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This week UWHS got to spend some time with Microsoft hearing all about the forthcoming Kinect Star Wars and getting to play it, and it was fun!

UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 007

We got to play on all the levels in the game, Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Galactic Dance Off and Duels of Fate.

Each one is different and brings it own challenges, and fun. For example it is a lot fun controlling a podracer and racing around the track using only your body, and the sheer amusement you get out of smashing up buildings and eating people as a Rancor cannot be beaten. And yes, ok, there is the Galactic Dance Off as well. It feels a little strange at first, but it’s actually quite fun, and I can certainly see the younger players enjoying that.

And the Duels of Fate levels – wow, being able to have a light sabre battle with Darth Vader himself it just fantastic. What I wouldn’t have given for this game back when I was a kid when Star Wars first came out!

I even played it in 3D (which usually I am not a fan of) but in this case the 3D works really well and really makes you feel that you in the game.

UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 017

Several familiar faces were on hand to help with the day:

UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 012UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 016UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 018UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 019UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 025

We even got to see one of the special Xbox Kinect Star Wars consoles:

UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 008UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 009UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 010UWHS - Kinect Star Wars 011

I can’t wait until I get the game at home and can play it to my hearts content!

And check out the promo video for Kinect Star Wars below:

Kinect Star Wars will be out on the 3rd April so get your pre-orders in if you haven’t already!


[button link=”http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2012/02/12/a-closer-look-at-the-star-wars-kinect-xbox-360-game/” style=”info”]Take a closer look at Kinect Star Wars here[/button]

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Earlier this week we told you the Star Wars Kinect game was coming in April, and Jim told you about the Star Wars Kinect bundle. Now we can reveal some more information and images from the game.


With five dynamic modes – Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Galactic Dance Off and Duels of Fate – “Kinect Star Wars” makes it possible for Star Wars fans of all ages to delve into immersive Star Wars experiences. In addition to the previously announced Jedi, Podracing and Rancor modes, Xbox 360 and LucasArts have today unveiled new additions to the game, including:

New experiences within Jedi Destiny Mode, including:

Space battles: As you travel the Galaxy to face an evil that threatens to undermine the fabric of the Republic, you’ll engage with forces of the Empire in intense space battles

Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders: Pilot iconic Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders on your epic journey

New duels: Battle opponents like Count Dooku and Darth Vader on your journey to become a Jedi

New Duels of Fate mode, a battle-by-battle experience to sharpen your Jedi skills against the Dark Side.

New Galactic Dance Off mode loaded with Star Wars-themed pop tunes where those still honing their Jedi skills can take a break to battle Darth Vader on the dance floor or bust a move “Solo style.”

I’m not sure if I am excited or scared by the Galactic Dance Off mode though!

Expect a full review soon.



Here are some more images – I think you will agree it looks very cool!


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For those of us waiting for the Star Wars Kinect game for the Xbox 360, the wait is almost over – it is launching 3rd April!


I had the pleasure of playing the game last and it was great!

So, mark your calendars for the 3rd of April, and it will cost £39.95. At least they didn’t wait until the 4th of May to launch it (think about it!)

Expect a full review soon.

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Bad news for those of us waiting for the Star Wars Kinect game for the Xbox 360. Microsoft have just said that it is being delayed until 2012. I detect a disturbance in the force!


This is what they said:

“Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realised,”

I had the pleasure of playing the game last month at the Microsoft at Christmas event and it was great!

I assume this also means that the special limited edition Kinect Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle will also be delayed?

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