more Bluetooth capable products than ever before, including iHome’s hugely popular retro boom box:

  • iBT44 Bluetooth Portable FM Stereo With USB Charging: The next iteration in the retro boom box line, the iBT44 now features wireless connectivity to stream audio from your iOS, Android, or other Bluetooth enabled devices. It operates on six D batteries or universal voltage adaptor, and lets you charge via USB. Powerful amp pushes two woofers and 1” tweeters for huge sound. Comes with a magnetized remote control and features new colors. (MSRP: $199.99.)


  • Additional new Bluetooth enabled products include the stylish iBT20 Bluetooth Wireless FM Alarm Clock Radio With USB Charging (MSRP $79.99), the modern and sleek iBT88 Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini Stereo Speaker System, and others.



This week Wilson Audio introduced their new speakers – the Alexandria XLF’s and we were there to listen to them. Oh, and did I mention they are £200,000 a pair?

CDW - the Wilson Audio Alenadria XLS speaker launch - 11

Alexandria XLF joins the Alexandria family, not as a replacement for the Series 2, but as
its even more ambitious sibling. The new XLF clearly resembles the original Alexandria’s
form factor, but its architecture has evolved to support new technology. It is physically
larger, with 14% greater bass volume. The bass enclosure’s cabinet walls are thicker for
even greater resonance control. XLF refers to the new Alexandria’s Cross Load Firing
port, a unique passive bass management system. Wilson developed a new tweeter for the
XLF. The midrange baffle is constructed from Wilson’s proprietary S-material. A new
crossover and a host of parts—each included as a result of exhaustive experimentation
and punctilious listening trials. The Alexandria XLF starts from the lofty foundation of
musicality and resolution established by the Alexandria Series 2, and improves upon its
predecessor’s performance in every musical parameter: greater dynamic contrast, better
harmonic expression, improved and more consistently implementable bass performance.

CDW - the Wilson Audio Alenadria XLS speaker launch - 8


Enclosure Type Woofer: XLF Port, adjustable rear or front firing
Enclosure Type Midrange: Rear Vented
Enclosure Type Tweeter: Sealed
Woofers: One – 13 inch, (33.02 cm)
One – 15 inch, (38.10 cm)
Midrange: Two – 7 inch (17.78 cm)
Tweeter: One – 1 inch silk dome (2.54 cm)
Super Tweeter: One – 1 inch silk dome rear firing (2.54 cm)
Sensitivity: 93.5 dB @ 1 watt @ 1 watt @ 1 kHz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms/minimum 3.2 ohms @ 1 Hz
Minimum Amplifier Power: 7 Watts per channel
Frequency Response: +/-3 dB 19.5 Hz – 33 kHz
Overall Dimensions: Height – 70.25 inches, (178.44 cm)
Width – 19.8125 inches, (50.38 cm)
Depth – 27.875 inches, (70.80 cm)
Approx. System Weight Per Channel: 655 lbs each (297.1 kg)
Total Approx. System Shipping Weight: 1910 lbs pair (866.36 kg)


CDW - the Wilson Audio Alenadria XLS speaker launch - 19

The sound quality was amazing, but then let’s be honest, at £200,000 a pair (and that’s just for the speakers) you would expect nothing less.

If you do happen to order these, please let us know, we would love to hear from you!

[button link=”http://www.wilsonaudio.com/product_xlf.shtml”]Learn more about these amazing speakers on the Wilson Audio website[/button]

Yesterday Orbitsound announced its new T12v3 soundbar for your iPod or iPhone and a few weeks ago I had a listen.


A few weeks ago I got a preview of the T12v3 and I have to say I really liked it. The sound was amazing. And it had to be at £299!

Here is what Orbitsound said:

Acclaimed British audio technology brand, Orbitsound today announces the T12v3 soundbar which will launch to market in September. Its flagship product upgrade still delivers the ‘spatial sound’ experience that Orbitsound is famous for, but now has even greater sound clarity, improved bass response and extended volume range.

The technical improvements to the T12v3 are significant. A smoother, tighter bass response has been achieved with an improved subwoofer, allowing the T12v3 to perform in most room sizes without compromising on quality. The main speaker drives include higher quality components which produce a more rigid, balanced, cleaner sound stage and the system is now more powerful. Aesthetically, the T12v3 has remained faithful to the original form, the elegant, high-gloss unit perfect for sitting almost unnoticed in front of a flatscreen TV. A metal speaker grill gives a more high-end finish and also ensures the sound is more acoustically transparent. The unit, again, couldn’t be simpler to install with no multiple speakers and no messy wires.

The patented ‘spatial stereo’ technology incorporated in the device is capable of reproducing true, stereo surround sound from one single unit, something other conventional sound systems simply cannot achieve. Eliminating the much accepted notion of a ‘sweet spot’, the T12v3 effectively reproduces surround sound wherever you are standing or sitting in the room. Moreover, the sound produced is much more faithful to the original audio recording and more akin, for example to watching an acoustic live musical performance or play.

The team behind Orbitsound includes Founder Ted Fletcher, a former musician and renowned audio electronics designer, who has previously worked with legendary producer Joe Meek, The Eagles and Elton John. Ted Fletcher said “In essence, Orbitsound is reinventing the wheel. The sense of depth and space experienced with our technology is simply not possible to achieve when listening to a traditional ‘left’ and ‘right’ speaker system. The result is that the ‘spatial sound’ is more pure, truer; it is essentially how sound deserves to be heard. If the ‘perfect’ sound really does exist, then we’re coming even closer to replicating it.”

Orbitsound has already proven a massive hit with music and film fans alike. In less than a year, UK sales of the T12v2 soundbar have already rivalled those of more well known brands and for good reason: the technology really works. Orbitsound is working closely with retail partners including John Lewis and Harrods and has recently signed a deal with UK distributors Widget. The launch of the T12v3 will open more doors to a wider consumer audience and the company hopes to establish Orbitsound as a household name. John Cameron, Orbitsound’s Chief Operating Officer, said “We are delighted to be launching the T12v3 to market in September. The commercial success of the T12v2 has been overwhelming and we are thrilled to bring consumers a significantly improved model in the T12v3, at the same price point and in time for Christmas.”

The T12v3 comes with an upgraded remote control with extended range and controls all playback options and menu functions as well as volume, source and tone. TV streaming is possible through the dock (iPod and iPhone) so the user can watch or listen to any library song, TV programme or film. The T12 also features a 3.5mm stereo jack, and inputs for the latest digital TVs, CD, MP3/MP4, laptop and desktop computers and games consoles.


Pricing & Availability

The T12v3 soundbar costs £299 and will be available from September 2011. For more information about the Orbitsound and the T12v3, visit www.orbitsound.com.

Ever wanted to stream music around your home and have different much playing in each room – well the Sonos Bundle 250 can do it – at a price.

I have known about the Sonos kit for quite a while now – it’s one of those things that you look at from a far and really want, but know it will cost you an arm and a leg. Actually it is not as expensive as you might think, and so when I was given the opportunity to borrow some kit from Sonos I jumped at the chance.

In order to help to review the Sonos Bundle 250, Sonos were kind enough to loan us a ZoneBridge and also a pair of SP100 loudspeakers.

Here is how Sonos describe the Bundle 250:

The Sonos Bundle 250 gives you everything you need to wirelessly play music in two rooms of your house. It includes two Sonos ZonePlayers (ZP90 and ZP120 models) and the Sonos Controller 200 for instant control from the palm of your hand. Simply connect the ZP90 to your home theater or stereo to bring music to the audio equipment you already have. And, place the amplified ZP120 in any room you desire and attach to your favorite pair of speakers. To start playing music, one ZonePlayer or ZoneBridge (sold separately) must be connected to the router, then all the rest work wirelessly. For the ultimate in convenience, choose the Sonos Bundle 250 with Loudspeakers and you’ll also have a pair of powerful bookshelf speakers to attach to your ZP120.


Here is what you get in each box:


The box contained the ZoneBridge, a manual, cable and power supply.




Here is how Sonos describe the ZoneBridge:

The Sonos ZoneBridge™ makes setting up your Sonos system super fast and easy. It’s the ideal solution if your house doesn’t have Ethernet wiring or your router is in a room where you don’t want music. Just connect the ZoneBridge to your broadband router to instantly activate the SonosNet wireless mesh network. Now all ZonePlayers and Controllers will work wirelessly, anywhere in your house. The ZoneBridge can also be used to extend the range of your Sonos system and expand the Controller’s wireless coverage.

Setting up and using the ZoneBridge was very easy.


The box contained the SP100 speakers, a small manual and speaker wires.


IMG_2600 IMG_2601


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