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It’s that time again where Ian, Garry and myself perform live for you at a TDL User Group meeting, this time it’s September 22nd near Warrington.


Here are the details:

Tickets are now on sale for our user group meetup in September. It’s going to be a packed event with no PowerPoint and lots of technology.

Come and join us at The Rose Centre (Lowton Civic Hall just off the M6 near Warrington) for our TDL User Group, a tech packed day for enthusiast to meet, network and see a fantastic variety of technology. We have a great selection of retro computing courtesy of The Centre for Computing History, including ZX Spectrums, BBC Micros and other vintage tech. We will have brand-new Raspberry Pi computer with hands on sessions, members demonstrations of various technologies including iPads, Windows 8 and Android. There will be demonstrations of programming ranging from beginners languages for children to expert programming of Windows Phone. There will also be live recording of the TDL Show.

If your interested in tech and would like to meet other like minded enthusiast come and join us for user group September 22nd

Tickets are priced at £3 for adults, under 16s free if accompanied by a paying adult.

If you have something you think you could show off let me know and can add it to our plans. The closest hotel is TravelLodge Lowton, just down the road from the event.

Book your tickets here!

So are you coming, let us know, and hopefully see you there.

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It’s been nearly two years since the last TDL user group meeting so Ian, myself and Garry decided it was about time for another one!


This is what Ian has posted today:

It’s been a couple of years since our last user group meeting and I am pleased to say that we finally have a date for our next user group event. This time the event is going to be held in “up north” , just of the M6 motorway near Warrington, part of the reason for this was the availably of a nice venue that isn’t going to cost us anything and that means we don’t have to try and get sponsorship or try and get money out of companies as we have done in the past.

The other change to the event is that this time it’s going to me more social than in the past, we are going to have less presentations and more hands on and networking time. I envisage having the room setup with tables for members to show off various technologies, maybe showing an iPad controlling a Media Center system or an XBMC setup on an embedded device.

We also plan to have a vintage computing area with a selection of classic and rare hardware and a education area showing of computer programming which could include basic Windows 8 and Windows Phone development and maybe iOS development.

At the moment we are trying to pull together range of exhibiters so if you have something you think you could show off let me know and can add it to our plans and if you have any suggestions for technologies you would like to see at the event let us know and we will see what we can do.

I have created a section for the user group on our forums, please post any suggestions and comments about the user group over there.

We want to try and make it an interactive and social event with very little (if any) Powerpoint so we we will appreciate your suggestions. I will open up registrations soon, for now we are looking for your input on how to make it a great event.

Are you going to come along? It will be fun!

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has released the Media Center Show number 267 – and yes, I’m on it again!

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Here is what Ian has to say about this weeks show:

I really enjoy doing the round table recordings so I am really please to have another cracker for you!

This week Andrew Endey returns along with TDL Mobile’s Sheldon Whitney and the Home Server Show’s Dave McCabe. We talk through the weeks email including topics on Windows Embedded, Live Mesh, cut down version of Windows, Universal remotes and integrating devices like the iPad with Windows Media Center.

Please keep the email coming, I will keep them for future round tables.

Links from this weeks show:

As usual you can listen to the show from here.

And as usual we had a real blast recording the show.

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has just released the Media Center Show 263 – I am on one of the guests this week.

TDL logo

Here is what Ian says about this week’s show:

Great show for you this week! Joining me for a roundtable are Garry Whittaker, Media Center MVP Andrew Cherry and WHS MVP Andrew Edney talking about the latest news and emails sent in including topics like Freeview HD DRM, PC specs for multiple Media Center Extenders, Divx, 3D TV and many more topics.

As usual we had a lot of fun recording this show the other night for you guys. And Andrew – I hope your cough is better!

As usual you can listen to the show here: http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/TDL/b/ian/archive/2010/07/15/the-media-center-show-263-forced-perspective.aspx

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has released the Media Center Show Podcast number 256, which includes an interview the Home Server Show Podcast’s very own Jim Collison.

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Here is what Ian has to say about this week’s show:

This week on The Media Center Show I am talking to Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center enthusiast Jim Collison about Windows Home Server Vail, Windows Home Server addins and using WHS and Windows Media Center together. Jim is a part of the Home Server Show an excellent podcast on WHS so its great to be chatting with Jim.

I also have news including new a Media Center box from Tranquil and and new Windows 7 compatible devices.

As usual you can listen to the show here: http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/TDL/b/podcast/archive/2010/05/13/the-media-center-show-256-jim-collison.aspx

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Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has just released the Media Center Show podcast number 250, yes 250!


Here is what Ian has to say about show 250:

Welcome to show 250, 5 years and 250 shows since the first show back in XP Media Center days!

Taking a look back and forward with me is Windows expert Ed Bott, we look at the longevity of XP, the trouble with Windows Vista and the success of Windows 7. Ed has some interesting views where the technology is heading and in particular the future for products like Windows Home Server, WHS enthusiasts get your email ready!

Ed is always great to talk to and I really enjoyed chatting with him. I also have email and a look at the weeks news including new addins for Windows Media Center and speculations on Google TV

I hope you like the new look of TDL and the new show theme music

Congratulations Ian on reaching 250 from everyone here at UWHS!

As usual you can listen to the show from here: http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/blogs/ian/archive/2010/04/01/the-media-center-show-250-ed-bott.aspx

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has just released the Media Center Show podcast, number 243. This one contains the annual TDL awards and Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 won an award :-)

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Here’s what Ian has to say about this weeks show:

Welcome to the the TDL Awards show. At the end of last year you voted for your favourite Media Center apps and answered questions on your digital lifestyle so this week Missing Remote’s Mike Garcen joins me to reveal the winners and to talk about some of the statistics from the votes.

The categories where:

  • Best free Windows Media Center application
  • Best commercial Windows Media Center application
  • Best media management application
  • Best integration tool

Mike and I discuss the results and find out stats like what percentage of voters use Windows Home Server, how many are running Extenders and how many of you have switched to Windows 7.Thanks to everybody that voted and that sent in the nominations.

I also have a roundup of the weeks news, I will post the details of the winners on my blog later.

As usual you can listen to it here.

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