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Last week we told you that Apple had released an update to remove the Flashback malware, now they have released a Flashback malware removal tool for Lion.


This update removes the most common variants of the Flashback malware. This update contains the same malware removal tool as Java for OS X 2012-003.

If the Flashback malware is found, a dialog will be presented notifying the user that malware was removed.

In some cases, the Flashback malware removal tool may need to restart your computer in order to completely remove the Flashback malware.

This update is recommended for all OS X Lion users without Java installed.

[button link=”http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1517″ style=”download”]Download the removal tool from here[/button]

This tool allows you to create and edit installation Answer Files for Windows Home Server 2011. You can easily create files for a custom installation, easily bypass system requirements checks and configure customised disk partition schemes.


This tool is written by my friend and fellow MVP Robert Pearman, and if you want to do a custom installation of WHS 2011, Rob has taken all the hard work out of it for you.

[button link=”http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Windows-Home-Server-2011-2368ac95″ style=”download” window=”yes”]Download the Answer File Tool from here[/button]


You can create great panoramic photographs with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Microsoft ICE. Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free tool from Microsoft that most of us already have on our Windows 7 PCs.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Download

The Windows Live Photo Gallery software is an optional part of Windows Update so you should already have it in your queue or on your system.

If you do not have it you can download it from:



Take Pictures

For best results you should take pictures on a tripod or keep a level hand as you take pictures across the horizon. Take a picture, turn slightly and take another. The more pictures the software has, the better your stitch. Try to overlap large or distinct elements such as walls, buildings and trees to help the software stitch.

Once you have your pictures on your PC, access them from inside Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Select the pictures you want to stitch, right mouse click and select Create panoramic photo…


Once the panoramic is complete you will have a large panoramic file with crazy large dimensions. Just crop if you want to and post or print!


You are also not limited to stitch horizontal. These pictures were taken looking down from a balcony. The panoramic stitching tool will combine photos based on similar edges and elements.


More Control and Scaling Options with ICE

If you want more or less detail, or to maintain the original resolution in your panoramic pictures, then you can always use the Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) I talked about earlier this year.

The ICE will give you the option of scaling versus the default of Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Use the Planar Motion setting for panoramic pictures and best results.



I uploaded these two large panoramic files to my SkyDrive.


Have fun with this cool functionality and both of these Microsoft tools!

See you next Tuesday,



There is another easy way to load your Windows 7 Installation DVD on a USB Drive. Check out this 3 minute video.

A special thank you to Tyler and Dave Heckendorf for metioning this tool in my prior post.

I will try and check the comments areas next time. Our search only looks at prior posted articles.



Why do this?

There are times when we need to install Windows and a DVD drive is not available. Whether you want to run an installation on a netbook, a rack server or a new build, the USB Drive is the faster way to go!


The download link (and help topics) to the tool can be found at:


How Does It Perform?

I used the USB Drive I created above to load Windows 7 onto my new refurbished Dell Mini 10V last night and it took 33 minutes. Not bad for a netbook.

The process worked perfectly!

I hope you get a chance to try the process out.

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