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Here is the debut trailer for Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0 Logo

Also Disney Infinity posted a special Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Announced – Disney Infinity Toy Box TV.

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack will include the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Base and video game software, the Star Wars: Twilight of the Republic Play Set, Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker character figures, and a web code card that unlocks content for PC and mobile devices. Other Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Play Sets, figures, and Toy Box Expansion Games will be sold separately.

All figures and Power Discs from the 1.0 and 2.0 editions of Disney Infinity will be compatible with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition in the enhanced Toy Box and, for the first time, Power Discs will be sold in labeled franchise-specific packs of four. Additional Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars figures and Play Sets will be announced in the coming months.

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Today Disney Infinity 3.0 has officially been announced with details coming exclusively to Game Informer as part of the June issue.

With Disney Infinity 3.0 video dropping at 7pm UK today /2pm ET, getting for the biggest launch of Disney Infinity ever.

Here are the Play Set so we know off so far


  • Twilight of the Republic (Developed by Ninja Theory) is based on the Clone Wars franchise. This is the Play Set included withthe Starter Pack for 3.0 which includes Anakin and Ahsoka as they “fight to uncover who’s behind a freshly minted droid army. The story is set after Star Wars: Episode II, and it features land and space battles with plenty of melee combat”


  • Rise Against the Empire (Developed by Studio Gobo) is based on the entirety of the ‘classic trilogy’ (Star Wars IV-VI) — “Luke and Leia tangle with Darth Vader and his forces through memorable sequences, including the battle of Yavin as well as time on Hoth and Tatooine.”
  • The Force Awakens (Working Title no announced developer) — Coming in the Winter, no other details known.
  • Marvel (Working Title — Developed by United Front Games) — focused on Marvel characters including Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron, and more
  • Pixar’s Inside Out (No announced developer) — Story line based on Pixar’s Inside Out film coming out this summer with figures based on Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness

Full details via Game Informer

Disney Infinity 3 Star Wars

Disney Infinity has become the gaming destination for nearly everything Disney. Avalanche Software’s first two installments put Disney, Pixar, and Marvel characters under one roof in story-based and freeform experiences. Now it’s time for Disney to give the Star Wars brand its due – Luke, Leia, Anakin, and more are joining the family with Disney Infinity 3.0, and we’ve got all the details in our mega-sized 16-page cover story.

Star Wars fandom is often divided between the two trilogies, and Disney Infinity 3.0 is catering to both audiences. Avalanche returns at the head of development while recruiting other studios to work on specific packs and systems. Ninja Theory’s (Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword) pack-in playset, Twilight of the Republic, follows Anakin and Ahsoka as they fight to uncover who’s behind a freshly minted droid army. The story is set after Star Wars: Episode II, and it features land and space battles with plenty of melee combat. Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Darth Maul can enter the fray, too, as separately sold figures. Studio Gobo’s (Disney Infinity’s Pirates of the Caribbean playset) Rise Against the Empire is a highlight reel of sorts that follows the events of the classic trilogy. Luke and Leia tangle with Darth Vader and his forces through memorable sequences, including the battle of Yavin as well as time on Hoth and Tatooine. Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Darth Vader figures will be available individually. Star Wars characters can cross over between the Star Wars playsets, too, which could lead to some canonically unsound (but fun) scenarios.

Disney Infinity 3.0 isn’t just tossing in a wookiee and a few new playsets and calling it a day, either. Avalanche has reexamined fundamental parts of its core game and is working with best-in-class developers to ensure that Infinity is as good as it can be. Ninja Theory has retuned melee combat, adjusting the timing and adding depth for advanced players. After all, you want to feel powerful when you’re wielding a light saber. Sumo Digital (Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing) has taken Infinity’s driving gameplay to the shop, tweaking the handling and drifting to provide a smoother experience. That’s key, considering one of the new Toy Box games is a kart racer. Those tweaks carry over into the Toy Box, which means legacy characters like Hulk and Mr. Incredible benefit as well.

Another Star Wars playset is coming this winter based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are also sets based on Pixar’s Inside Out – with figures based on Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness – and one from United Front Games (Sleeping Dogs) focused on Marvel characters including Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron, and more. Additional figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 include Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron: Legacy, Mulan, Olaf, and more. The Toy Box is getting special attention, too, with the addition of an updated hub world, toys for new players and experts, and the addition of an all-new farming system. May the pitchforks be with you.

We’ve got the behind-the-scenes story on every facet of the game’s development, and you’re only going to read about it in Game Informer’s June issue. Disney Infinity 3.0 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android this fall. The Starter Pack is priced at $64.99. A new batch of Power Discs are also coming, with a twist: They won’t be in blind bags anymore. You can see what you’re getting before you buy them.


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Yesterday Dice revealed a new location for Star Wars: Battlefront in the shape of Sallust, a barren planet with snow, ice and volcanic lava.
StarWars Battlefront

Battlefront will ship with 12 different multiplayer maps, although there are more if you count those within the Battlefront missions. Not every map will support every mode, so you may not get to play them all in your favourite mode, whatever that may be.

Battlefront is out this November one game I can’t wait to play later this year.

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The new Star Wars Battlefront will take place amid the conflicts of the original film trilogy and is scheduled for release 17th November for the US and the 20th November for the UK and the 19th November for Europe for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Star Wars “Battlefront” will focus on frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players portraying Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces. It seems the site was even shown a demonstration of the game’s multiplayer mode, from which it describes “a team of jetpack-equipped rebels shown carving their way through the woodsy Endor while Stormtroopers charged at them on foot, on speeders and within walkers, including a hulking AT-AT war machine.

Star Wars Battlefront 1

The new game footage played today included the snowy Hoth, sandy Tatooine and gooey Sullust, a lava-spewing planet referenced in 1983’s “Return of the Jedi,” as well as many “Star Wars” games and novels.

This is from the in-game engine from the PlayStation 4 version

In Star Wars Battlefront won’t solely be centred on expendable ground troops, but will also allow you to play as the likes of Boba Fett and Darth Vader on the battlefield.

Star Wars Battlefront 4

In the game can storm in as the Dark Lord himself, You can wield a lightsaber. You can Force choke the rebel scum. Basically, you are the boss of the battle. This means that you, as Vader, can lead your team to victory if you play well.

The most exciting part for us is that you’ll be able to take part in dogfights with TIE Fighters, X-wings and the Millennium Falcon.

You can get into these vehicles, from speeder bikes to X-wings, TIE fighters, AT-STs, AT-ATs. There’s a wide range of vehicles that we wanted to realize.

Star Wars Battlefront 6

The difficulty with a game is that they need to be balanced with the troops on the ground.

Of course, with a certain Star Wars movie set to release a month after Battlefront’s release, DICE is also being given special content related to it. The Battle of Jakku, the key battle with Imperial holdouts that takes place in the immediate aftermath of “Return of the Jedi,” will be added to Battlefront as free DLC.

Players will get to see Jakku as it was before they see it as it eventually becomes in this December’s “The Force Awakens.” Those that own Star Wars Battlefront will be able to pick this DLC up free of charge on 8th December. Anyone that takes the plunge and pre-orders will be able to pick it up a week early on 1st December.

Star Wars Battlefront 5

The forthcoming “Battlefront,” is part of a 10-year deal between the Walt Disney Co. and Electronic Arts to create new “Star Wars” games.

Star Wars Battlefront 3


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Get your first look at the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser #2! at the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, California earlier today.

Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again to a galaxy far, far away as “Star Wars” returns to the big screen with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theatres 18th December this year.


Early last month Disney, Lucasfilm and Xbox released the newest Skin pack for Minecraft called the Star Wars Rebels priced at £2.39/$2.99, with releasing 23 new Minecraft skins from the new Disney Channel Star Wars Rebels television series.

StarWarsRebelsXBoxEditionLineup01WithChopper HERO

But what does the new skins add to the collection on skin packs in the past, well it adds a whole new level to spice up any planet or level you make in Minecraft.

With skins having Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla also Zeb Orrelios and the one and only Sabine Wren.

SkinPackStarWarsRebels_XB1Screenshot_01Chopper is a R2D2 like character that walks around the Minecraft world

The skin pack adds a few robots like Chopper and RX24 with only characters like the Inquisitor, Agent Kallus, AT-DP Pilot, Stormtrooper Commander with Stormtrooper Tagged and also Cikatro Vizago
IGRM Droid Variant 1 and 2, Lothal Farmer, Gotal, Minister Maketh Tua, Tseebo.

Last of the characters added via the new skin pack are Ezra Bridger Imperial Cadet, Commandant Aresko, Azmorigan and Senator Gall Trayvis.

The list of characters add so much fun you have to play with the skins to see for yourself .

The new skin pack adds a lot of fun to Minecraft already, If you looking for something different to add to you Minecraft skin collection then you won’t go wrong with downloading and having fun with the new Star Wars skins.

I hope Minecraft will add more Star Wars Rebels skins in the future.

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Today Secret Cinema has announced its latest project: Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in a secret London location, beginning on 4th June. Audiences will be invited to journey through the world of Star Wars which will conclude with a presentation of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

SC REBELLION  Banner Image

Audiences will be transported into a richly detailed galactic space opera where they will become part of one of the most ambitious and dreamlike Secret Cinema experiences the UK has ever seen. Secret Cinema is seeking rebels from around the world to join the Rebel Alliance and head to a Secret City, where they will become part of the world of Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

In Summer 2014, over 80,000 attended Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future event in the Olympic Park, London where the world of Hill Valley had been brought to life with 20 designated set areas, a replica of the iconic Town Hall, a life-size high school and Lou’s famous diner. The smash hit experience is set to transfer to Los Angeles in Autumn 2015 for a second successful run in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary.

Tickets for Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back will be available from Wednesday 18th March, 1300 hours (www.secretcinema.org/tickets).

The event is strictly for attendees aged 12 or over. Under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult ticket holder.

Prices Standard/Adult (12+): £75 Child (12-17): £50 Show Dates: 4th June – 2nd August Tuesday to Sunday Evening Performances Start Time: 17.30 Latest Arrival: 18.30


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Following the release of the Star Wars Classic Skin Pack last November, Disney, Lucasfilm and Xbox have teamed up to deliver 23 new Minecraft skins featuring characters from Disney Channel’s Star Wars Rebels.

StarWarsRebelsXBoxEditionLineup01WithChopper HERO

Set five years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels tells the story of the Rebellion’s beginnings while the Empire spreads tyranny throughout the galaxy.
Now, Minecrafters can play as their favourite inhabitants of the starship Ghost, such as Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and Chopper. Priced at £2.39, the Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack brings the whole motley crew to the colossal world of Minecraft.

Here is the full character list is below – happy mining!


Ezra Bridger

Kanan Jarrus

Hera Syndulla

Zeb Orrelios

Sabine Wren



Agent Kallus

AT-DP Pilot

Stormtrooper Commander

Stormtrooper Tagged

Cikatro Vizago

IGRM Droid Variant 1

IGRM Droid Variant 2

Lothal Farmer


Minister Maketh Tua



Ezra Bridger Imperial Cadet

Commandant Aresko


Senator Gall Trayvis

Star Wars: Commander is a free-to-download is now out for iOS, the mobile game heavily influenced by the game Clash of Clans.


In the new Star Wars: Commander game you pick between the Rebels and the Empire and build up your base, defending it from invaders while doing a spot of invading yourself.  With good visuals, all the correct Star Wars sound effects and the big characters, such as Han Solo and Darth Vader, present and correct.

With in-app purchases the game you can speed up the building of structures and the training of troops, for example, by using crystals.

screen520x924 2

Star Wars: Commander is available for iPhone and iPad right now, with an Android version to follow soon. For iOS its recommends to use the iPhone 4S and above, and iPads running iOS7 and above.

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In addition to the episodes of a new Star Wars trilogy, Lucasfilm and Disney continue development of multiple stand-alone movies that will offer new stories beyond the core Saga. The newest director to come on board is Josh Trank.


“We’re thrilled to welcome Josh into the family,” says Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. “He is such an incredible talent and has a great imagination and sense of innovation. That makes him perfectly suited to Star Wars, and for this new slate of movies that reach beyond the core characters and storylines of Episodes I through IX.”   Trank states, “The magic of the Star Wars Universe defined my entire childhood. The opportunity to expand on that experience for future generations is the most incredible dream of all time.”

Trank captured imaginations worldwide with his critically lauded directorial debut Chronicle, a fresh and engaging take on the superhero genre. Trank is currently at work on The Fantastic Four for 20th Century Fox.

Turtle Beach has announced a line of gaming headsets based upon the iconic Star Wars franchise. The new headsets, which are designed for PC and mobile gaming, are expected to launch later in 2014.

Turtle Beach will design a range of special edition headsets featuring characters and artwork from the ever-expanding Star Wars galaxy, including the highly-anticipated animated TV series Star Wars Rebels.

Turtle Beach Logo

Swappable speaker plates featuring Star Wars characters and artwork, sold as accessories, will allow gamers to customize the look of their headsets.

The headset and initial speaker plate designs will be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles in June.   Turtle Beach designs and markets wireless and wired headsets for video game, personal computer and mobile platforms. The company’s wide range of headsets, which combine quality with audio innovations, are popular with consumers because they make gaming more immersive and provide a competitive advantage in gameplay.


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From Disney Interactive, in collaboration with LucasArts, comes Star Wars: Assault Team, a new turn-based combat game for mobile devices with strategy and card-battle elements.


Jedi Knights in training can once again relive the nostalgia from their childhood as well as introduce a whole new generation of fans to this hit-franchise. In the app, players can assemble a powerful team of their favourite Star Wars heroes including firm favourites Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Boba Fett, as they battle enemies and other players across the galaxy. It’s not a mission for the faint hearted; strategize to give your team the winning edge by deploying the team’s special tactics to battle through new graphically enhanced missions set throughout Star Wars planets and locations from the original trilogy.


Features include:

· Build your very own assault team –  Collect and play with your favourite classic Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Tusken Raiders, and many more! Each hero has unique stats, abilities, and attacks to increase your team’s overall strength

· Compelling battles – Take your assault team into battle, and defeat galactic enemies and other players! Strategically choose your squad, then deploy your team members’ special tactics. Crush your opponents to earn valuable rewards and new characters.

· Level up your heroes – Collect items to train your characters and improve their special attacks, making your team even more dominant against increasingly powerful enemies.

· Exciting competitive play – Fight against other players in PvP battles to win extra loot.

· Stunning graphics – Experience cinematic, high-quality graphics on your mobile device as you make your way from scene to scene with full character and background animations during combat.

· Original story inspired by the Star Wars franchise – Complete all-new missions set between Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Travel to iconic Star Wars planets like Tatooine, Kashyyyk, and more.

Star Wars: Assault Team is free to download and available now on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices at the App Store.

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Get ready to blast your way through space!  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, LucasArts and The LEGO Group today announced the release of LEGO  Star Wars : Microfighters , for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, bringing the classic space and ground battles of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War to your fingertips.   Players can fly for the Rebellion and Galactic Republic, or turn to the dark side to play as the Empire and Separatists.


LEGO  Star Wars: Microfighters allows players to pilot any one of six Star Wars Microfighters to blast enemies, destroy terrain, and collect studs.  Choose from an array of iconic Microfighters, such as the X-wing, Star Destroyer, the Millennium Falcon, and more.  Players will be able to experience 18 action-packed levels spread over four famous planets, Endor, Yavin, Hoth and Geonosis, while engaging and blasting over 35 enemies with this downloadable app.


Star Wars: Microfighters toy line, is now available for £0.69 from the App Store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, LucasArts and The LEGO Group today announced the release of the LEGO videogame, LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices available now on the App Store.


Since its debut to console and handhelds in 2007, fans everywhere have enjoyed the award-winning LEGO  Star Wars : The Complete Saga and now they can travel to distant galaxies far, far away as they play through their favourite moments from the films on-the-go.

“We are very proud and excited to make our acclaimed LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga available to iOS players,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games, Publishing.  “With hundreds of character customisation options, a plethora of puzzles to solve, and vast worlds to explore, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for iOS will have mobile gamers enjoying endless hours of gameplay.”


In LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga for iOS, players can experience the epic adventures of all six films and unlock up to 120 characters, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Han Solo, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  They can either play as their favourite Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, using the Force with their fingertips.  With a tap or swipe of the finger, players can use the Force and fight a Lightsaber duel – either for or against the evil Empire!

Delivering 36 action-packed levels, players will be able to download the LEGO Star Wars app and play Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace story mode for free.  All other Episodes and additional content are available for purchase, as well as other exciting in-game content such as special missions, levels, and modes.

Developed by TT Games , LEGO  Star Wars : The Complete Saga is now available from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at http://www.appstore.com/LEGOStarWarsTheCompleteSaga.

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Zen Pinball 2 will release on PlayStation 4 on 17th December  in North America and 18th December in Europe, featuring a selection of tables from the previous generation’s table library. Marvel’s Doctor Strange will join Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4 as launch content. The table will be available for $2.99.

“We are able to bring a special selection of Zen Pinball tables from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. If you own any of these on PS3, we invite you to download them on PS4 at no charge. This is our way of saying thank you to all of the players who have supported Zen Studios on PlayStation platforms over the years,” said Mel Kirk, Zen Studios Vice President of Publishing.

Additionally, the fantasy themed Sorcerer’s Lair table will be free for all players on PlayStation 4! Simply download the Zen Pinball 2 platform and you can access the table at no cost.

Zen Pinball 2 will launch on PlayStation 4 as a free platform download with a total of 20 tables available as paid DLC. Users can purchase tables inside the Zen Pinball 2 platform, including the following tables and packs at launch:

  • Star Wars Pinball
  • Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force
  • Marvel Pinball
  • Marvel Pinball :Avengers Chronicles
  • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball
  • Epic Quest
  • Paranormal
  • Earth Defense

Table packs will cost $9.99 and individual tables will cost $2.99 on PlayStation 4.

Zen Studios has HUGE plans for pinball in 2014, including more Star Wars Pinball and Marvel Pinball tables, as well as tables based on more iconic and exciting brands.

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