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T Mobile announced that they are releasing the Nokia 710 Windows Phone device today.  Read on for details.


T Mobile announced that they are releasing the Nokia 710, a Windows Phone model, on January 11 2012.  Here is what they said:

T-Mobile Brings Nokia Lumia 710 to the U.S.
Nokia and T-Mobile deliver a leading entry-level Windows Phone experience to the nearly 150 million Americans still to make the transition to smartphones

Bellevue, Wash. and Sunnyvale, Wash. — Dec. 14, 2011

2011-12-14 12:43:31

T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Nokia today announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia Lumia 710, the first Windows Phone from Nokia in the United States. Targeted at the nearly 150 million Americans who haven’t purchased their first smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 710, capable of running on T-Mobile’s 4G network, delivers high-performance hardware, Nokia’s best social and Internet experience, and access to popular smartphone applications and services from Windows Phone Marketplace.

Running on America’s Largest 4G Network, the Nokia Lumia 710 benefits from the unique people-first approach of Windows Phone, bringing together all interactions with family and friends in People Hub. The Nokia Lumia 710 also provides one-click access to popular services, such as Netflix, T-Mobile TV with mobile HD1 and a leading mobile Web experience with Internet Explorer® Mobile, Bing Search with voice activation and Local Scout for locally relevant search results. The smartphone also brings access to signature Nokia experiences, such as Nokia Drive for voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and ESPN for exclusive sports content.

“We’re excited to team with Nokia in bringing its first Windows Phone to the U.S. with the elegantly designed Nokia Lumia 710,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “Windows Phone offers a compelling mobile OS choice for people who want a smartphone built around them, their family and friends. We expect it to play a more prominent role in our lineup and marketing efforts in 2012.”

Today, people are increasingly upgrading to smartphones, and many are doing so for the first time. According to the NPD Group, U.S. smartphone sales reached 59 percent in the third quarter 2011, an increase of 13 percent since third quarter 2010. With an increasing demand for smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 710 offers a compelling experience aimed at addressing the needs of the nearly 150 million people in the U.S. who have yet to upgrade to their first smartphones.

“Our research shows nearly everybody in the U.S. wants a smartphone, but many believe they can’t afford it,” Brodman said. “That’s where T-Mobile shines. Our Unlimited Value and Monthly4G plans make it more affordable than ever to step up to mobile data on our 4G network.”

”The Nokia Lumia 710 is the perfect first-time smartphone: a well-designed product that delivers the most compelling Windows Phone experience in its price range and with access to great content and thousands of applications,” said Chris Weber, president, Nokia Americas. “This is the perfect first Nokia Lumia experience and the start of our re-entry into the U.S. smartphone market.”

Available in a black or white finish, the Nokia Lumia 710 features a 3.7-inch ClearBlack WVGA scratch-resistant display for outstanding outdoor viewing and a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz Snapdragon™ processor providing speedy access to entertainment and information on-the-go. It also features a 5-megapixel camera with Nokia’s leading camera technology, enabling people to take pictures in almost any light condition and share on social networks in seconds. With the most integrated work-life solution of any mobile platform via the Windows Phone Office Hub and an interactive mobile gaming experience via Xbox LIVE®, the Nokia Lumia 710 is the complete all-round first-time smartphone experience.


The Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to be available at T-Mobile retail stores, select dealers and retailers nationwide, and online at http://www.t-mobile.com starting Jan. 11. The Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to cost $49.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card, with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan. For more information, visit http://www.t-mobile.com/lumia.

For more information on T-Mobile’s Unlimited Value and Monthly4G plans, see: http://family.t-mobile.com/phone-plans.

1 Mobile HD TV can deliver a bit rate of 800kbps and 16:9 resolution; the bit rate and resolution you experience will vary based on many factors, e.g., programming, network connection and device.

So if you’re a T Mobile fan looking for a Windows Phone 7 device in January, this is up your alley!

[button link=”http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/articles/nokia-lumia-710″ style=”info” window=”yes”]T Mobile Announces Nokia 710[/button]

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Nokia held an event in London the other day where they announced two new Windows Phone 7.5 handsets.  Read on for details.

Nokia Sea Ray

Nokia announced two new Mango handsets: the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710.  First up, let’s see how Microsoft described the Lumia 800:

At a glance

With the Nokia Lumia 800 every detail floats to life on the surface of the curved 3.7” ClearBlack display, bringing striking clarity, indoors and out. And with a seamless, deep-dyed body, and cutting-edge 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, you’ve got a revolutionary smartphone in the palm of your hand. Specific colors vary by country. Check with your local retailer for more information.


Seamless design with curved glass and one-piece body

ClearBlack floating 3.7” AMOLED display

Carl Zeiss 8MP wide angle lens

Coming first to UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Netherlands.

Phone specs


800×480 (ClearBlack floating 3.7” AMOLED display)


1.4 GHz Single Core / Qualcomm


Yes (8MP, Carl Zeiss lens with LED flash, autofocus, and HD video)

Battery Life

8 hours/16 days

This is a beautiful looking phone.  Technical specifications include WCDMA and quad-band GSM, perfect for European customers.  I was a little disappointed that there is no front facing camera, and if this handset is to come to the US, it will have to be on AT&T or T-Mobile as it is GSM.  Here is a picture that shows the handset:


The phone can be preordered now.  Vodaphone is charging £199 on pre-orders.

Nokia also announced a lower-end phone with a plastic back called the Lumia 710.  Here is how Microsoft described the Lumia 710:

At a glance

The Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows Phone. A different day, a different look. Xpress covers can be swapped out for an extra splash of color—and even matched up with your Start screen. Not to mention the super-fast Internet Explorer Mobile web browser, which lets you follow the next big story in real time, with easy online sharing to bring friends into the conversation. Specific colors vary by country. Check with your local retailer for more information.


Add apps, swap colors, swap covers

Get your social network updates in one place

ClearBlack display lets you see clearly indoors or outdoors

Coming first to UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Netherlands.

Phone specs


800×480 (ClearBlack 3.7” WVGA)


1.4 GHz Snapdragon Single Core


Yes (5MP with LED flash and autofocus)

Battery Life

8 hours/18 days

This is also a quad-band GSM and WCDMA phone, and also lacks a front-facing camera.  Here is a picture:


There are currently no pre-order options for the 710.

Microsoft and Nokia are off to a good start with these phones.  Neither phone is 4G, and these are single core processors onboard, so they lag behind the latest Android handsets, but I have high hopes for Windows Phone 7 handsets as they continue to roll out new phones.

At Nokia World 2011, Ben Rudolph from Microsoft demoed the Xbox Companion Application for Windows Phone 7.  Read on for details.

xbox logo

Ben Rudolph AKA The PC Guy (@BenThePCGuy on Twitter) demonstrated the WP7 Xbox Companion application on the floor of Nokia World 2011 the other day.  First off, let’s see how Ben described the application earlier this month:

The app, which will be completely free for Windows Phone users, is an amazing little tool that will let you Find, Learn more about and Control content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your Xbox 360.


I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta copy of the app to try out with my Xbox and I have to say that it’s really impressive. Here’s an actual scenario I ran through with the app and my Xbox the other day:

  • Finding Content: Just like on your Xbox, the Xbox Companion gives you instant access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace catalog of games, movies, music and TV shows. I used it to search “Featured Content” and pulled up the X-Men: First Class.
  • Learn more about what you’re watching, listening to, or playing: Once I found the movie and touched the movie tile, the Xbox companion app took me to an info page that has all the related details about. And the content is really rich, too – for example, when I swiped to the “cast” page and touched an actor’s name, like star James McAvoy, I was taken to other movies starring him. From there, I could easily learn more about the other movies, their cast, etc. It’s an infinite road of interactive content.
  • Control & Play: Once I selected the content and hit play, the Xbox Companion flips into “controller mode” in which I could navigate my Xbox, or control video playback of your video. The best part here is that controls are virtually instantaneous – easily as fast as using my controller or a TV remote.

Now for Ben demoing the application at Nokia World, click on this link:

Xbox and Windows Phone Companion App

Very cool video.  This application is expected to be out soon, so if you have a Windows Phone 7 and an Xbox, download it and check it out!  And thanks for the demo, Ben!

[button link=”http://video.ch9.ms/ch9/02df/0a2774a9-a010-4b9b-b654-9f88014102df/xboxCompanion_med_ch9.mp4″ style=”info” window=”yes”]Ben’s Video Demo[/button]


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The Windows Phone Blog today announced that Mango updates are ahead of scehdule…read on for details.


Windows Phone 7.5 AKA Mango has been rolling out for a few weeks now, and since the process has gone very smoothly, Microsoft is speeding up the process.  Here is what the Windows Phone Blog had to say today:

Hello everyone. When we kicked off the global rollout of Windows Phone 7.5, I told you we planned to balance quality with speed. And for three weeks we’ve been watching quality while sending update notices to a growing fraction of phones.

It’s gone well. So today we’re fully opening the spigot —slightly ahead of schedule—and making Mango available to nearly everyone in the current delivery pool (see Where’s My Phone Update? for the details).

In addition, we’re now scheduling Mango updates for LG Optimus 7 phones on Telefonica in Spain.

We’re excited most of our customers now have access to all the new features in Windows Phone 7.5. But we know there’s still work to do.

For example, we’re working with Orange in Europe to resolve a couple technical issues that are temporarily preventing us from delivering updates at full throttle to all its Windows Phone customers.

Updates for a few phones are also still undergoing carrier tests. If this applies to you, I want you to know we’ve already prepared to expedite delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 to you once carrier testing is finished.

One last thing. Next week we’ll start delivering some model-specific “firmware” from handset makers, so don’t be alarmed if you receive an additional update notification on your phone. These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.

That’s it for now. For general questions, and to learn how to manually check for an update, visit Update Central. To research or ask about a specific issue, visit the Windows Phone forum in Microsoft Answers or tweet @WinPhoneSupport.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering

It’s great to hear that the Mango update experience is rolling out so well!  If you have not updated yet, go over to the Where’s My Phone Update page and see what the status of your update is.

[button link=”http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2011/10/19/updates-windows-phone-7-5-now-available-more-broadly.aspx” style=”info” window=”yes”]Windows Phone Blog Post[/button]

[button link=”http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/features/update-schedules.aspx” style=”info” window=”yes”]Where’s My Phone Update?[/button]

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